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Hetero Male Slave, 28,  Alabama, Alabama
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I 'm looking for a fem slave and a Master Mistress or Couple that will during 1 week will torture us without limits untill death by the end of the month.

I will try to explain by telling about how I dream it would be day by day.

I will try to post day 1, 2 and maybe 3 now.

day 1

the fem slave and i arrive at where it all will take place signing any legal papers neccessarry and handing in our identitiepapers.

after this we stripped and beaten and finally dragged into a room full of people where they sentence us to death after one month torture, explaining how we both will receive the same torture at the same time

Then the slave and i are thrown into a dark windowless cell where we spent the night, enjoying the last time we would ever have sex, making love with amazing passion.

Day 2

Much too soon the day would come it all would start.

we would be dragged to cold dark room. Once in we were forced to kneel while one of the men took our right hand pressing it against a table while raising a kitchen axe chopping of 4 fingers.

Then our hands were pressed into a bucket of acid, to stop the bleeding.

Suddenly we would find ourselves surrounded by a large group of men that would fuck, humilate and abuse us till 5 in the evening...

The following 7 hours we were whipped and tortured with electricity for ours, the tortures concentrating on our genitals.

Untill finally it was over and we were thrown in a cell together waiting for the next day to start at 6 in the morning.











 Male Slave



 5' 6"






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