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Hetero Male Dominant, 37,  Taylor PA, Pennsylvania
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I am a sadist. Disclaimer: I'm also not crazy or stupid and I believe in safety. I won't do anything that requires serious medical care or results in permanent injury. I am experienced enough to be safe and I read up on anything new to make sure I can do it safely. Other than that, my tastes are rather extreme. I am both physically and mentally abusive. I'm looking for a girl who is a masochist that really wants to explore that. It would be a mutual endeavor. We would be exploring what you can take, as well as exploring what I will do. I've always had to hold back with prior subs, so I have no idea where the line is for my sadism. I'm looking for a girl that wants to help me find it. This would be a gradual process over time. Alternatively, if we share other mutual kinks, I am perfectly capable of having fun sessions that don't include pain if that's not your cup of tea, so don't let that scare you off for something casual or short term. But for a long-term relationship, I would require a masochist.












 Dominant Male

 Taylor PA 


 5' 8"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Breast Play

 Rear End Play (Expert)





 Travel (Expert)



 Blindfolding you (Expert)


 You wearing my collar


 You wearing stockings

 Vibrators (Expert)


 Wax Play

 Whips (Expert)

 Historical Shows

 Science Fiction




 Nineties Music


 Auto Racing


 Coffee Shops (Beginner)

 Fine Dining (Beginner)

 Fishing (Beginner)



 Cages (Beginner)

 Canes and Crops

 Chastity (Beginner)

 G-spot Stimulation

 Being Massaged

 Erotic touch (Beginner)


 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Placing you on a leash

 Massage (Giving)

 Mental Bondage


 Sensation Play

 Selecting the clothes you wear (Expert)

 Sensory Play

 Spanking you

 Board Games

 Card Games

 Chess (Beginner)

 Comedy Shows

 Horror Movies

 Role Playing Games

 Simulation Games

 True Crime

 TV Sports

 Meditation (Beginner)




 Intellectual Discourse



 Alternative Music


 Classical Music

 Eighties Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Baseball (Beginner)

 Bowling (Beginner)


 Horse Racing

 Ice Hockey

 Sky Diving (Beginner)



 Amusement Parks







 Obedience Training


 TV News




 Country Music

 Pop Music


 Curious About:

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries

 Bird Watching


 Climbing (Beginner)

 Horseback Riding


 Scuba Diving



 Electrical Play

 Domestic Service


 Masks (Wearing)

 Masks on Partner

 Medical fetish play

 Modern Primitivism

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Suspension Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Paranormal Phenomena

 The Occult


 Bar Hopping




 Corner Time

 Local BDSM Community (Beginner)

 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Housework Service (Expert)


 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Tickling (Beginner)



 Online Chatrooms

 Online RPGs

 1950s Lifestyle



 New Age Music


 Hard Limits:



 Genital Punishment


 Female Sovereignty

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Journal Entries:
12/16/2017 3:11:00 PM
Went on a hike today in Rothrock State Forest in Pennsylvania. Beautiful scenery. Took about 3 miles to hike 5 miles, with a 700 foot elevation change. Trail was pretty rocky and snowy, but I have pretty good gear. Had a great time!

12/9/2017 3:14:43 PM
Added some additional pics. Maybe that will increase responses. I actually take the time to read profiles, try to find some common interests and write thoughtful messages instead of just copy and pasting the same crap to every girl. Maybe it was only having a single pic that was turning girls away?

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