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Hetero Male Slave, 46,  London, United Kingdom
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Looking for FLR ...Your house boy and personal slave .......

You just came home - I was waiting for you all day to worship you -- you are wearing high heels sandals -- i kneel and kiss your gorgeous feet -- i follow you to the bedroom where i undress you completely but leaving your high heels on as per your orders -- then i follow you to the bathroom where you are to take off your make up?--??i kneel and worship your gorgeous ass while you do that facing the mirror-- Once you are?done you turn around and order me to worship your pussy which I do till you cum in my mouth marking my face with your scent, thus marking me as your own pussy boy. You then force me to suck every drop of you knowing that your taste and scent is what keeps me bound to you.

After I lick you dry I? lean?my head against your thigh and you run your fingers through my hair telling me that I have pleased you well and that i deserve to be your slave--I am then instructed to take off your high heels and lick your divine?feet clean so to get you ready to go to bed

Marked as i am?, ?I then follow you to?the bedroom and into the bed where I take the position I always take when you go to bed -- I crawl under the sheets with my head between your legs facing your wet pussy?and licking you gently till you go to sleep...being tired i? fall asleep as well ...between your legs where i belong and next to scent i am bound to...looking forward to the next morning when ....... your 'alarm'??will orally worship both your pussy and ass to gently wake you up --- the 'alarm' can be snoozed and?'re-start' after 10 minutes or so till??you are ready to get up to have your pussy boy give you a shower, shave your legs and intimate area ... and eventually dry your diving body??following by a massage of your whole body with body cream.

Make sure You see my Journal too for more .....












 Male Slave


 United Kingdom

 5' 7"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

 Lives For:

 Body Worship

 Female Supremacy

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Fine Dining


 Musical Theater






 Domestic Servants

 Foot Worship

 Housework Service

 Massage (Giving)



 Alternative Music


 Coffee Shops

 Going to the Opera




 Eye Contact Restrictions










 Classical Music


 Opera Music


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music



 Curious About:



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Journal Entries:
1/19/2012 3:52:56 PM

Throughout time my Female Owner has trained me with great patience on a number of things. She believes that slaves should actually be useful to their Mistress but at the same time a Mistress should be proud of her slave, and feel that he improves the quality of her life.


Besides how to properly take of the household chores (such as cleaning, laundry, hand washing Her delicates,  shining Her heels and boots, making Her bed etc) to Her liking as a proper domestic slave, She also trained me how to be a proper personal servant to a Goddess so to look after Her personal well-being: providing massages, manicures, pedicures, maintaining Her hair, bathing Her, shaving Her legs and intimate areas,  and also things like feet and  body worship, dressing and undressing Her etc

1/17/2012 9:22:30 AM

Domestic work as well as the Mistress' personal hygiene is on the slave's daily task list. Upon the Mistress arrival and upon he helps Her to change into something comfortable, the slave serves Her dinner in the dining room. The slave takes the role of an attentive and personal waiter. He serves Her a three course meal at all times which normally is accompanied by wine. The slave is readily available to take care anything that is required of him while the Mistress is having Her meal. So he is standing within a polite distance so for Her not to feel disturbed but close enough so he  is ready to respond when called, either that is to serve more wine or to serve the next dish. Once She is done with Her meal She will withdraw at the couch and the slave is to take care of some chores for a while till needed. 


Upon cleaning the table and washing the dishes he is to polish the high heels and hand wash the underwear the Mistress has been wearing today. The Mistress is very articulate around this as She requires that all Her underwear and high heels are clean and ready at all times. He then prepares the clothes and high heels that She will wear the next morning as per Her instructions given during dinner. Finally before returning to Her feet he is to clean the toilet bowl as the Mistress is also very articulate when it comes to cleanliness.  She requires that the toilet bowl is cleaned before and after each use. Even though one may think this is an exaggeration Her slave does not think of that; it is enough for him to know that this is what His Superior Owner need is and humbly complies with that as She knows better. His mind has been trained in such a way so that what his Owner demands becomes part of his submissive world. Moreover he knows that his destiny is to to serve Her and his needs will be met by serving Hers well.


He is then called in the living room to orally serve Her before he gives Her a bath as the Mistress loves to be licked clean before She is given a bath. He happily complies and kneels to do what She so graciously allows him to have. He buries his face into his Mistress most sacred area and purrs with pleasure as he enjoys his Mistress taste and smell.

11/7/2011 3:18:12 PM

Sometimes the first thing my Owner wants when she gets home is some oral adoration, having a slave mouth take care of her womanhood with plenty of oral attention. She comes home, finds her loyal slave cleaning her toilet and puts him to work licking her pussy while she chats on the phone with her girlfriend. It’s a nice way to relieve stress for my Owner.

8/6/2011 6:26:54 AM

It is 7am. Her slave crawls under the bed sheets guided by Her scent. His wet tongue touches Her morning dry pussy. He adores Her scent in the morning and feels such a great urge to satisfy Her.  He gently licks Her for a couple of minutes to start getting Her pussy wet. He then stops and waits for few minutes before He starts again.


In the meantime His Mistress has now turned and her back is facing up. The slave now gently licks Her ass hole and moves gently to Her pussy. He continues licking Her pussy for another couple of minutes and then he stops. He now feels the scent of his Goddess is getting stronger and can barely hold himself but he knows he must.


After few minutes he resumes work but this time does not stop till his Goddess cums in his mouth. He feels Her vibrations on his tongue as She cums and he loves that for that he knows he made his Goddess happy.


He carries on sucking every bit of her morning scent while his Mistress is relaxing and trying to wake up. She enjoys having him doing so but She lets him carry on cause She knows how happy this makes him. She does not want to deprive him from this happiness so She lets him carry on till She is completely dry. Moreover, She knows that Her scent is something that Her slave can recognize and keeps him bound to Her. So She knows that he needs to have that. On the other hand, it's his reward for pleasing his Owner.


When She feels dry enough She gets out of bed. The slave kneels before Her, kiss Her feet, and whispers 'Thanks for being my Mistress'. The Mistress smiles and caress his cheek with Her other foot and says 'It's great to own such a humble slave that worship his Mistress so well"

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