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Not new to the lifestyle. I am not your Master, not your Dom, and certainly not your fool. Trust, Dominance, and submission are things to be earned over time, not instantly given freely. I am open to play partners, or something more long-term if I meet the right girl for me.

I am less interested in age, skin color or bra size, than I am in personality, character, intelligence and mindset. I can be sweet, sensual, strict, stern or sadistic. Your actions, behavior and ability to obey will determine what you experience.

Did you expect to find out everything about me from a profile? Try a little communication. A little effort. Its not hard, reach out and say hi, unless you are too lazy. Which is not the type of girl I seek. This lifestyle is not a fantasy to me or a game, so if you arent willing to put in the time, just pass me by.

I have never claimed to know it all, but I know who I am, and I do know what I like. DO YOU?

So here is a little rant for you. If your location does not match the "miles from me", BYE. If you need money to relocate, but have a problem verifying your identity at my discretion, BYE. If you EVER think I will send you money, BYE. If you think communication through any gmail, hangouts, yahoo, messenger etc. account is the only way to talk to you, BYE. If you have obviously stolen photos on your profile, BYE. If your english is obviously broken as hell, BYE. If you are born in the US, but because you are half African, someone died, and you had to move and now living abroad, but want a true Dominant, BYE. If you are unable to to be anything but real, and sincere, and I will find out very soon, BYE. And lastly, If you know up front you are not relocatable, provide the service I seek, can commit to building trust, dedication the undivided attention needed to determine compatibility, BYE. Too many scams, fakes, wannabes, fantasy role players, and in general bullshit artist online these days. If this offends you, BYE!!!
So, I'm realizing after just a few days that this site is infested with catfish, fantasy seekers, and outright fakes. Real women that can verify identity and intent please step to the front.