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Hi, We are a superior dominant couple from Israel. My name is Master Dan and my girlfriend na
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We are a superior dominant couple from Israel. My name is Master Dan and my girlfriend name is Mistress Maya. We live in a large apartment in the center of Tel-Aviv. 

 I met Maya 2 years ago in a social event. We were immediately attracted to each other and we started dating. Our power balance was equal, she tried to overpower me and I tried to overpower her. We had great strong and long night of mind-blowing sex. 

 After two weeks when it was clear, we are into serious relation Maya told me about her craziest lifestyle. She was married for 5 years to a submissive person who she naturally dominated. Along the years, she started dating other guys and when her hubby tried to confront her she kicked him out and divorced him. 

 One year later the pathetic wimp called her and begged her to meet him. He told her that he exposed himself to one bitchy co-worker in the school he was a teacher. He totally lost it and sent her pics, clips, and shameful details of himself. The bitchy teacher drained him from all his money and asset and exposed him to others who worked with him. Unlucky for him he was hiding his true inferior nature and submissive tendencies by being an arrogant and cynical asshole so he wasn't very popular to say the least and he resigned from his work as a teacher and was left with nothing.

Maya was not surprised and she laughed her ass off when her ex started to beg her to take him back.

She agreed to let him stay but with the most shameful conditions:

1. He will be dressed as a sissymaid and be her full time slave.

2. He will be called tidi (tiny dick) and will be addressed as a female.

3. She will be tidi's owner and will have the sissy acceptance in writing to punish, rent, expose and humiliate, as she likes.

4. Sissy tidi will be locked in a chastity belt and will be allowed to play with his very miniature so called dick only when she or any other that she decides to involve will give permission. Any complaining or begging to be unlocked will cause 2 months delay. 

5. Sissy tidi will be working as a house cleaner for any of Maya's friends. Some of them know sissy tidi from the time he was Maya's hubby and some are his own former friends who watched sissy tidi begging them to use her in a party that I am sure tidi won't forget. 

some new amazing changes. tidi's stuck up bitch sister came to our flat trying to save her family name and reputation but ended as her older wimpy brotger - she is now our own slave and she is waiting for my sister to arrive from abroad to meet her and she is going to be the main attraction at her pool party with all her friends from high school should see her like she is now - white, naked, slave for her betters


I wanted to meet the sissy slave at once. And would you believe, how strange can life be, I knew the person very well. We were neighbors when we were children and our parents are good friends. I know sissy tidi sister and my younger sister knows sissy tidi well because he was teaching her private lessons and was always lecturing her of how to behave and that she will get nowhere if she doesn't listen to him. 


Luckily, she didn't listen so she is living her life fully and she was invited over many times to have some good laughs and she spanked sissy tidi while lecturing her till sassies' ass was red and blue and tears of shame and pain trickled from tidi'es eyes.


I moved in with Maya and we live together. We are both have demanding careers so we love the fact that we own a full time sissymaid to live in comfort.


Right now we are looking for friends, like minded couples and singles and we surely going to take sissy tidi's life to a new level of self-acceptance and some extreme shaming who we both really turned on by.


Feel free to contact us. 


Master Dan

Journal Entries:
8/2/2015 11:42:07 PM
Hello what do you say about this?? Hello Miss Lenchik, This is your history teacher Mr Vernik and you best friend's step dady. My owners Miss Gal and Master Dan allowed me to share with you my true status. i live as a sissymaid slave to the superior couple. After Miss Shilo divorced me I became thier sissy maid. i beg you to use me as your sissymaid slave at your upcoming birthday party and show me to everyone from school, family and Miss Shilo family.

7/21/2015 9:33:01 PM
My sissymaid tidi is crying all day.
As usual he went for his weekly maid service to Miss Gal, my nice neighbour and a former student of sissy who caught him and handeld him to me.
She realy been hard on the wimp and he back talked her so after spanking sissy infront of her friend who just wanted to see sissy dance while she picture him, she wanted to do the worst shame ever for a loser teacher and husband and man.
I couldnt resist her wickdness and my man went along so sissy is in biggg trouble :)

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