I am here to hopefully find some people in the community to converse with and have lots of fun I am a laid back guy enjoy talking about a wide variety of subjaspects. Music, games, sports, books, cooking, running and cycling, are some of my more normal subjaspects. I am also hoping to embrace some more fun experiences. I have experienced much in this amazing community and hope to experience much more in the future. Hopefully with time allowing a bit more. I enjoy building up a relationship and trust. I do ofcourse enjoy exhibiting control. Training submissives is my speciality, if you have any areas that you feel you need help in then I am sure we can find some fun ways to explore and build upon your skills. It is not so much about the kinks but about the person on the other end of the cane. I am hoping to find loyal and obedient submissives both new and experienced are welcome.
 Age: 32