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I represent 50, give or take, of a relatively recently opened marriage. Ive been around the block, but have a lot of room to explore.

My oldest and fondest kink is bondage. Tying, strapping, chaining, locking, and ziptying are good, clean fun from any angle. One of my hobbies, aside from collecting and using restraints is making them. I fabricated a yoke by request for a friend, and since then, Ive made collars, harnesses, spreader bars, and other dungeon irons from mild steel, both by request and for our own use. I love the patina and surface rust they acquire, and their sturdiness makes them timeless and intimidating even before theyre fastened on.

Otherwise, Im a sucker for varying types of pain and humiliation play, and have enjoyed being both a whipping boy and footstool in the past. Sometimes, you might find plugs, beads, dildos, or carrots in my ass, and Ive been known to spend a few weeks in chastity now and then. Im not a hardcore lifestyle player, but I try to kink early and often, and even if Im not on all fours with my puppy hood and tail plug or doing dishes in my maid outfit, Ill at least be working around the farm or house in a dog collar or cuffs or hiding a bra and panties under my jeans.

Im always up for making new friends, usually open to talking to potential play partners, and recent experience indicates we might even like to go a round or three with another bull. Feel free to say hi!

It snowed about half of the day today.  I think we need a refund for May.

Warm weather's finally here to stay for a bit, I do believe.  Ah, road construction season in PA has begun!

Love a rainy night, but the rainy days are starting to get a bit old.