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time to rewrite this...

I am my Master's slut, first, second, last. He enjoys "showing me off" in pics, (and vid, to a chosen few), and enjoys taking suggestions for said photos. I may, or may not like them, or find them particularly appealing myself, but as Master says, I do not see myself as others do, for example, I don't think the pic on my profile is particularly good, in any way, but He finds it very alluring. And, as always, it would appear that He's right (and He so loves being right) *g*

So, that is my purpose for being here, to please Master and provide visual imagery, one or two pics on here, but the ones that CM won't allow.....on our website. The url is in my journal. Master also uses that when He is working away, which is for much of the time. (But that doesn't mean I'm a lonely housewife, far from it). To place me in a "catagory", I provide for voyeurs :)

At this time, Master has no intentions of loaning me out, we are very happy, but He does enjoy taking suggestions for pics and......providing them when we get the chance, showing off what He owns and uses. We have fantasised about things, but know that the reality is often far from the fantasy.

I have shown off in various public places, whilst driving, in the supermarket, car parks, etc, and if I'm honest, I find it fun to put a smile on someone's face when they catch a glimpse of something teasing.

We have discussed my curiousity about being with another woman, but as yet have done nothing about it.

Master can also be contacted on here, His profile is MasterofTEH

7/21/2010 11:12:34 AM

Off for a walk along Worthing Seafront.....

7/20/2010 12:46:14 AM
well, it's been a very long time since I updated this.....

Today I'm off again, travelling from Bath to East Sussex via the motorways, as they always seem to be much more fun! You don't get to overtake much on the A roads, so not many flashing opportunities.

Who said Motorway driving is boring?

Master is considering allowing someone to hear me cum on the phone tomorrow - if He does chose to, we'll give a number to one lucky person!

7/25/2008 3:25:28 AM

As Master had instructed, I pulled up at the first motorway service station, I changed into my blouse, skirt and stockings and posted the “for sale” sign in the back window of my car with the ‘spare’ mobile number identified – this was so that anyone that called would come through to me on an old phone rather than my personal one. I set off again feeling a little nervous but excited. As it was a Monday the traffic was rather heavy so I could only drive relatively slowly. I stayed in the middle lane and because it was so hot I left my sunroof open. I had hitched my  skirt right up to show the tops of my stockings - as I drove past trucks I got quite a few ‘flashes’ and comments shouted to me from  the truck drivers I passed but none of them thought to call me on the phone  number  ‘advertised’ on my  back window. The traffic seemed to get worse – and slower, a few cars that passed me looked in my direction but nothing ‘happened’.  Then there must have been some trouble ahead as we began to go very slowly.


I notice a man in the next lane keep looking in my direction so, pretending it was really hot, I unbuttoned my blouse a little more – I was sure he must now be able to almost see the side of my breast. We continued to keep passing each other quite often as the traffic moved and stopped. Suddenly I got a message on my mobile, the next time I stopped in the traffic I took a quick  look, ‘lovely view’ it said, I looked across and the man in the car smiled at me, I grinned and unbuttoned a little more for him – I was at this point, quite hot and beginning to feel horny. I called Master as directed on my hands free and asked for instructions, Master told me to flirt with the man. I text the man back ‘I’m so hot today’, and waited, soon his reply came back, ‘you sure are, lady’. I smiled, I began to warm to this task. As we each stopped in the heavy  traffic texts became more and more erotic, I knew he was getting excited, I phoned Master to ask for further instructions and he told me to tell the man that I am to pull off at the next services because I was getting  so hot. I texted the man and he said he may do the same.


The next service station was Stafford, Master told me that when I was at the services I had to text the man to tell him I was a sub and that my Master had instructed me to play for him, I don’t think he understood what a sub is really, but he liked the idea of me playing for him.


I pulled into the services, past the lovely duck pond and found a nice spot into which I could reverse and keep an eye on the cars arriving, after a minute I saw the man arrive. He drove over and parked in the bay next to me so our doors were close to each other. I called Master on the hands free to tell him we had arrived at the service station, he told me to text the man and tell him that I am to masturbate for him but that he is not allowed to enter my car or touch me or I would  simply drive away. I texted the man then Master told me to open the door and spread my legs wider and lift my skirt even further up, I could see the man turn a little in his seat to get a better view of me. I let my hand slip between my thighs, letting my fingers begin to stroke my pussy. I was shocked  at  just how wet I had become already, I let my seat back slip back a little to  be more comfortable. Spreading myself even further I let a finger slip deep into my pussy running it over my wet lips and my clit, I could have cum there and then but Master has trained me to hold back my orgasms and at this time I was very grateful for that.


I looked across at the man as he opened his door, he was slipping his cock out of his trousers and began to play with it, the sight of his cock made me gush even more – I was sure I was now sitting in a puddle of my own juices it felt so wet, but I didn’t care. I slipped another finger inside me as I looked at the man’s cock, imagining it was his cock inside me now. Then he stepped out of his car, but stayed behind his door so no one could see. I still felt safe and even more horny as my fingers busied themselves in my wet pussy with a strangers cock inches from my face, I guess it was a silly impulse really but suddenly I just  slipped my hand out and grabbed his cock, wrapping my fingers around it – I suppose I thought I was safer as he could not do anything with me holding him  like that. He  put his hands on the car roof and pushed himself towards me, now with his cock almost in my car I began to play with him, I could hear him trying to suppress his groans as I looked at the precum leaking from the tip of his cock, I so wanted to lick it  for him but Master forbid me to do so on health grounds. I was a little disappointed at the time but Master was right.


I could feel my own orgasm building again and could tell that the man was getting close so I asked Master if I may cum and take the man’s cum too, Master agreed as long as I did not allow any in my mouth, I spread myself wider plunging my fingers deep into my pussy as I played faster and faster with the man, running the tip of my thumb over and around the tip of his cock, suddenly he just came, his hot sticky cum poured over my breasts and blouse, I could feel it  run between my breasts and that just made me cum too, I so wanted to lick the rest of his cum from his cock but dare not disobey Master so just rubbed it off with my fingers and spread it onto my blouse. The man stood there for a few minutes before smiling and returning to his car, Master told me I was not to clean myself up but to just close my door and continue my journey. I was to delete all further text messages without reading them. As I continued my journey I could feel the mans cum running down between my breasts and begin to soak into my blouse and dry, I do not know how the man felt really but I had enjoyed myself.

7/2/2008 4:42:21 AM
On the 21st of this month, (July), I will be travelling from S.Glos to Manchester and Master has instructed me to "dress appropriately" (skirt hitched up, flashing my stockings), for other drivers to see and to put a "For Sale" sign in the back window of the car with a mobile phone number on it, and see if any drivers call me.

Master enjoys the thought of others looking at me and thoroughly enjoys me being His "naughty little girl". He also likes the idea of me playing at a service area while another driver watches.

4/18/2008 3:36:26 AM

After visiting friends in Gloucester this weekend, I will be driving up to Sandbach on Sunday afternoon to spend time with Master while He's away, so He's instructed me to dress as a slutty secretary for the drive up. I will wear something similar to my pic on here, with my skirt hitched up as I drive, providing a "naughty but nice" visual as I get out of the car at the services :)

When I arrive I will take a long luxury bath, then dress as Master likes, in a corset, stockings and heels, where I will wait to greet Him on my knees as He walks in the door.

Over the days He will take pics, some of me tied, some of me as He fists me whilst I look out of the window, do you ever wonder what's happening behind the scenes when someone is looking out of a window? Some of me in a car park or many choices :)

Pics should be up on our site by the end of next week x

3/11/2008 2:03:21 AM
today I have been instructed to take more photos, so they should be available in the next 24hrs

3/4/2008 7:54:06 AM
My first day  on here, Master  has told  me  I have to  create  my  own  web page where I am to  upload  pictures  he has  taken  of me – for  other  Doms/Dommes enjoyment, I hope to  get the website up and running within the next few  days – I will post the address here in my journal for those  that may be  interested, I hope this  pleases  my Master, he will check  on the website when it  is  complete to see how  many  visitors I achieve  

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