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Pan Female Slave, 26,  London, United Kingdom
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owned but allowed to talk online (not allowed to show self on webcam) and allowed to do tasks for Sirs/Ladys Hello Sirs and Ladies I am a cute girl, very demure to the outside world but with a wild streak. I am here becasue my boyfriend couldnt give me what I wanted. Not what I wanted, but what I need. I need to be a filthy slut, I need to be the lowest of the low. I am not sick or mental it just makes my pussy wet and my nipples ache to be used this way. I am willing to move anywhere within Europe or further afield if you pay. I need to be used heavily. Love sx of any kind. With women or men. I love cum and will eat it always gratefully. I prefer a Master who can give me lots of cum, his own or others, but will be happy for a Mistress who will share me with men any way she wants. My only requirement is to get lots of cum and to be fucked and used sexually as the filthiest nastiest slut. I dont like pain or cages but will consider this for the Master or Mistress who can provide a steady diet of cum. I am interested in servicing dogs or horse, but horse only with my hands and mouth, although dogs can fuck my pussy and ass. I can be your girlfriend and slave but prefer to just be your slave and not have to work or have a vanilla life. Lets just say I dont have anything holding me back home. I am new to this site so I dont know much. Happy to be owned by anyone who can give me what I need and turn me into the slut I can really be. I think that I will get a lot of messages, so if you want me to take time responding you will send me some photos of what you want to do with me or of yourself and where you live so that I can see that you can take care of me and own me and use me as I need to be used. I have included some photos so that you see what you can get so be sure to do the same for me. Submissives and switches should not write me as I have no interest. Kneels and kisses your feet. Ali










 Female Slave


 United Kingdom






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Journal Entries:
10/9/2011 3:12:04 AM

A quick journal update:


slut alison was naughty and allowed herslef to cum twice when playing with an online master on chat, of course slut came twice withouth Daddys permission and must now be punished


the punishment is simple 10 lashes for each cum so thats 20 lashes of Daddys belt on each of my bum cheeks and on my pussy so that becomes 60 lashes


the punishment will be administered by Mistress Samantha who is also Daddy's slavegirl but also at the same time my Mistress, she will visit us tonight to play with Daddy and to administer my punishment


Daddy has been very kind to slut alison and has allowed me away out of my punishment - for every Sir that i can beg to cum for me on video chat i can take 1 lash off the initial punishment


i hope i can get some Sirs to help me becasue Mistress Samantha is quite brutal when she lashes my pussy and i am not looking forward to that punishment


thank You all for taking the time to read my silly journal


babygirl alison

10/1/2011 12:52:26 AM

Had a few minutes and though woudl try out the video chat room. to be honest i am really honry and was hoping to find a master or even slaveboy who would show me his willy.


Funny though how on he video chat room nobody had a webcam on. :-)

9/25/2011 1:28:19 PM

this is Her journal entry regarding babygirl alison:



Journal Entries:
9/25/2011 4:55:50 PM

I have seen some pretty disgusting things in my time here but none as revolting as *eatsyourcum* 's profile.

A supposedly bisexual female who claims to be *normal*.

The profile is obviously written by a man with references to web sites where beastiality and eating dog poo are classed as the norm.

No sane woman would ever do that and I can't believe Collarme allow his profile or links to such sites.

 It's just wrong, so very wrong.

9/25/2011 1:15:16 PM

babygirl alison is upset thanks to a certain Mistress here who has decided to not only insult me but post about me on her profile.


perhaps posting the correspondence here will help You understand:


eatsyourcum on 9/25/11 at 10:10 PM:


hello Mistress


this is truly one of those rare ocassions when i am very tempted to be rude, but i will try my best to maintain some dignity as befits someone of my lower class even if You insult me for no good reason both on your message, and as I notice on your profile too


first of all, i am a girl although i dont think i need to prove this to you (or indeed anyone else other than my Master)


secondly, i am not a psychologist so cannot vouch for my mental state of health, even so, i dare say that i am as heathy or unhealthy mentally as anyone else here on collarme who enjoys being hurt, or hurting, who enjoys drinking piss or peeing on someone else etc etc - wasnt there a famous man from the middle east who said something about judging others lest You be judged?


i would love to know which part of my profile, which part of my life in particular bothers Mistress so much? perhaps Mistress, you are suggesting that no other woman in the history of the world has ever slept with her father? perhaps no other woman in the world has ever enjoyed drinking pee or enjoyed having sex with animals? wow - i must be the most wicked girl that ever lived


i apologise Mistress that my life and my profile in some way offend you


perhaps Mistress, since we are sharing, i can tell you that it offends me when women (like you) sell their bodies for money, in my mind this makes You my dear Mistress nothing but a prostitute since you offer your sexual services for money, not only that, you are the worse kind of prostitute i can imagine, since in fact, all you are doing is talking to a gentleman on the phone, possibly the greates con ever - congratulations Mistress for being the kind of prostitute that is obviously ashamed to actually offer any real kind of pleasure to a man with your real body, i guess that might be dirty or nasty and we wouldnt want that would we mistress? i suppose that you are one of those Mistresses who actually hate men? even though we both know that deep down you would love nothing better than for a real Man to slide Himself into your tight pussy and breed you, to keep you naked on your knees with your mouth on His cock feeding you both cum and piss - perhaps you have simply not had the fortune of ever finding a real man who would know how to treat a real woman, what a shame for you Mistress that your obvious lack of cum intake has made you such a bitch sad and lonely Mistress


hope you may find some kind of satisfaction soon rather than trying to abuse some slavegirl who should be well beneath Your notice Mistress




babygirl alison



  Ms*******Dee on 9/25/11 at 4:45 PM:
  You are either mentally disturbed or a man .........because no sane woman would do what you are doing.


9/20/2011 2:29:58 PM

cunt alison is very sore tonight


was punished for disobeying - mostly for cumming without permission but also for something else cunt did wrong - those who need to know already know what cunt did wrong


cunt was punshed by being whipped 10 times on cunts pussy and 10 times on each bum cheek - this was done with Daddy's leather belt


cunt's pussy and ass are very sore, the pussy feeling much worse and although wet cunt definitely cannot play with itself until tomorrow (cunt would if DAddy told cunt to do it but it would hurt a lot)


hugs to all (especially those lovely Sirs and LAdies that take time to help cunt be a better slave for Daddy


babygirl alison

9/9/2011 1:00:47 PM

a girl who shares my two loves:

9/9/2011 7:27:30 AM

that is a lucky lucky girl:

9/9/2011 2:07:09 AM

Very "disgusting" but hot video (not for the faint hearted):

9/3/2011 5:40:42 AM

A very relaxing almost "normal" morning today.


Woke up on my doggy bed and woke up Daddy with a blowjob, after which as is my morning ritual I beg him to feed me his pee. :-)


He took my leash and walked me to the shower, took off my leather collar and told me to help him shower which I happily did of course, and particularly enjoyed it when I was kneeling thoroughly cleaning his cock in the shower when he started peeing all over my body and face - thank you Daddy. :-)


After cleaning him and Daddy cleaning me thoroughly in all my little slaveholes i help Daddy dry then quickly fixed him up a good English breakfast which he ate as i at some cornflakes from my bowl on the floor under his feet, gosh that was messy but loved it when Daddy lick some milk and flakes from my face, made me almost shake and I begged Daddy to fuck his little sluts pussy and ass but Daddy had to run some errands so instead he tied my leash to the study door which meant all I could do was either rest or go online on the computer (well I suppose I could read an encyclopedia too but just not my thing - lol). Spent a little while on collarme and watching some porn on xhmaster, which Daddy allows me to do as it helps me become a better slut and slave for him.


Tried to answer as many of my messages as I could but theres always so many - sorry if it takes a while sometimes. but I am a polite and good slut and always answer everyone unless you are so obviously intent on insulting me or causing me grief, luckily 99% of the people here on collarme are amazing and a few of the Masters here have been really really really supportive and nurturing though I wont embarrass them by saying their names -they know who they are. Hugs and love to my special friends here.


A little while later Daddy came back home from running his errands. He came into the study and I welcomed him with a very wet blowjob of course, though he did not let me taste his cum, instead he turned me around and fucked my ass until he came inside of me. He told me to stay kneeling with my ass up for a good half hour to let my ass absorb all of Daddys cum and it was quite a relaxing way to be even tough my pussy was so wet. Then he came back and untied my leash, told me to do the house chores which are now done for today until the washing machine cycle is done and I need to put the clothes in the dryer.


He has tied me in the study again as he is upstairs doing some work and he tell me he finds me distracting (in a good way). We might even go out tonight although he didnt say more than that - very excited as it would be our first real "date" since Daddy became my Master.


Gonna try respond to a few more messages before have to get back to my chores.


babygirl alison

9/1/2011 4:24:34 PM

I have the best Daddy in the world (love you Daddy).


He got home very early from work and took me shopping which he promised Bank Holiday Monday. We went shopping for some new short skirts and tight tops as well as some more slutty high heels, this is all I am allowed to wear nowadays (minimum 2 inch heels if going out).


On the way home we stopped in a pet shop and bought a collar and leash, some doggy bowls,  a rubber bone toy, and a doggy bed. Daddy is thiking of buying a cage or doggy shed for the garden in the future.


The moment we got home Daddy undressed me and put my collar on me. for the rest of the evneing I was naked and walked around the home by leash, and tied to the refrigerator door to allow me to cook dinner for Daddy. Daddy ate whilst I licked his cock under the table, then whilst Daddy sat back on the couch to watch sky news he gave me some left overs to eat on ym doggy bowl. It was nt easy but I didnt make too much of a mess and I think I made Daddy proud as he had a big hard cock all the time that I was eating which was really nice.


Daddy is upstairs now watching a film or someting but told me to spend a while updating my journal and resoponding to my messages. Tonight I will find out if my new doggy bed is comfortable or not. :-)


Oh, and when I wa allowed to talk again, I did get on my knees and beg DAddy to breed me, to let me flush my pills down the toilet so he can breed me. He has told me he will think about this and tell me when He is ready for this.


Hugs to all


babygirl alison


8/30/2011 3:25:37 PM

Tonight I am the happiest slut in all of UK, maybe all the world.


My daddy, my biological father has now become my Master. He owns me body and soul and I couldnt be happier.


I know a lot of people reading this , (does anybody read this anyway?) well a lot of you are going to judge me for this or judge my Daddy. First of all, I am happier now than ever, and secondly but much more importantly, I am making my Daddy happier than he has been since mummy left us years ago. You can say whatever you want to say about me, after all I am a nasty slut who seduced my own father and I am proud of that. Feel free to insult me all you want because whatever you say about me is probably true, but do not dare say anything bad about my Daddy because I will bite you.


Tonight, I have finally told him about the kind of girl I am. About how I feel that all women should be owned by men and be servile to men (I like that "servile"). About how women should be proud to please men with their 3 holes. I know this makes me a slut but I am proud of this. I know it is not me that is wrong, it is society that is wrong and I am glad Daddy understood how important this is to me. I am glad that Daddy took pity on me and relented to my begging so that he is now the (I hope) proud owner of his daughter.


My Daddy and Master (it feels good to finally say that) is still not really sure what bdsm means. It doesnt help that I am rather inexperienced in this too, so please do send us ideas of how Daddy can train me and teach me to become his perfect slavegirl. I have begged Daddy to allow me to remain here on collarme, and he very kindly has allowed me to do so on the condition that at least for now, I do not entertain any ideas of meeting any other Masters. Daddy is not sure if he wants to share me with anyone else yet, and although I love cum Daddy has plenty for me, and anyways its not about what I enjoy, its about what my Master wants.


So please, for now, no more offers to meet or relocate. I have met some wonderful Sirs here who have really helped me and Daddy thanks you all for helping me understand my place at his feet and for nurturing me when I needed it. I also very humbly thank you all - you know who you are - the special ones to me.


I thank you each humbly, kneeling down.


Please do feel free to send me ideas of how to better please my Daddy Master - all ideas are welcome, no matter how taboo or nasty you may think they are. I wont judge you and if it pleases my Master then I will love it too. The one thing both Daddy and I agree on at the moment is that we do not want to get into a lot of SM/pain play - there are almost no other limits for us at the moment.


Please also do send ideas for Daddy of how to train/use his slavegirl property. Please note that any such Messages should be addressed to "alisons Master" or "alisons Daddy" and I will not hesitate to read them to Daddy even if I dont like them myself.


I must go now, Daddy is calling for me and I know he is getting used to falling asleep with my mouth on His cock.


love to all


babygirl alison


PS - I asked Daddy about my previous master Mike, and he told me not to worry. He went out on the garden spoke to Mike on his mobile and after a few minutes came back in and told me not to worry. I did ask but he wouldnt say what happened, just not to worry and I trust my Daddy completely.

8/26/2011 5:38:43 PM

I am happy tonight.


Finally after so long I am finally happy.


I am sittting here in the dark just the glow from the screen and the lights from the ocassional car driving by. I am naked and I cannot stop gently holding my pussy and tummy and smiling. I have a pussy full of Daddys cum, my Daddy, my real Daddy has finally taken me as his woman and I feel complete now.


I dont know how this will work out now with my Master Mike, but I am truly happy now that I am Daddys slut as well as his daughter.


I am going to go upstairs and gently slide into bed my Daddy, and I hope that he will still want me as much tomorrow as he needed me tonight.


Love to all. Wish every daddy loved there daughter as much as mine does tonight.


babygirl alison

8/23/2011 1:37:33 PM

Hello All


Master Mike has instructed me to write an update on my journal. He was very annoyed with me today as he found out I was talking with several black masters. My Master Mike has deleted all these messages and has reminded me that he does not want me talking to black men. He knows that I am just a dumb slut and cannot help feeling attracted to big cocks but he has told me many times that he will not fuck a pussy that has also been fucked by a black cock and has beaten my ass and pussy with his belt to remind me.


I am quite sore now but very grateful to master for reminding me of his instructions. I am very grateful that Master did not hurt me as bad as He could have and grateful that he bathed me in his piss to make me feel better after the beating.


Master has now told me that he will beat my pussy and ass every time I get a message from a black master so please I hope that no black masters will write me any more. Please I beg of you.


Thank you Master Mike for taking the time to teach this slut right from wrong.


I love you Master.


slut alison

8/19/2011 11:15:17 AM

I figure some of you might be interested in a quick update regarding slut alisons new position/status, whatever you want to call it.


First, yes she is now owned in real life, she is my slut and she does whatever I tell her to do now.


Secondly, as my slut she has no secrets from me nor would she dare to try and keep anything secret from me. I will be monitoring her account and messages but I cannot be bothered with all this online stuff so I will only come on her account sometimes or if she asks me to check something in particular. I have given slut permission to come online whenever she wants too, although I keep her pretty busy these days and she know her priority is to keep me happy first.


It looks like her previous online master had blocked a lot of people here - you are now all unblocked. You are welcome. :-)


Feel free to abuse this slut as much as you want she knows her place now and needs that constant reminder that she is a worthless slut (whatever other silly ideas she might have in her head about finding a "loving" master). She is quite simply a fucktoy to be used at my leisure and for my benefit, nothing more.


My slut is under strict instructions to delete any messages from anyone trying to lure her away from me. Abuse her all you want but do not try to take her from me.


For now I am keeping her quite busy here, and she is making me a bit of money in future I may be tempted to rent her out for some kind of online work or even real meets, but right now I have plenty of guys want to fuck her and happy to pay for the full experience with no limits so far other than scat (maybe soon slut) or anything that can hurt my property.





8/17/2011 2:23:27 PM

This is a quick note to confirm that this slavegirl is now owned in real life.


Slavegirl ali may be allowed to document some of her experiences on this account but will not be allowed to talk directly to masters/mistresses without my permission. She will be allowed to talk to other slaves and subs but all comunications will be monitored by me.


Anyone asking this slavegirl to change owner or to serve someone else will be blocked.


Do not abuse this slave as this is her safe haven now that she is fully a slavegirl in real life.


To her previous online master, all I can say is I saw her, and took her. If you were here I am sure you would have done the same thing, but once she swallowed my piss she was mine forever - thank you for pimping her out, I probably would not have known she was such a slut otherwise. :-)



8/10/2011 11:23:18 AM

Not sure if this will get me in trouble with Master or not, but I just wanted to say thank you to Master for making me cum so hard even thogh I know I wasnt supposed to. It almost made me cry like a little girl.


Thank you Master.


Kisses and my very wet tongue on Masters cock and balls.


doggy bitch ali

8/9/2011 7:44:36 PM

what part of please respect doggy bitch ali's decision to be owned for a week dont you get? i know plenty of doms dont take the time to read. the select few that have been polite to doggy i appreciate youre support. she is learning quickly and doesnt disobey, now that she knows better :). so all you pesky doms that dont get it will be blocked. subbies and slaves are no problem to talk to my doggy bitch to help her if she needs it. she was frustrated with all the doms mailing her and didnt know what to do. we will see how this week works out. again thanks to those who understand.


doggy bitch ali's master

8/8/2011 1:42:30 PM

attention to all:


I have made a big decision tonight. I have decided to accept temporary ownership from one master for one week and see how that goes. I dont know if this wil be a long term relationship or not as there is a great distance between us but we shall see how it goes, and I am sure that I will learn a lot from my Master.


As a courtesy to my Master i will not respond to any messages from other dommes/doms/switches pretending to be dom/me unless he allows this first. I am very grateful to all those sirs and mistresses who took time to help and guide this little slut but for the next week you should respect that I belong to another master (my Master). I will happily continue talking with other subs and slaves unless Master tells me otherwise.


As a sign of respect to other sirs and mistresses i have spoken with, i want you to know that tomorrow i will give my Master full access to my account. Should any sir or mistress feel that they do not want our previous conversations to be read by my Master then they can tell me so tonight and i will delete those messages.


Oh and please call me "doggy bitch ali" now - its the new name my Master gave me and I am proud to be that for him (smiles).


Happy to be owned and learn from Master and do everyting Master expects from me.


8/8/2011 1:00:45 PM

new update:


daddy called a little while ago and told me he was going to eat out and he would be home late tonight - he said not to wait up for him


guess i should eat some dinner now :-(

8/8/2011 10:59:30 AM

In case anybody is reading this here is a little update thingy of last nights events.


I am being kindly guided by some very nice masters here and sorry if i got any of my instructions wrong Sirs, but it was very late, i was exhausted from lack of sleep/horniness and well i am just super horny.


Dad went to bed and kept his door locked all night as far as i know.


I stayed up till really late talking to some yummy masters.


I was dressed in my short socks, my thong panties and tiny hello kitty t shirt.


I took off my wet panties and left them hanging on the bathroom sink cabinet so that daddy would have to notice when he got up in the morning to shave and shower.


I put on some clean panties and went to bed leaving my door open as always evn though daddys door was still closed. then i realised that I still had my panties on and I took them off, just left them at the efeet of the bed, i can always claim they got off as i was sleeping (I suppose that could happen).


So I went to sleep in just my hello kitty tshirt (took my socks off of course).


I dont know what happened this morning. I usually hear daddy get up and make him a  coffe or tea for when he leaves the shower but i guess i was so tired i didnt hear him today. He must have seen me naked in bed though becasue when i woke up i found 20 quid he usually gives me on Mondays for some little shopping (milk, biscuits things like that) and the money was on the bedside cabinet so he must have seen me and probably noticed that i had shaved my pubes, although he woldnt know this is anew thing for me (only shaved this Saturday cause a naughty master told me too).


I woke up a bit after dad had left (I put my alarm on) and went to the bathroom to pee (I was naughty and stayed without panties). I noticed that my panties were not were i left them so i assume he put them in the laundry, must check later.


Once I peed (no I didnt taste my pee this morning) i went to daddys room. It smelt a bit nasty, very musky in a way that I really liked and i looked carefully at daddys bed checking to see if i could find any signs of cum but i didnt. I did however take the opportunity to lie on the bed and feel daddys warmth and i hope i got his smell all over me. I was half dozing in his wamr and big bed, thining how lonely it must be for daddy since mummy left hime years ago and i couldnt stop my hands from reacing down to my pussy lips and almost as soon as my wet fingers went into my pussy i came (blush). I came so hard it felt like i was going to faint and my whole body was i dont know who to describe it it was like little waves of electricity and i had to hold my pussy tight becasue it felt like i was going to pee in daddys bed and i didnt want that.


I was resting and recovering for a while and then i found something. As I was lying on the bed all warm and snuggly smelling daddy all over me, I put my hand under the big pillow and found some tissues. At first i thought "gross daddy" an was going to chuck them on the flor so I could pick them up later when i clean his room but i noticed from the smell that the tissue was soaked in a massive cum load. Unfortunately it was all dry and crusty or i would have licked it clean, but at least i buried my face in the tissue, rubbing daddys man smell on myself.


The rest of the day I just did my usual cleaning and washing and went to the shops for a few things. But i was walking on a high all day long although i am still tired from this weekend (and getting used to my shaved pubes too).


I do have to admit i have been very nasty and have not showered since Saturday morning so that now I must smell quite funky of my own cum juice as well as daddys which i rubbed on my face.


Daddy is due back in about 7 minutes if he is punctual as always so I will start preparing some dinner now.


Lets see what daddy says tongiht when he sees me in panties and tight tshirt again.


Tonight I am going to ignore daddy. when he sits on the couch to eat, I am going to lie down on my tummy and eat that way (a bit uncomfortable i know but there is a plan here). I will make sure that I keep my legs wide open and with my thong panties dady should get a nice view of my ass crack and maybe if he is lucky (and if I help a bit) he will see some of my hairless pussy lips.


I will try to update again soon (in case anyone reads this - lol).





8/7/2011 4:45:23 PM

For those of you who may be wondering, yes dad came home and saw me in my thong panties and very tight tshirt. He seemed stunned for a second but he quickly went upstairs to wash up for dinner. We had our dinner in front of the tv as always (sigh) and I couldnt see him looking at me at all - if anything he looked at me and spoke to me even less than he usually does. As soon as he was done he said he was going to lie down and watch tv in his room. When i cleaned up i went upstairs to see if he wanted a cup of tea or coffe and his door was locked which is unusual as he always keeps the bedrooms doors open (our bedrooms are just opposite each other so you can look from one room into another). He said he was going to sleep early and hasnt been down since - his door is still closed.


I have been told to sleep with my pjs bottoms off showing off my pussy and ass. Lets see if he reacts to this tomorrow morning when he gets up for work. soone ro later he will have to say something I think.


More importantly, what will I say if he asks why I am (un)dressing like this? (Answers in a postcard please becasue I dont know.



8/7/2011 4:37:55 PM

I now feel a bit more comfortable providing my location in profile details so please stop asking me where I am - it will just show you have not looked at my profile properly. :-)

8/7/2011 11:51:19 AM

New milestone - deleted my first offesnive email.


Thank you



8/7/2011 11:47:32 AM

Thank you Sir (you know who you are).


You have been my hero Sir thank you for telling me to stop fucking myself with my bottle of beer and for telling em that I could get dressed before dad comes back home which willprobably be in about 15 mins now.


Of course, I am not fully clothed now. I have been told to dress very sluttily at home and to show off as amuch skin as i can to make my dad horny. Maybe he will tal to me once isntead of just going up to his room right after dinner.


So now at home I will dress more or less as I am today - short socks (pink with a white trim), thong panties (also pink), (just put on clean ones as the other one was really wet from my pussy juice) and a really tight hell kitty tshirt from a few years ago so that it is really tight and shows of my  nipples and tummy.


Lets see what dad thinks when he sees me this way?




PS - thank you again Sirs.

8/7/2011 10:16:19 AM

Just had a lovely chat with a master from Germany with a dog that is so regal, and cruel looking. It looks like it can bite me in half and it makes me so wet that i just want to crawl over to it and offer my ass to it.


Thank you for your time Sir (and hugs to Sir Grizzu too).



However, Sir asked me to get naked and continue fucking my pussy slwoly with my beer bottle as we chatted, and Sir did not order me to get dressed or to stop fukcing myself so now i am here in the study, naked (only my short socks on) and still lsowly fucking my pussy with the beer bottle. My pussy is quite raw now, I think i might put some cream on it before I continue.


Hope another master will tell me to get dressed and stop fucking myself before daddy gets back home in just under two hours.



8/7/2011 7:56:32 AM

Have been getting some feedback on the video i posted this morning before going to bed, and the answer is yes, I would happily eat the cake aferwards knowing that it would make my sir and any other man there incredibly hard and they would need to fuck me and feed me their cum.


I am not into scat, but i would keep my ass clean every day through enemas, including cum and piss enemas so why not.


My body is meant to be used to entertain and make men cum above all else.



8/6/2011 11:21:54 PM

Gotta sleep now no more respones until i get back online.


But just saw this and would love to do it:




8/6/2011 10:16:13 PM

Well, i am still up and kneeling in front of the computer, fucking my pussy slowly with an empty bottle of heineken beer. Pussy feels quite raw now but still feels good.


Also a few hours ago a naughty master made me shave my pubes whilst standing outside my dads bedroom door as he slept. My pubes were never too hairy i kept them quite trim and i liked when a guy would cum and my pubes would get all sticky.


Now another master has asked me to sleep with the covers down and with my PJ pants pulled down so that my dad can see my pussy when he wakes up for work in the morning.


I know i have to do as i am told so i hope this works out okay and dad doesnt kick me out of his house for being a slut.





8/6/2011 4:14:54 PM


I was so naughty this evening.


I was chatting with a master (you know who you are Sir) and learning how to roleplay which turned out to be a lot of fun (although I still didnt cum).


I ended up naked in the study, kneeling in front of daddys PC with an empty heineken bottle in my ass (well just the thin top bit) and another empty heineken bottle in my pussy. Sir was really helping me to cum, well I was so very close, but then daddy woke up and called me to make him a cup of tea.


My God, what if he had come downstairs himself to use the kitchen (if he wasnt so lazy) or to see what I was doing?


I almost got found out by my dad - he could have kicked me out of the house for that he is very strict and says I must be a good girl and do what he says whilst I live under his roof - guess he is old fashioned that way and it is nice to know what my boundaries are.


But it was so thrilling to almost be found by my dad. If was not so scared I probably would have cum right there and then when I heard his voice.


I think i might take one of the empty bottles of beer up to my bedroom and slide it into my pussy before I fall asleep (at least the thin bit).


8/6/2011 4:05:02 PM

Please no chat requests until/unless we have exchanged a couple of messages.


Silly billies. :-)



8/5/2011 3:24:02 PM

Okay - got to go away now. Looks like Daddy is waking up from the couch and will need help getting into bed.


Cant wait tille I get my own Sir (one that does not drink, or at least does not get drunk like daddy I couldnt take that) and one that feeds me so much cum my stomach is full every day.


Hope to be back later or next few days.



8/5/2011 3:20:14 PM

No one liners please - its annoying.

8/5/2011 2:42:19 PM

Well, I didnt expect to get so many messages, its just crazy. By the time I have read one message I get 5 more, and by the time I respond to one message there is another page of messages.


I will either have to learn how to type a lot faster or , well, I really must insist on messages with photos first. :-)


There are a few really nice Sirs and Ladies I have exchanged messages with. Thank you all.


I really really need time to think and to get my bearing so I hope you dont mind if I dont respond immediately to your messages. (Forgive me?)


If you really put thought into your message to me then I am more likely to respond.


If you include photos of yourself and what you want to do with me then I am more likely to respond.


Also I have been told that maybe not all of my photos have uploaded (there should be 4) so I have to check this out properly, and I will try to do so as soon as possible tonight as I really need to delete those photos as I amd eadly afraid of my daddy finding them on his PC. He thinks I am a good little angel and he doesnt realise that I am home alone becaue all the boys think I am a slut, not because I am a good girl.




Ali or should that be ali? (I dont know, so much to learn.)

8/5/2011 12:31:31 PM

Please, no chat requests until we have shared some messages.


Thank you.




PS - Remember that messages with photos will be read first - a lot of silly Masters/Mistresses forget this.

8/5/2011 12:10:44 PM

Wow, so many messages this little slut is really pleased.


But there are too many messages for me to respond to everyone.


I will go through the ones with attached photos first, then the ones with profile photo and finally if I have any time left over I will check the remainder.


Kisses to all.





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