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I love many aspects of BDSM play and control . Looking for permanent relationship with right partner. The right partner and relation can make me no limit .After that i can think about relocation and more.... Love body training - like posture collars, corsets , permanent high heel, implants , any kind of bondage and bdsm play, hanging. I can play dirty too....its only few.......

Increasingly realising I cannot exist without a life in which my humiliation and embarrassment is a normality in any way possible. Communicating with me in a demeaning way, if only for your entertainment, is invited.

Since many have asked, my fantasies are too wide-spread to list i love kinky but nothing illegal - anything even vaguely humiliating or degrading, Also like verbal or physical humiliation. I have found arousing at some point in some capacity. That said, just because I can fantasise about something does not make me ready for it. But to accept anything is my end goal. but .... i love to try new things and see if i like it or no.

I like to hear about your kinks too. i travel a lot to new york area and i can move for right relation

im open minded for new relationships

i looking for longterm relationship with the right master or mistress.

1/1/2024 12:51:02 AM

hello. currently looking for more in to extreme side of bdsm relation. possible no limit relation with right partner who understand no limit play idea . Please do not ask for not legal stuff

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 Age: 50