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Quick update

We are now - still - looking for our unicorn in the Washington D.C. area, but also maintain a home in FL, and we both travel the lower 48 for business.

About us He is a masters-degree educated professional. She is soon-to-complete her masters degree in the same field. Due to both of our busy schedules, we most often split our time between the Washington - Baltimore area and Florida. However, these same schedules allow us to often travel around the country.

Over the last couple of years, our relationship has developed into one of Master and slave. We find that, though we dont subscribe to every traditional definition of Masterslave, these are the terms that best describe us. There are elements of DDLG mixed in, as well. We dont really fit into a neat little box. If you would like to know more about our specific relationship, just ask. Wed love to tell you and, even better, show you!

What we are looking for We would ideally like to find a girlfriend for his slave. As odd as this may sound, she is more interested in other girls than guys. He is the one exception. So, a girlfriend for her that would also play with him would be perfect.

Under VERY specific circumstances, we may consider meeting a Domme. However, the Domme would only be for the slave. She would be more like a Co-Domme. In a Domme, we are interested in finding a more mature woman. Recently, the slave has become *very* interested in the Mommydaughter dynamic.

Also, friends are more than welcome!

What we are not looking for We seek a girl who is comfortable as an individual and has a life of her own outside of BDSM. We are not trying to fulfill some void in her life (whether it be spiritual, emotional, etc.) We understand the difference between play time and reality and hope to find a girl with the same understanding.

If your profile contains phrases like I seek He who completes me. or Kneel before Me, for I am MistressGirlker from Planet MommyDomme... then we probably wont be a good match. No pseudo religious pageantry please.

That being said, we arent just interested in casual play there is a certain level of trust that is needed for the activities we enjoy. To that end, being friends first, before play partners, would be nice.