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First let me introduce myself, I am Dedicated2U4Ever I am looking for a dominant female. My preference is pft and/or marriage. I will relocate, share my residence with you as summer/winter and/or with the right match i will meet your demands how we reside. i am not a doormat. However, again, depending on our connection i am open to being Your domestic but with normal vanilla social interactions. With the right woman it's all up for discussion and finding common ground. You will be surprised of your benefits. I am a fit and attractive man that craves a submissive position but without exception I am not looling for a polyamorous situation and will not participate with other males. My preference is with a big beautiful Woman and I do not care about your ethnic, racial, religous or not preferences. I am interested in the Woman, first. i don't do Internet control. I am an all adorining submissive. My hard limits are polyamous, cuck, masocism and anything illegal. I am an experienced submissive. Respect is always given by me. I AM REAL and commited to the d&s realm.

The past 24 hours were very frustrating. I made some minor edits to my profile and my changes were declined with a message to refer to the TOS. The TOS is a lengthy legal CYA document. What is frustrating and not very customer service oriented is that an explanation of what specifically (what specific word or phrase that I used) the violation of the TOS was. I have since requested an explanation and we'll see what happens. 

My updated profile were a few preferences and clarifications of my search. For example,

- I own a home free and clear and am open to relocation either way or maintaining summer & winter residences.

- BBW are a preference...........btw, there are multiple ways to define a BBW

- A social element is important and how that is executed is up for discussion. I am flexible.

- A d&s elements is important and how that is executed is up for discussion. I am flexible.

Hopefully this enhances and clarifies my updated, rather lame profile. 


After a few exchanges I sure found an insensitive phony. 

I see that multiple Dominant Women lament about hit and run submissive males that send very brief messages and then disappear. 

These Dominant Women should know that it is not exclusive to gender. In the past 2 weeks I've exchanged messages with what I thought were serious inquiries. The jury is out on 2 as they very well could be busy with other issues, but 4 have been totally unresponsive after an initial exchange. Not even the courtesy of 'we are not a match' or 'I will get back to you later' or a myriad of legitimate excuses. But nonetheless, not even a courtesy message. 

Oh well, let's see what comes of the other two and maybe new prospaspects on the horizon. 


I currently can send any messages because I edited my profile and it requires an approval. 

My updated test.


== Results from == 

100% Rope bunny 

94% Slave 

93% Degradee 

92% Submissive 

80% Experimentalist 

70% Primal (Prey) 

56% Pet 

35% Masochist

35% Vanilla 

27% Exhibitionist 

8% Voyeur 

4% Sadist 

1% Rigger 

1% Brat 

0% Non-monogamist 

0% Daddy/Mommy 

0% Ageplayer 

0% Brat tamer 

0% Degrader 

0% Dominant 

0% Boy/Girl 

0% Master/Mistress 

0% Owner 

0% Primal (Hunter) 

0% Switch 


i am on the look again. A new search for the Mistress of my dreams. It is very frustrating to have not seen the potential relationship with Mistress Leslie and Minerva play out and i wish them well hoping they find the relationship that will make them happy. 

I wanted to give this a day or two and think it all through. i thought this was a tremendous opportunity for a new life style and life. It was. Unfortunately, infedelity took it's toll between my two dominants and one was not loyal to the other. i do not take sides as i do not know all of the details but i wish them both well. Nobody has chased me away but i have no sense that they will continue together as a couple. So on that note i will pursue a stable environment. Wish me well. 

Day 4.

This is not the day that i could anticipate. Both Mistress Leslie and Minerva seem to be such a good fit for each other. Without getting into details, one of them apparently had been cheating with another woman and got caught. i was asked to go home but suggested that i take a day (i went to a hotel for the night) and see how things play out after a night's sleep. 

There's also a lot for me to think about now. Even if things are worked out between the two of them, is this going to be a risk to move into. Life is never easy. 

Let's see what tomorrow brings. 

Day 3

It was only a matter of time before Mistress Leslie got into action. She was very critical of everything that i was doing. i suspected this was in part a test to see how i would react but also her right to demand things done the way she wants them to be done. i found that apoligizing only led to punishment. Mistress Leslie likes to use the crop. Being disciplined and punished is not enjoyable and is definetly not something that i pursue but it is my place to take it and improve my service for both of my Dommes. 

Everything else aside i think this is going well and is looking like something that i would enjoy. Both Mistress Leslie and Minerva are wonderful Dominants and leaders. i'm enjoying serving them and learning from them.


Day 2 continued

i should have prefaced my journal by saying that this is not going to a spank and tell about specific details. i wouldn't do that sexually and do not think it is appropriate. my intention is to simply provide an update and a sense of how things are going. i would be happy to answer any questions one on one to anyone who thinks they can benefit from this experience or has some curiosities. i'm also open to the benefit of Your experience or advice as i move forward with this journey. 

Upon Mistress Leslie and Mistress Mineva's return from work they thoroughly inspected my work and seemed pleased although there wasn't much feedback other than to tell me a few preferences that they have with the layout of the kitchen. i was informed that the kitchen was my area to work in and not my domain. From there i was ordered to follow Mistress Minerva to their bedroom. my first encounter of discipline training was underway.Miss Minerva told me to stand in front of body length mirror, pull down my panties and life up my dress. Miss Minerva told me to take a good look and that my ass will never look the same again. She laughed. i then received a lengthy spanking over her lap. She wears a heavy glove and lubricates it with vaseline. it hurt. a lot. Miss Minerva then ordered me to my room. Mistress Leslie was waiting there with a crop. She slapped me aroud  pretty good and then ordered me spread eagle against the wall. My already hurting ass was beat down with the crop. It hurt. i cried. The last time i cried i was a young teenager. She laughed and told me to get myself together as there will be more to come. 

i went downstrairs and turned the tv on to watch some sports. Miss Minerva walked into the room and quite forcefully told me that there won't be anymore sports for me on tv and ordered me to change to the Hallmark network. 


Too good to be true. We began day 1 of our 1 week trial.  i will admit i was very nervous. Afterall, almost anything could happen. i did take appropriate precautions to track my whereabouts. i arrived late in the evening.

After being given the tour  i go to my quarters, actually a guestroom. i began my responsibilities almost immediately and put my attention to the kitchen. A little organization before i start my first full day. There wasn't a lot to do. The home was well maintained and quite orderly. I'm still not sure what to expect and go to my room. It sounded like everyone was in bed so i thought it might be appropriate to do the same an expect a full day tomorrow. i had a hard time falling asleep wondering, nervious (still) and anticipating.

Day 2, having not slept much it was about 6:00 a.m. when i went to the kitchen and made some modest preparations for breakfast. Once i heard Leslie and Minerva i approached them and asked them what i could make them for breakfast. Nothing. They were going out. But i was presented with a gift. A maid uniform. It was standard, nothing racey or sexy. i thanked them and was told to put it on. i went to my room and did. When i returned they were quite pleased although Leslie suggested enhancng my bust and laughed. Other than that it was all business. i was ordered to their bathroom and bedroom to clean up after them and when finished then to begin dusting and cleaning the home. They returned less than an hour later and informed me they were going to work and will be back at the end of the day. There weren't any specific orders other than to go to work myself. 

To be continued.....


The meeting has taken place and it is difficult to contain my emotions yet have a level of uncertainty. Here are the takeaways from our meeting. i lose my rights in the household 24/7 and will have to be totally submissive to both Leslie and Manerva. All domestic duties are my responsibility 24/7. Minimum i am to expect 4 days per week to be totally feminzied. That includes on and off premises. That is something that i have never done. I am also to be totally loyal to Leslie and Manerva. They made it clear any cheating, filandering  or even flirting would be cause for retrobution and possible termination of the relationship. They are loyal to each other. Leslie states she has no interest in a sexual relationship with me and my role with her is as her submissive, domestic and used at her discretion. I didn't receive much of a clarification on that and somehow think there is more than meets the eyes. Manerva will use me for her satisfaction both sexually and otherwise. They stated that Leslie may choose to observe. Next step, they want me to visit for one week at their home and experiment. They also said that if they feel this could work out they would consider relocating to Florida with me. No time table has been set for the 1 week visit. 


I would be interested in any opinions or feedback from the community. 






After conversing (not con-ver-say-ting) with a prospective Dominant (not on collarspace) i was offered the opportunity to meet for drinks. Cutting to the chase, i was surprised when 2 women were before me. i thought maybe this was a security thing and was cool with it. However, i quickly learned that this is a lesbian couple and was confused why i was summoned. We learned a lot about what we were pursuing in the bdsm world and expanded on our conversations of the past. OK cool. They asked if we could meet again and as i did not see any harm and did enjoy the conversation we agreed to meet for dinner in a week.

Fast forward a week. They were questioning me about my preferences and specifically about feminization. So i was asked how far i would go. i said that at home it is realistic to be totally domesticated and feminized but still wanted to maintain my manly extra carricular activities. At the same time i am very much straight. There isn't any desire on my part to engage with males. What i didn't expect was would i be prepared to serve a lesbian couple. Something i never thought about and wouldn't know what to expect. Afterall, who specifically am i serving? What sexual benefit would there be for me? Is this just a short term fantasy? There were so many more questions and a lot to think about. Are they serious or just having fun. Over the next 2 weeks we met 4 more times. This was serious. 

From my perspective, some of the takeaways were that they did not have any desire for a threesome but wanted to use me at their leisure, individually. Their relationship with each other was paramount. My primary role is house bitch. Domestic duties would be my total responsibility. Totally submissive and a redefined slave. No rights, no sexual expectations but i must be totally faithful. i almost wanted to ask for a test week to experience what they perceived as how this relationship would play out. But i thought i should keep my place and if it were something they suggested then it would be an opportunity to consider.

Now i've been told to take a timeout and think about this and realize that if all of us move forward there isn't going to be any turning back. So we will reconvene in two weeks. More to come.........i hope. 

Doesn't it seem silly that when we make a few grammatical edits or delete a few sentences from our profiles that we have to wait multiple days for an approval to send messages!!!!!

The search goes on. We thought we were close to that relationship. A second kick at the cat answered the questions that needed to be answered. This ongoing long search has taught me many things but preeminnetly DON'T RUSH INTO ANYTHING. Of course there have been many times when I've been dismissed because I didn't act fast enough or as fast as expected by some parties. That will be the price to pay for as close to certainty as one can get.

I am a submissive with needs too. They are not the priority in the relationship but they do need to be addressed to make the relationship work. These are not demands or do-me's but rather, they are the other part of a good match that makes a permanent relationship work. 

The search goes on.  

So i had what i thought were 2 very positive interactions that i thought either could have lead towards a potential permanent relationship. 

One was with a nice enough lady that was looking looking for what could lead to a marital relationship but yet, sexless. It sounded to me that this was all about having a slave and someone to show off in her vanilla situations. It made more sense for me to step away that waste both our time pursuing something that wasn't workable. It was disappoiniting to have her lash out, but oh well. 

The other opportunity was sad. i was very excited with our conversations and potential. This was a much more  intelligent and beautiful woman. Our discussions were personable and at times amusing. We clicked in many areas. The potential here was much more further along as we Zoomed and spoke directly. Her patience with me developed into trust. There were so many positives but in the end i was rebuked because i would not take a stand on politics and religion. i've had enough conforntation and controversey in life and no longer interested in having to debate beliefs. But again, better to know now than later.

There search goes on. Chalk all of this up to wonderful learning experiences.





The 'dirty secret' of my submissiveness is not relegated only to the bedroom. This does not mean that i am looking to walk down the street being lead on a leash but i am not aware of a bdsm panic button that is turned off and on at will. The Domme i seek lives Her dominance over me and not simply for the convenience of service. Take me and mold me. Teach me Your ways, wants and desires. But know that i am here for You because of the submissiveness which comes with feminization that i have chosen and is part of me. Also note, feminization absolutely does not mean bi.

Your power and control is embraced and respected. i surrender to You.  i do not seek punishment and humiliation, it is a way of life. Serving You is the blood that runs though my veins. 


Contrary to so many profiles, there are good Dominant Women here who are patient, observational and giving one the benefit of the doubt. It's not about being in a hurry or rushing into a relationship. It's about finding the right match. 

i've served 6 Dominant Women. Four were larger Women 300 lbs+. The other 2 were defintely BBW's. The outside world is nuts. My persepctive is if i have found a wonderful, amazing Woman, in or out of bdsm why wouldn't i want more of Her. i wouldn't want it any other way. Case closed. 

I am a submissive. Respectful of Women and in particular Dominant Women. I am not the last submissive who turned you off, tried to top you from the bottom, disrespected you, was looking for a quick fix, a session or tried to play you.

If You've interacted with me You now know that i am conversational, polite and looking for a real relationship. 

My profile is based on an explanation of my interests, what i have to offer and a positive approach. i do not delve in what i am not looking for, don't want or venting about past bad experiences. 

i am here to serve the next Great Dominant Woman................for life.

This has been a very interesting week. i've been very fortunate and privileged to have received several inquiries from some very elite dominant females. It is unfortante that i can't get past an initial inquiry for many of them because of my preferance to not engage in a polyamorous relationship or want/need to be feminized/dressed. Clearly i do not engage with males and am very hetro. Permitted sex with my domme's of the past has been a big part of my lifestyle. 

i sincerely hope the very nice ladies who have contacted me understand my preferences and for anyone else it is important to note that once we get past these minimal hard limits and preferences we can properly move forward with my being in total submissiveness and following orders. Because i am looking for a permanent long term relationship (marriage or otherwise) it is important to be totally transparent with expectations and preferences that will better enable the longevity for us. 

Current situation, being considered for service, relationship, etc. - none; prospects-none; current conversations-none; received inquiries/feelers-none; recent meetings-2

Today I met with a very nice and confident Domme. It was a cordial and informative meeting. Quite enjoyable. Unfortunately I will not participate in a polyamorous environment and is one of my very few hard limits. As a result I fail the meeting. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Early returns and commentary on my most recent exploit in attempting to find a new Domme:

 "You are an idiot. You don't go to someone's home immediately after they just slapped you out in public."

"Use better judgement."

"You're giving credibility to someone that doesn't deserve it."

"You were one step away from impersonating George Costanza."

"Desperate and insecure."

"Stupid, stupid, stupid."

"You are an embarassment."

"This didn't happen."

"For your protection did you let anyone know where you were going. Do a better job of thinking next time."


Thank you Ladies

I applied to serve a Dominant Woman. Although i failed the interview i was ordered to report in my journal a specific incident that took place and the action that she took.

We sat in a Starbucks and engaged in q&a. Actually she engaged in Q and i responded with the a's. During the conversation she used the word 'conversate'  to which i corrected her. One can experience intimidation a number of ways and as i saw her eyes swell with anger and sensed the steam coming from her ears and nostrils i knew i had done something terrible and stupid. She asked me what size underwear i wear and responded large. She then ordered me to the walmart across the street to purchase a woman's size medium pink panties and had 15 minutes to accomplish it. i retured 22 minutes later but accomplished the purchase. However, Mistress stood up and forcefullly and angirly announced 'i told you 15 minutes and you come back here 22 minutes later. WHERE ARE THE PANTIES. i hestitated. She repeated even louder, WHERE ARE THE PANTIES. i pulled them out of the bag and She snagged them and held them up screaming,  YOU DEFIANT BITCH, YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM AND PUT THEM ON NOW and then slapped my face. i was beet red, embarassed and humiliated. Some people were laughing, some were holding it back others were just shocked. And then she repeated it. i was on the brink of tears. 

Last night i received a phone call and was yelled at for not having posted the events that took place.

With my most sincere apologies i am sorry for having corrected this Dominant Woman. i am very sorry. 

Against the parameters that i set for myself i agreed to meet a Domme. We had multiple chats, seemed to click and were on the same page with our pursuits. We are very local to each other. Mistress Sonya told me she wanted to meet me or the chats will end. The meeting at a local Dunkin. Fortunately it was pretty much empty. The conversation went well and from my perspective i was very impressed with Mistress Sonya. Intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable, personable, attractive and physically well let's say at 5' 10" 325 lbs yes she would dominate me in more ways than immaginable. Then she said she was taking me  home with her for further assessment. I responded, 'on our first meeting.' That was met with a slap aross my face and informed to do as I'm told and not how others do things. My sense told me ok do this and I did.

Less than 10 minutes later we arrived. We entered her home and she told me to sit down. A few minutes later she returned and ordered me to take off all of my clothes and stand in the corner. I felt I had two options #1 leave or #2 obey. I opted for obey. It seemed like forever but was probably about 15-20 minutes when she returned with a dress and told me to put it on. I did. She adjusted the dress and ruffled the sleeves into place. She took a few steps back and looked at me saying 'I think you will work out.' She asked me a bunch of questions and then told that I could leave now with the dress on or in my own clothes. I opted to put my clothes back on and put the dress back on its hanger. Mistress Sonya then said she will call me when she's ready. 


It's been 4 days. I haven't heard anything or received a reply to my messages. I'm reaching out to the community for opinions.

It's been an interesting December for me at CS. There have been some positive interactions in addition to the usual inquiries and outs. i have limited expectations, am methodical and quite deliberate with my search. When one has been catfished twice you learn and for it to happen again would be an indictment on what little intellect i possess. The search goes on.

I've noticed that submissive males have been criticized for repeatedly viewing the same profiles. Not all of us are trolling or participating in solo gratification. There are some of us who do not take notes or have impeccable recall of each members profile. Sometimes we do not even realize that (especially if there isn't an image on the main page) if your page has been previously been viewed. If I've viewed your profile multiple times its not because I'm getting off on something.