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Looking possibly for someone decent to become a full time slave, for a long period. Experienced, sane, slave owner, with the ability and private estate to do it properly. I will not do sex slavery. I have no interest in any romantic relations with any slave property. I do Prefer newbies to people who have done it many times, I enjoy showing others new sensations, and mindsets. Will supply photos once I feel you are worthy. I am old but well preserved for my age.

It appears that no one here can follow simple instructions. I'm not going to reply to anybody unless they can read my previous journal and do what it says. So if you want a reply boys, you had better work out that you need to obey.

In this next year, I will be seriously considering taking on one male slave. this will be a 24/7 position in a household where I have a partner who himself has slaves. So yes, it will be a poly household, however my slave is only for my own use, he will not be shared with my partner.

About me. I am incredibly creative and I live in a place that is absolutely private. If I wish to I could walk outside anytime I chose naked and no one would see me, the same would apply to me disciplining a slave outside. Very few are admitted to my world, and I am very choosy who I will take on. I am in very good health and physical shape, as you can see by my photographs; and yes that really is me; and yes those photos were taken in my 59th year. I will be 60 shortly. 

I have dominated before for very long periods of time, one of my slaves I owned for 13 years 24/7. I have a lot of experience and as I said, I’m looking in the next year to take someone on. I am a complete lifestyle dominant. My slave will be expected to be my driver, and obey my every command. He would be expected to be good company and have an interesting and educated mind.  

My passion is writing and I have a presence over on Wattpad. If you would like to give me any kind of tribute, I would ask that you go there and up vote my work, reading it and telling me what you think. Unusual tribute, I know, however to me that’s more meaningful than any other gesture, and shows that you’re interested in the workings of my mind.  

I do not want anyone who is older than myself, so please do not disappoint yourself by applying, I simply prefer the company of younger people. Most other fetishes are open to discussion and depending on chemistry if they occur. 

Im serious about this and you should be too. If you are in poor health, broke, a substance abuser, married or have any similar issues that would constantly intrude into my world do not apply.

FenrirPrime over on fetlife


Want to read my works I am over on or wattpad my profiles there are Xonereth. I write about slavery.

It is a sad indictment on American society with so many people looking after their bodies so poorly, that my almost 60 year old carcass is supposed to look somewhat God like according to those who talk to me. I only look this way for a few reasons.

Firstly my genetics, my father even in his 70's looked like an action hero and never spent a day in the gym.

Then I am very good at restraint.

I have spent my entire life hating being female and have starved my body as much as possible so I can still dress as a man and pass.

Lastly my diet is pretty much just meat, eggs, dairy and water with a few berries and nuts. I dont eat sugar or grains at all.


Why I hate worship. 

Worship in any form for me is a deal breaker, because as a child I grew up in a household that was famous in the arts. I had groupies as a teen, and they became so unbearable to me by my 20's I purchased a home out in the desert hundreds of miles away to avoid unwanted attention.

 It had become so bad I would have people waiting in cars outside my home for me to appear, people just barging into my home making themselves comfortable, and constant unwanted interactions. This relocation didn't always work, as a 20 year old having some 60 year old man drive 5 hours all the way to my studio to sit and watch me work and hope I might 'like' him was very awkward and unwanted. Hence my dislike of older men.

Combine that with my gender dysphoria journey and it was a pretty terrible youth.

I ended up leaving the country eventually buying 115 acres in a reclusive place and have lived there the last 20 years not meeting anyone it's been the best years of my life.

So no titles and no worship you are only doing it for your own get off anyway if you wish to be brutally honest.

I find it very amusing when guys who don't read a thing in my profile by the way, are all up in my face pledging all sorts of stupid promises to me for life. What happened to the women they married? They swore during the ceremony to do just that, but if they are on here it appears they did not do it. So why would I take them at their word? I'm not interested.

Then the ones that have to ask the stupidest questions as to why I feel male, and live as one full time, well hell I just do at 59 years old, it's obviously how I am and it's not changing! No dumbass questions thanks!

Then the morons that have to ask why I looked at them, what's up with that? They are on the internet if they don't want anyone looking kindly delete your profile please!

I can get slaves anytime I want one, and I have them currently this site to me is just amusing, and maybe one day though I hold a slim hope there may be someone cool here, it is unlikely though in all this detritus.



Also there are no Mistresses, Misses, Mrs, Ms, ladies or Dominas here so don't call me those things!

The same name on Fet

I don't enjoy hanging out with anyone my own age, all my life I have been repelled by old people so please don't apply. Even my partner is 16 years younger than I am. I just have never had any kind of interest in those my age or older. I will also never engage with any heterosexual male, relationships with them for me don't work!

Most here ask often what my life is like, and I tell them honestly it would be boring to them and move on. But today I guess I will elaborate a little. Most honestly could not do what I do for very long. All my days are the same and I find the meaning of week days is lost to me, the only thing I am ruled by is weather and seasons.

I wake at first light and jump straight out of bed, there is no time to casually linger. I tend the poultry making sure all the water is clean for the day, the food is distributed, everyone is well and clean the sheds. Then I tend to my 4 dogs. I do a cow herd check and fill water, and then head to the greenhouse to inspect plants and water there.

I head back inside and clean the baby chicken brooders and feed and water them, then its time to tidy the house. Now my house is more an incomplete, underconstruction thing with a few pristine rooms. So I clean all those and by that time its almost midday. I will have some herbal tea, either eggs sausages or some plain yoghurt and berries.

I may look at the computer a little and then its time to mow, weed eat under fence lines, collect eggs, mend fences, check the orchard for pests, cut trees, and fix fences if need be. Sometimes there is work on construstion as well here. Those activities pretty much fill my day.

Then it's time to make dinner, I eat early around 4 ish, mostly it's some kind of large portion of meat, or I may choose to dine out if I do need something from the store. I then have to head out and put all the chickens away for the evening, play with the dogs a while, chat with my partner if he's about, sometimes sit and watch the sun set and then climb into bed. I do this 365 days a year. 

So where does a slave fit in, well it's a possession a captive, a gimp, but it's not going to be a companion or a maid or a slobbering worshipper that I have to have around me all day. I just don't need that kind of slave. There is only one slave I would ever see that way and I already have her heart.

That is the homesteading life, and it is my contentment.

I am every bit a MALE dom, as any male dom here would be! Never presume otherwise! I live full time as a male. I have done so my entire life, I dont wear womens clothing I even have a male name! I am also a homesteader and that's my job.

I am confused why people would presume a real slave owner would be a nice person. Im not and I make no excuses for it. Nice people dont do some of these things to others!

Yes guys, keep writing the same rubbish over and over, keep not noticing I repeatedly say I live as a male and identify as one, and have done all my life! Sure keep giving me uninformed suggestions as to how I can fix that as well.

You know if anyone here could actually depart from the normal rubbish sex slave rhetoric that makes you sound like a 10 year old, I might engage. Until then its a no.

I have lived a long time I have done a lot, I know what I am and how I feel and have no desire to be different than I am.

I really do not think my thoughts and the way I choose to live, align with anyone here. I'm just not on the same page. I am tired of telling people I am Trans female to Male, and no one hears me. Im tired of stupid titles, the worshipping and people assuming I would be instantly interested in them. I don't want 50 something year old men in my life, and certainaly not a hetero one who will just see me outside as everything he wants and not treat me as a male. I dont want or need a dom even one who suddenly decides he wants to be my slave. If you have nothing good to say you will be lucky to get a 2 word reply, why would I bother to give more?

If you don't understand what a female to male person is, or asexuality, or you are a hetero male please pass me by I just am not interested!

Life is tough when your parter has a brain tumor, and his mood and personality is so changable and stubborn. I look after 115 acres on my own and over 60 animals Id appreciate it if people were less rude and stupid in my inbox thank you. I have over 300 pages of drivel there since I created this profile, its not appreciated. I dont need to tell you what my search is like, or when I discoverd traits I had from birth. I know who I am and what I am, and dont need life hacks from losers thank you. For that reason I will no longer meet anyone from this website! The people here are intolerable!

What is with all the guys, and it's only guys here, who block you and then try and write again later? Is it an accident, because if I don't answer you you may want to check that. However some of these dudes are so rude no one would want them at all so it's no loss, and they obviously have such bad recall and cannot even look at their history to see what they said previously? Its truly weird to me.

There are so many rude individuals here. I suppose thats not surprising really it is the internet after all. I get insulted many times a day by spoiled brats that think because I am not interested in giving them a go with just two sentences exchanged, I don't imagine anyone who is real would ever do that! You have to negotiate a long time often for up to a year to be sure. The problem with this is any real Dominant that might have a position for someone gets jaded, and that's where I am at. I already have slaves in real life so I can take it or leave it. Your loss stupid men!

Don't come to me spouting how you believe in female supremacy, because I do not. A particular genitalia does not make a one a viable dominant their brain does!

Once again I must reiterate I am Female to MALE! I live as a male and have the thoughts and desires of one. If you dont get it move along.

The career slave, thats what I want to talk about today. Ive had a few of these over the years, they may sound ideal but they really are a bore and a chore. In my long experience these slaves are some of the most selfish individuals on earth. Why you ask? Well for many reasons.

To begin with their opening emails will wax lyrical about all they can do to make your life wonderful. They usually at this point have no idea who you are, how you live, or what you even wanted. They don't ask usually either, because they actually don't care, they are off before you can get a word in, telling you about what they are going to do for you, how it will be done and then proceed to tell you how they are going to be treated, how you will restrain them and stop them leaving forever, and how they are going to disappear.

If you can finally dislodge them from the careening train wreck of their fantasy diatribe and begin to tell them what you intend mostly their nose is already out of joint. They don't want to hear what you wanted at all, usually then they just vanish, only to forget they wrote previous and do the whole thing over again. Or retaliate with something nasty and block your response.

If you actually do take one of these on they have no compulsion in leaving every supposed friend they ever had, and ditching their family members stone cold. 

You then become the supposed centre of their universe, well that is not so. They and their slave experience is actually the centre of their world. Most of these individuals are bone lazy and never stop thinking of their own gratification from dawn to dusk. They become sombre, tiresome companions very swiftly. Not slaves at all, I certainly did not enjoy my time with these types, most off putting

It seemed my last journal on sadists really struck a chord with many here, and lots wrote to me to chat about this subject. So I thought I would elaborate on this subject further. It seems many people could easily fall prey to a person like this, the ignornace surprised me.

I had one especially naive sub write to me and this is what he thinks even after being told otherwise. Quote" Meanwhile sadist people I met before and really enjoy giving pain they r kind and treat other people fearly even there slaves" End quote. Which was proof to me he actually never met one.

As a sadist one has to be very careful if you even choose to engage? Why one asks, well this is why. Real sadists only enjoy exceeding what the recipient can take, they are often ego driven and narcissic. It's about them and their get off. Thinking a sadist is a nice person, is like thinkling a kidnapper was nice because he gave you candy to lure you to the van. He's not nice, he's simply doing what it takes, putting on the mask of niceness to get the end result he craves. The same goes when he meets a potential slave, he will turn on the charm and you will feel so special that you will not hesitate to submit.

You will agree on all kinds of things including a safeword, and once he begins he will work on eroding everything that was agreed. Because in order for him to get off he has to violate what you agreed. If this does not happen he does not want you.

So in his mind this is the dangerous path he takes with your hide and mental well being. He will change all the agreed rules on a whim, you will fear him as you can never know where you stand once he gets dominion over you. You are not a partner or lover to him you are an item. Every time he exceeds what you can take, you become ever more an of derision, and the further he pushes the envelope with you, the less he feels and thinks of you. This just compounds as time goes by, and you are in real danger of getting very fucked up or even killed. That is a clinical sadist, not some old fat dude or woman in lingerie weilding a big sex toy. Sadists dont write novellas of what they are going to potentially do to you online, they just want reality, don't let it be you.

I find it infinitely amusing when I see written on many profiles here. "Im a sadist, and Im looking for a massochist." Real sadists actually would never be attracted to a massochist. Because as a sadist you only get off after you exceed what the person can truly take, it's so boring to watch someone love pain, you want them to truly fear it for your get off.

Why can they not have an Asexual orientation here. The reason I have done BD/sm all my lifetime is because I can stay in control and never have to do anything sexual, but people dont seem to get it!

for the dimwits!

Asexual is a person who has no sexual feelings or desires, or who is not sexually attracted to anyone!

I see so many here wanting someone who will be kind and loving, but cruel? How does this work? Do you all just really want a narcissist pretending they care for you or something? These traits dont live together in one individual!