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Strict Older Master with over 10 years of experience exploring the bdsm lifestyle. Single and financially secure. Live alone and work from home for myself. Seeking a live-in long term 247365 slave girl, preferably a sex and domestic slave.

I seek ownership of a slave girl much younger than myself. I enjoy the sadistic side of bdsm and have experience in hard and extreme bondage, torture, confinement and humiliation.

A slave who regards herself as simply a play for a Master, to be treated as nothing more than fuckmeat, a cumdump, a maso plaything would be best matched to me. Must be a slave who is happy to work inside the home as she will have 247365 slave duties to per. All aspects of her life will be controlled by me.

I like to explore the kinky, bizarre, extreme and taboo areas. I am totally open minded.

I dont seek a girlfriend or romantic type relationship - I seek purely ownership of an for my use, pleasure and enjoyment.

Simply ask me if you want further ination about me - Im happy tell you whatever you want to know if you have an interest in me...