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Hetero Female Submissive, 45,  Orange, Australia
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fearsub - submissive


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UPDATE Not looking, here to chat only. I am a bigger woman and yes i have a big butt that matches my breast. I do not live alone and i am single. Twelve years ago i was introduced to BDSM in an ordinary online chat room by a private message guest. We emailed and texted and chatted on the phone about everything, nothing and BDSM. He became my Master. We met only twice after 5 years together. We communicated via email, text and phone calls daily. Some may say this is not realBDSM. I can say without any doubt i worshipped, adored and eventually fell in love with this man. I would and did anything he asked of me. I sent proof via pictures and chat and i never lied. But pictures came after a long time of trust on both parts. I became in awe of this man. The sexual side was the control of my mind how he could make me do things to myself even though at times i hated it but my other parts didnt. I never cammed that wasnt what either of us were interested in. There are porno sites for that.

I am needy and at times bratty and need reminding of my place. For some reason when he yelled or spoke quietly i was turned on. Fear seemed to get my juices flowing. I however do not like extreme pain only slight. This relationship i had i guess i liked as it was safe. This may not be for all Doms and i quite understand that but this is exactly what i want and need.

Please dont be rude and disrespect me with emails stating what i want is pathetic and do not call me slut, whore or any other names as that is only reserved for my eventual Master.

Thankyou for reading my profile and have a good day. x











Last Online:


 Submissive Female



 5' 11"

 194 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

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