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Hetero Male Submissive, 36,  Finland
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A gentle, curious, smart and reliable man who dreams of one special Lady for a loving and fulfilling FLR, to cherish as a Queen and worship as a Goddess, hopefully for the rest of my life.

I am genuinely seeking for a long-term prospect and ideally for a lifetime partnership. Plus I am genuinely looking for a real flr dynamics where surrendering all control.
Neither is something that canhappens overnight.
Addiotionaly, I need also to point my current living situation. I live in Finland and while my work allows me to travel to a fair bit, I have a little daughter I have to take care for, and an old father who has been living alone since my mom passed away. Consequently my travelling opportunities are a bit limited at the moment and for the near future, although this will ease up in the future, and I am quite open about the possibility of relocating elsewhere at some point.
For both of these reasons, regardless of future outcomes, at first Id just rather get to know you as a person and see where it goes from there.

I want to see my partner as a Queen who I love wholeheartedly, to whom I am open with all my vulnerability and who openly knows that I belong to her.That my whole body, soul and heart are my gift to her to do with them as she pleases, my joy and fulfilment coming entirely from knowing I am dedicating myself to her will and desires.
To me love is devotion, adoration, utmost respet of my Queen. It is the willingness to take any effort or accept any suffering to ensure her happiness.
My ideal partner
A gentle hearth and a kind soul. While you are free to be strict to me and treat me as your sevant, I wouldnt like to see that in the interactions with other. I am looking for a person who values honesty, generosity, who has a kind word for everyone and who genuinely concerned about others suffering, because these are the values which matter to me too.
Nothing is sexier to me than a genuinely brilliant, original, curious mind.I truly appreciate, after an interaction with someone, having the feeling that my own world has been enriched and I have grown or learned someting new. If you are uniquely passionate about something, have unusual (or even weird) ideas or experiences, if you have strong or fresh perspectives on the world that cant easily be found elsewhere... Im all ears.
These are the main thing for me. Location isnt very important either.The kind of special connection I seek seem to me to be rare enough to let it go because of that, and distance seems something that can be overcome with enough effort.
Do keep in mind though that while I love to travel and while I might relocate in the future, as a parent my opportunities are a bit limited right now.










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