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Gay Male Slave, 32,  Oakland, California
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faggot bitch made for real MEN to abuse and degrade the loser bitch. Very few limits. fag knows it deserves hardcore, brutal abuse any time anywhere. Thank YOU SIR












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 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 165 lbs






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Dominant Male

Mascdom Couples


 Anal Play



 Body Worship







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Journal Entries:
10/29/2021 11:31:11 AM

faggot didn't get much use during the pandemic, but it did get to serve a MAN when things opened up. HE texted it saying he was straight, but HE had a lot of frustration HE needed to get out and a lowlife faggot was the perfect target. HE told it to meet him at a cheap motel since HE didn't want a fag in his house. it showed up just wearing a tshirt, sweats and flipflops. it knocked on his door and HE told it to get inside. It was dim in the room, but before that even registered, a fist smashed into its face, busting its lips and dropping it to the floor. It kinda lay there stunned and HE kicked it and said "here's how things are going to go you stupid queer. I'm going to beat the shit out of you, I'm going to crush your worthless balls, I'm going to piss on you, you're going to suck my dick and ass and I'm going to rape your nasty cunt. You'll be fucking lucky if I don't choke you out and you have no fucking say. By being here and being a faggot, you consent to my absolute use. Consent to non-consent. Got it bitch?" it nodded and HE pulled it up by its hair, stuck a camera in its face and told it to repeat what he'd said for the camera. So with blood dripping down its chin and its lips starting to swell up, it told the camera that it has no limits and it consents to every abuse HE wants. HE dropped it back to the floor, saved the video and spent the next 2 days doing everything HE told it HE would do and more. it had to call it sick to work for 3 days the next week and even then, it was still covered in bruises, a black eye and a string of deep handprints around its throat like a necklace. it was in pain for 2 weeks and grateful to have been of use to a straight ALPHA predator.

6/10/2017 9:20:12 PM

it got a text last week from the ex-con who uses it sometimes. HIS text said “got a lot of work to do on my cabin outside Jackson. need free labor and your it faggot. ill pick u up at 6 fri nite. u don’t need to bring anything bitch but b sure to lock up yer little dick”. That was it and it wasn’t a request. HE didn’t care if the fag had plans or whether it wanted to or not. So the fag was outside its building Friday night when HE pulled up in HIS truck. it got in and said “hello BOSS” since that’s what HE likes it to call HIM. HE just grunted and maneuvered through the streets until we got to 80 and headed east. Being Friday, traffic was heavy, HE didn’t speak until we got to Fairfield when HE told it to take its clothes off since it wouldn’t need them. When it was naked except for the cage on its useless dick, HE grabbed it around the neck and put its face in HIS crotch and told it to lick and suck HIS dick through HIS jeans. It was bent over with its ass up in the air and its face under the steering wheel as HE drove. Every now and then HE’d reach over and slap its ass or stick HIS fingers in its hole, but otherwise seemed content to have its mouth on his denim-clad dick. After about an hour it could tell HE was getting off the freeway and HE told it to sit up. We were in West Sac and pulling into a truckstop. HE said HE needed to stretch and to take a leak. it was just getting dark, so it didn’t think anyone could see it was naked while it sat in the truck, but it was worried someone would notice, especially since the cabs of the trucks around it were up high. BOSS came back about 10 minutes later and backhanded it across the face hard enough that its head hit the door window. “Listen up queer, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going in that bathroom over there and you’re going to kneel down on the pissy floor by the urinals and you’re going to offer your faggot mouth to any man who comes in. I don’t care how old or fat or ugly he is, every man gets a blowjob, you got that bitch? You ask real nice “can I please suck your dick, sir’ and if he let you, you swallow his load and you thank him. If he doesn’t and just smacks you or spits on you, you still say thank you. You understand me you stupid faggot?” it nodded and said “yes BOSS”. HE made it run naked across the parking lot and it knelt in the filthy truck stop bathroom for 2 hours while HE watched. By the time it got back to the truck 2 hours later, it had 8 loads in its belly, it’d been slapped and punched a couple of times and its lips were swollen and busted. BOSS laughed HIS ass off and told it what a nasty, filthy bitch it was. Then HE got back on 80 and headed to HIS cabin.

5/29/2017 7:46:29 AM

faggot was ordered to get used and take any cock that wanted to use the whore. HE knows it?s only of any value when MEN are abusing it and using its cunts to dump loads of cum and piss into. it went to a truck stop last night and sucked off 3 MEN and got fucked and bred by 2 more MEN. Some of the MEN got off in its throat or up its cunt quickly, zipped up and left, but a couple of THEM stayed around to watch and took turn using its holes together. THEY encouraged the other MEN to fuck the dirty faggot up and it wound up kneeling or on all 4?s in a puddle of THEIR piss while getting pounded. faggot had locked up its useless little fag dick, so it could focus on serving MEN and make it hungry and eager to do any nasty thing MEN wanted. it?s grateful to MEN that make sure the stupid filthy faggot gets the abuse it needs.

10/16/2016 5:27:21 AM

In July the fag got a kik message from a MAN saying HE lives in Chicago but would be on an assignment in the bay area for 2 months and that HE needed a faggot to use when HE was here. It let HIM know it’d be available for HIS use. HIS message back was “good. I hate faggots. Need one I can treat like shit”. It heard from HIM a few weeks later. HE gave it a time and an address in Oakland and told it to plan to call in sick the next day since HE was going to fuck it up. When it showed up in a not great part of Oakland, HE opened the door and stared at it. HE was tall, about 55 and still dressed from work. HE said “what do you want faggot?” and it said that it wanted to be of use to YOU SIR. HE just smirked and let it in. As soon as the door was closed HE punched the back of its head and knocked it to the floor. HE stood over it and yelled at it to take its fucking clothes off, which it did as quick as it could and then HE proceeded to kick it across the floor, kicking its balls several times. HE laughed as it screamed and grabbed it by its hair and pulled it up so that HIS face was inches from its own and said very low “I hate your fucking guts you sick fuck. I’m going to show you how a disgusting queer like you is of use to a MAN like ME”. HE spit in its face threw it back down on the floor and kicked it some more. HE took a break to undress and it was amazed to see that HE was heavily tattooed under HIS clothes and had a pierced dick which was hard and dripping already from beating and kicking the faggot. HE grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped its dick and balls down, saying HE didn’t want to see its useless junk and it should be cut off anyway. HE rolled it over on its stomach and kicked its legs apart and shoved HIS pierced dick into its cunt in one hard thrust with no lube and smacked it in the back of head and told it to shut the fuck up when it screamed. It lay there whimpering while HE fucked it. HE put HIS arm around its throat and jerked its head back, cutting off its air and whispered in its ear “I could fucking break your neck right now faggot and no one would know or care. You’re just a piece of garbage. A disgusting filthy piece of shit whore. You’re fucking lucky to feel my cock rip your worthless cunt open”. It was started to see stars and there was buzzing in its ears as HE shoved it hard and deep and howled as HE dumped HIS cum deep in its guts. HE yanked HIS dick out of its cunt and shoved it down its throat. It tasted cum and blood as it cleaned HIS cock off. Then HE punched it in the face and said the night was still young.

5/6/2016 8:02:25 PM

The faggot was in Houston last week and logged into to Adam4Adam (bitch’s id is fagvictim) to see if any ALPHAS needed a queer to use. Its phone buzzed a few minutes later with a message from a MAN who was looking to take some aggression out on a bitch. HE didn’t have a pic, but it didn’t matter and it texted HIM its motel and room number and got ready. it stripped, but kept its jockstrap on and made sure its cunt was ready. Per HIS orders, it put a shoe in the doorway so it’d be open then knelt with its back to the door, face on the floor and cunt up. About 20 minutes later it heard the door open and a MAN saying something in Spanish. HE kicked its ass and said in heavily accented English “god, what a stupid piece of shit”. HE jerked it head up by its hair, slapped and spit on its face and told it that HE was gonna enjoy hurting the dumbass whore. And HE did that for the next 4 hours. HE left it facedown on the bed, its belly bloated with HIS piss, its ass bruised and welted from beating its with HIS belt and its cunt gaping and juicy with 2 loads of cum. There was a bruise on its cheek and its tongue still tasted HIS sweaty ass. faggot was lucky to be of use to this real Texas MAN.

2/14/2016 9:22:40 PM

Over the new year holiday fag got hit up from a MAN who kik’ed it with “I hear u like dick up ur queer cunt”. fag responded and we went back and forth for a while. HE was a 50’s overweight black guy in south city. None of that really mattered to the faggot since it’s not what’d be called picky. Any MAN who wants to use the bitch, gets to. Period. We set a date for the weekend. it’d show up at HIS house and HE’d abuse the bitch til HE was tired of it. It got there late Friday nite and knocked on the door. HE opened the door and told it to go to the garage door, that queers didn’t come thru the front door. it met HIM at the garage, where it was dark and HE told it to strip then shoved it toward a room at the back of the garage. Inside was a dim lamp, a couple of buckets and a filthy mattress. It was rank and smelled like cum and piss. It started to turn around, but as it did, HE backhanded it hard across the face, knocking it on the mattress, yelling at it that it was a dirty cocksucking whore and HE’d show it damn soon how HE dealt with garbage like it. Then HE called it “Marty”, which isn’t its name. it was getting freaked out as HE kept beating and punching it. HE was much bigger than it and pinned it facedown, kicked its legs apart and pulled HIS sweats down. It felt HIS hard dick in its asscrack and as HE punched the back of its head, HE shoved HIS big dick it is cunt with no lube, no prep and didn’t stop until HE bottomed out. it was crying now and begging HIM to let it go, but HE just kept screaming and hitting it as HE pounded HIS dick into its hole. it went on for over an hour as HE’d pull its head back, screaming and spitting in its face and laughing as it cried and sobbed, tasting blood from its busted lip. Finally HE shoved in deep and it could feel its cunt being flooded with HIS cum. HE got up, pulled up HIS sweats, kicked it hard in its balls and told it that it had 30 seconds to get the hell out of HIS house. faggot moved very quick and dressed in the driveway. The next day it had a black eye and bruises all over its body. Not sure if HE was angry, crazy or both.

9/18/2015 5:48:24 AM
fag experienced something new last weekend. A man who'd used it pretty regularly before he moved out of state with his wife and kids a few years ago called it up and let it know he'd be in town at a motel by the airport. He told it when and where and told it to be there Friday night. faggot showed up when it was supposed to. He was grayer (he's about 55) and heavier, but was already naked and his dick was hard. All he said was "you know what to do faggot". it dropped to its knees and he very roughly fucked its throat til he dumped his load into its belly. "still a cocksucking bitch I see" he said. he handed it a glass of booze and told it to chug it down so we could really start having fun. he told it to strip and get face down on the bed and start telling him about how it'd been used over the last few years. He just sat in a chair by the bed as it told him about the men and the ways it'd be used. it started slurring its words and getting lightheaded which at the time it thought was weird since it has a high alcohol tolerance. it looked over at him and he was just staring at it with an evil smile on his face and his dick was hard again. the next thing faggot knows the sun's out and it feels like crap. it's mouth is dry and raw and the room smells like piss and cum and booze. it rolled over and realized that it's face and hair as soaked with piss and it can feel cum oozing out of its cunt. the man is gone and it finds its phone and is shocked that it's sunday afternoon. it goes to the bathroom and shits out what felt like a gallon of cum. it feels down there and its cunt is swollen and gaping open. it takes a hot shower and gets the hell home. On Monday afternoon it gets a text: "how u feeling stupid piece of shit? i always wanted to try the date rape drug on a nasty whore and figured u were the loser queer for the job. and the other 17 guys who raped u thought so too. LOL stupid faggot"

4/22/2015 7:48:29 PM
One thing the faggot has always been amazed at is the ability of real ALPHA MEN to know exactly what a sick, loser faggot piece of shit it is. Most people don't even know it's gay, much less an asslicking cumdump whore for MEN. But real MEN always know. And it doesn't matter the language or the country. It was once fucked dry in an alley next to a busy subway station in Prague by an ALPHA who knew immediately what it was and made it clear that it would be HIS fuckhole, even without a word of English. Is it the way it smells? The way it looks at a MAN with awe and hunger? It doesn't know, but is very thankful MEN "get" it and are more than willing to keep the queer garbage in its place. It was thinking of that tonight as it was giving a blowjob in a BART parking lot to a MAN who noticed it on the train. 10 minutes later the bitch was bobbing up on HIS thick dick in HIS car while HE held its head down and kept telling it was a fucking faggot cunt it was. After blowing HIS load down its throat, HE tossed it out and it walked home with the taste of HIS cum to remind it what its purpose is.

11/19/2014 7:10:56 PM
It stripped and spent the next three days being abused and degraded by these MEN. Days later it got a text from the ex-con asking how it liked HIS friends. it had a black eye, busted lips and was beaten and bruised from head to toe, not to mention the cum and piss leaking out of every hole. it told HIM that HIS friends knew exactly how to treat a faggot whore and thanked HIM for making sure it got what it deserves.

11/10/2014 9:41:20 PM
fag got a text last week from the ex-con who’d used it a couple of months ago saying HE needed a fag to rape. It texted HIM back and let HIM know it was in Vegas for the week and wasn’t available. HE wasn’t happy and told the bitch HE’d beat the shit out of it next time HE got HIS hands on it. HE asked where the fag was staying and the room number so HE’d know where the bitch was. it told HIM it would be available for HIS use when it got back to the bay area and HE said fuck yeah it would and signed off. Late the next night it was walking back to its room and noticed a couple of big, mean looking MEN in the hallway. One was black and the other looked latino and both were very heavily tattooed. it walked past THEM and one of THEM laughed, which make it nervous and it walked quickly to its room. Just as the door was closing behind it, the MEN shoved THEIR way into the room and slammed the door. The black guy started laughing and said “the bitch looks like it’s about to faint”. The latino MAN laughed too and pulled a gun out of the back of HIS jeans and laid it on the table and stared at it. The black guy backhanded it hard enough to split its lip and asked what the fuck it was still doing with its fucking clothes on.

8/14/2014 8:42:47 PM
an ex-con saw the faggot's tumblr page and hit it up, said HE needed a fuckin fag to destroy. HE was staying at a truck stop motel in Vallejo and told it to show up at 10 pm wearing a tshirt and shorts, nothing else. it knocked on HIS door and HE was fucking huge - - 6'4" or 6'5", bald, bearded and at least 300 pounds. Before it could say anything, HE backhanded it and dragged it in the filthy room. HE spent the next 6 hours abusing and degrading the bitch in every way. HE beat and punched it, fucked its cunt with no lube and after dumping the second load, worked HIS huge fist into its sloppy pussy. it licked and sucked HIS balls and sweaty ass while HE told it exactly what a dirty piece of shit it was and that next time HE was having some felon buddies over to give them a crack at it. HE took its clothes and it had to drive home naked, dripping in piss and cum. it had to call in sick to work today. it doesn't know how it'll explain its black eye and busted lips tomorrow. but that's the faggot's problem.

8/8/2014 11:40:44 PM
fag got a text from a MAN who uses it when HIS wife is out of town. HE wanted the bitch to come over so HE could abuse its throat and cunt. it never refuses and HE was in a bad mood. HE'd had a fight with HIS wife and it was a bad week at work, so HE smacked it around, dragged it by its hair, choked it on HIS hard dick and raped it brutally til HE shot HIS load deep in its cunt. Then HE kicked it out. faggot glad it could help this ALPHA relieve HIS stress. what the whore is made for.

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