I am a very fit and attractive and very creative soul that is no stranger to Ds. I have done so much yet have many fantasies. Although it's sexual it's not about sex, it's much deeper part of me and always will be. Also I am 64 not 34 yet can do most anything just I did 30 years ago. Sports, sex, etc... The difference now is that I am wiser and don't feel guilty about saying no to something, or yes for that matter. I am a non smoker, drug free, hold a degree if that maters to you. Please say hello if you're interested or have questions. I'm just here to have a conversation. I don't have an agenda or to bullshit anyone. Maybe make a friend if thats possible. As you see I list as a switch. Sometimes I think it's hard to label yourself when you are in a Ds relationship. I don't act a certain way alone, yet switching doesn't make since if the dynamic works with the chemistry you have. I think some list as a switch, because they like many things and most have switched. I'm very outgoing and engaging in the vanilla world. Some would say all guy/alpha. I just say I am a gentlemen with little drama attached to me. Privately thats up to us what we are. You being a Domme doesn't mean you rule me without me desiring it or agreeing to it. Nor does you being submissive mean I rule you. Real power is the two roles merging with chemistry.
4/16/2024 6:42:49 AM

I edited my profile 4/14. Let's see how long it takes. Any perdictions?  

4/9/2024 8:08:02 AM

Being submissive doesnt make you dumb.

Being dominant does make you smart.


A dominant with a submissive is possible magic. Together is the real power. 

4/8/2024 8:56:30 AM

Whats the percentage of men lying about their marital status?  By what I read from women's profiles, it's really high.

4/8/2024 8:26:41 AM

I still seek the exceptional mind. I still dream and always wonder.  

4/8/2024 8:23:09 AM

Yes of course I can have a real adult conversation. 

4/2/2024 11:27:28 AM

It's funny how taste and fetishes change as you age, yet some never leave you. 

 Age: 26