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Circumstances have changed. I am now renting and am interested in renting a house with two service oriented submissives when my lease is up in the spring.

I am a domme with 20 years of experience, some of it professional, and plenty of equipment. I know what I am doing and can fulfill your fantasies if they are compatible with mine.

Here are the requirements

--Residence in the DC/MD/VA area. Relocation is too difficult.

--Enjoyment of domestic servitude (that means housework and yard work not flitting around in a maid outfit)

--reasonable expectations for the time and attention you will receive from me

--kinks compatible with mine

--Eagerness or at least willingness to suck cock and be fucked for my amusement

If you are looking for a romantic relationship - girlfriend - wife, do not waste my time and yours.

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 Age: 29