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Hetero Male Submissive, 33,  Colchester, United Kingdom
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Dear Goddess, Thank you for taking the time to consider me. It has been a long lasting dream and fantasy of mine to serve a woman who is naturally dominant. It has been very arousing to read some of the profiles of the wonderful females who are in touch with their dominant potential. I am a supporter of female supremacy, not just in a sexual sense, but because feminine wisdom is divine and will have to be utilised to turn some of our world's problems around. Let's face it, the patriarchal establishments are a bane to our beautiful planet and its inhabitants. After yourself, the most important Goddess is the earth. She provides everything we need to, and I am eternally grateful. Currently, I am renting a room in a nice enough area and am reasonably contented, but to be lucky enough to be invited to serve a woman in a devoted 24/7, TPE relationship, I would sell or give away my things so all to be able to hop on the train with my just my suitcase and my guitar (which I play very well) on my way to what is my destiny. I would love to write lots of beautiful songs for the special woman I would be so deeply devoted to. Also, I would be able to get a regular job near to you if needs be, to contribute to anything I possibly could financially as well as in terms of domestic and sexual devotion. I adore tending orally with my tongue. If I get a slightly stiff neck after 20 minutes of this type of servitude then it's worth it to have pleased you. I will devote every fibre of my being. I have lots of kinks and fantasies, but would rather not divulge those here. I'm willing to disclose upon enquiry, but nothing extreme. Although, I'm not one to judge and am open to new ideas, especially if my special loving Goddess sees it as a good thing. I am a very handy person and am multi-skilled, love gardening, not a bad cook, and take a great pride in job satisfaction and like to learn how to improve ways in which I could be of service to you. For example, go on a massage therapy course... I would never risk lying about myself or uploading false photos. It's totally wrong and I would be dismissed if I was found out to have lied about my self and my body and that would be a shocking waste of my time and yours. I am deeply committed to this destiny. I am entirely genuine and am happy to converse by phone or webcam. Thanks for your time. x x












 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

A Poly Household


 Art Galleries


 Bird Watching



 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales

 Going to the Opera

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