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Hello! We are looking for a slave to join us for a life long relationship. We are very open minded and have been around the internet,? so those dark deep rooted kinks of yours are ok with us. If you are interested in find out more about us, please feel free to send a message. For more up to date info, check out our journal.

The slave candidate did not work out. If you would like to audition, feel free to message us here or on fet.

Just had a slave come for the weekend to audition. The slave traveled from the west coast to the east coast (paid by the Owner/Master). Very well received by all and is strongly attached to the owner. It was willing to and agreed to the contract provided to it.  It has some improvements to undergo before moving in. The Owner/Master will make a decision in 2 months if this slave will join the harem. In the meantime, we are still accepting candidates. Visit the Owners'/Masters' fet page to view the contract and see if you are interested in a weekend audition. Same name on here and on fet.

Our new slave has settled in nicely. We are now looking for other slaves to join us. If you are interested, feel free to message us and tell us how you would best serve The Owner alongside the sub and slave. Preferably no limit slave need apply, but willing to negotiate. 

Just to inform: we have found our slave.  Anyone looking to join will only be as play partners. 

For those of you wanting to see what type of contract you would sign with us, we have written an example. Contact us to see it in full (we are unable to post the entire contract on here due to character limit)


Side note, is anyone else having issues accessing the chat?


We are still looking for our life long cis female slave...