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Hetero Male Master, 45,  London, United Kingdom
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 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 5' 9"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Begging (Expert)


 Travel (Expert)

 Body Worship



 Anal Play (Expert)






I'm looking for a submissive / slave UK fem, having had three dominant relationships with women, a 23, 58 and 61 yr old, so age is not really an issue.

Ideally you will be mature, although young is fine as long as you fit the requirement of a total oral compliant -- young, skittish subs who "want to test the boundaries", or any of that sort of nonsense need not apply. If you can derive much of your pleasure from giving pleasure, then you very much fit the bill.

I'm quite good looking, rather well-endowed, genuine and highly educated, seeking genuine fem subs willing and ready to serve. If that's you, get in touch.

Note that I work offshore (on the rigs) so am only on dry land for 3 months then away for 6-12 weeks, rotation. Not ideal, but there it is, so I'm looking for someone content with that.

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Journal Entries:
4/7/2011 10:26:28 AM

A journal entry so true and on-the-money as to merit reiteration here:


"... have to laugh at the amount of female wannabe submissives and slaves on this site who have so many special demands and requirements that they need met before they can get into role".


Ain't that the truth. Understand the role and live it.


This isn't



4/5/2011 10:21:52 AM

Be Warned: 'icicle4you' is a timewaster of the highest order. After lengthy D-s discussions over a period of weeks, she bales on meeting -- but only after you have spent a substantial sum in plane tickets to come to the UK to meet her. Why is CM so full of these women? Does dicking someone around past the point of no return provide kicks for the lonely and dispossessed? If it helps keep useless fuckers like this off of CM, then beware of anyone called Evie (Yvonne) Riches in Gosport. Hampshire (


Make any arrangements with her and you will surely regret it...


1/24/2011 1:42:55 PM

Man, I wish there was a selectable 'owned', 'unowned' aspect to the search on CM -- to only see those who are genuinely seeking something. So tedious going through profiles only to see "...blah, blah, blah, owned by WolfyVampiricKnobJockey etc.".

Still, thank heavens for the Hide button...



5/17/2010 2:56:22 PM

Saw a sub fem called 'subofleather' (or something similar) but who didn't have a location stated. Was sorely tempted to ask if she was from LandofLeather...



Everyone has a variant of comment on the "if you use my media, there will be legal ramifications" thing, but it still makes me laugh. Can you honestly imagine going to a solicitor and saying that you want to sue someone who copied the picture of your big fat arse that you willingly made available on an adult website? Jeebus...



Now this sort of thing is much better: "you are here to serve, not make conditions of service".

5/5/2010 11:15:01 AM
Either be young and without children or mature and with grown, flown children (or children too young for your lifestyle to impact upon). Oh, and as I just had to explain to someone else, a non-disclosed husband is a non-starter...

4/24/2010 5:16:22 PM
I was corresponding with a hot brunette sub from the midlands (who ultimately turned out to be the abusive bunny-boiler type who couldn't take rejection when she didn't get what she wanted) and told her that I came to D-s after a relationship many years ago with an older woman whose only desire seemed to be to suck me at every available opportunity, a sense of pleasure and power that was intoxicating ...  After a number of subsequent vanilla relationships, I realised that I wanted that sensation back again, and so got into D-s...

My likes seem fairly specific, but I'm hardly alone, and I've rarely seen it put better than this: ...

A sub / slave exists to serve her Master ...

All her pleasure should come from this ...

The best way for a sub / slave to selflessly pleasure her Master is orally ...

The best oral pleasure for Master comes from throating his cock, clenching around it while gagging ...

I have learned to orgasm from this practice, and that is how I know that I amd being a true sub / slave as I gain all my pleasure from pleasing him ...

We live in hope!! ...

A woman (who shall remain nameless) asked me this in an email: ... "...if you could choose only one which would it be ... a woman worshipping your cock or fucking ... which would it be?", ... before saying that for her ... "...fucking held none of the appeal of cock worship" ... She said that "...I just think its so hot to get wet thinking about my Dom's cock, seeing his cock outlined in his pants, hearing his voice and thinking about serving him..." ... I may just have found the right site at last!!!

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