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Lesbian Female Submissive, 52,  South Carolina
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Zero interest in penis or those who participate in heteronormative and patriarchal dynamics or relationships. Zero interest means ZERO!

Short and sassy single femme lesbian. Independent skilled professional in daily life fiery fierce fun S.A.M.-ish firecracker when dancing on a St. Andrews. Rave reviews and references. A long background in BDSM lifestyle community. Munches, dungeons, private parties demos and regional BDSM events across the US as well as live in dynamic based relationships.

Even still. Im after something different. Unique. Special. I still havent found what Im looking for, hum the U2 lyrics along the way.

I am looking for a single experienced femme LESBIAN dominanttop. Healthy in mind body and spirit. Mature. An Adult. 50 plus. Amongst the world a successful professional and empowering leader privately a wickedly wonderful dance partner and adventurer who knows how to DRIVE (by Melissa Ferrick.) Sex Positive. No B.S. Real life only.

Be Out Be Proud. Be Authentic Be Honest. (Or do not waste my time.)

Though I have a number of close female friends, former dominants and previous play partners that are bisexual women, I must make it clear that I desire a whole relationship, a life partnership, akin to and including marriage. Poly does not work for me.

Ethics and values matter. That means so does your politics. If you vote for a party and politicians that are against the rights and interests of women and the LGBTQ community the exchange of trust honor and respect would be not be possible. Having an intimate and dynamic based relationship requires certain alignments for me.


Im not certain who I am looking for even exists at this point. After all these years in the lifestyle I know I am quite capable of living life on my own. That said, I leave the light on just in case Ms Right-for-me is out there.








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 Submissive Female

 South Carolina






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Friends Only

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