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Hetero Male Dominant, 40,  North Carolina
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Strict but loving Daddy seeks his very special little one.

Come play with Daddy... Let him touch you in that special way that only Daddy does... It will be our little secret.











 Dominant Male

 North Carolina

 5' 11"

 205 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive female

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Women

 Lives For:

 Anal Play

 Breast Play

 Corner Time

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control







 Role Playing



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Journal Entries:
4/23/2010 11:08:30 PM

The car was stuffy, overpacked and hot as we drove. I'm Lena, and this summer was the summer that I moved in with Dad.

My mother ran off and left me alone with my grandmother I loved my grandmother dearly but as my Aunt said "An eighteen year old should not be straining a woman with a heart condition." I missed grandma lots but I mainly thought about my former boyfriend, Ty, as we drove through the flat Alberta countryside. She wouldn't trust me with her car.

Ty loved to kiss my thick lips and cuddle me close (I'm thinking this was to feel my full breasts) but I never let him go any farther. I've always been self conscious, everyone tells me there's no reason to considering I'm "gorgeous." I guess I'm okay standing at 5'7 with large green eyes and dark brown hair like my Dad's, I inherited full hips and nice proportions from my Mom.

I noticed we were getting closer and closer to Dad's place as I saw his farm up ahead...I haven't seen him for so long...will he like me?.

"Don't worry honey your father is a nice man, it's good you get to know him," my Aunt said slowing down the car.

"I hope I will..." I glanced towards the looming building noticing my father on the step.

My Dad was a fairly chubby man, he was balding but had a nice set of strong arms from his work on the farm. I still remember hugging him and inhaling his rich spicy aroma. I got out of the car delicately placing a sandaled foot on to the dusty ground as he rushed forward and held me in his arms, I was shocked by the speed of this event, but was happy he made the first move.

There it was...that smell musky and full..his body still felt portly but somehow it was soothing feeling his hands grip agains my back.

"Honey..I missed you so much...I-I-I always wanted to see you again you know after your Mom took you away but she wouldn't let me..." His eyes filled with tears as he quickly kissed my forehead.

"I know Dad I know..." I held him tighter not realizing my breasts were pressing into his soft belly.

"Let's go inside and catch up on things." He smiled at me and led me in as my Aunt drove off in the distance.

I walked in and was surprised by the mess this place was, there were dirty clothes piled all over and everything was scattered.

"Sorry about the mess," he looked down quickly, "I was so busy with the farm you know..." I smiled at him forgivingly.

"Dad I'm kinda tired actually could I just go to bed and we can catch up tomorrow?" I asked.

"Okay sweety I ordered a bed for you but it isn't here yet so you may aswell sleep on the couch for now." He gestured toward the blue chesterfield piled with blankets and a pillow. "Sweet dreams.." with that he left me alone.

I took off my shirt...his spicy smell was on it..I quickly inhaled it and traced it to my breasts..noticing how hard my nipples were..I can't think like that...he's my Dad. So then I began to think of Ty...his muscled body..I should of let him fuck me...I wanted him to ravage me like an animal but I didn't have the guts..I turned out the lights and slid off my panties running my finger up and down the length of my wet slit..I thought of Ty's hard cock pushing in and out of my tight cunt until I came so hard I kicked my leg out knocking over a pile of Dad's clothes.

I quickly went to go pile them up and noticed a pair of his boxers. I tried to stop myself...but there was a stain on the dark blue was stiff by now but it was a thick white stain...Daddy's cum...I absentmindedly pick them up and smelled them...mmm they smelled like Daddy, I began to rub them against my pussy. I suddenly realised what I was doing and stuffed them beneath my pillow in embarrassment. It was then I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of Daddy making breakfast...he was only wearing a pair of his boxers..and I was wearing the nightie I outgrew a few years ago...but I couldn't let go of it.

"Morning Sunshine," he said smiling at me.." morning Dad." He looked down at the pancakes and said, "there's something we need to talk about." I looked at him a bit worried..

"Honey I watched you last night while you were sleeping, I saw you play with my boxers..."

"I'm I'm sorry!!!," I blushed deeply.

"What I meant to say was---"

"I'm sorry!" I intruded again.

"Lena!," he yelled.

"Yes Dad..." I said looking at the floor. That was when he grabbed me and slipped his tounge between my lips...feeling every corner of my mouth, I instinctively pushed my pelvis against him..noticing a hard bulge in his boxers...

"C'mon honey get down on your knees and do what I know you want to do.." he looked at me full of lust and I knew what he wanted.

I traced my hand over the fabric tracing the outline of his cock and quickly pulled down his was huge, 9 inches and thick around. "Mmmm Daddy..." I grabbed his trobbing organ and sucked on the head, my other hand rubbing his balls..

"Mmmmm baby yessss....." I took more in while he moaned and rocked his hips farther and farther until I had his whole nine inches down my throat..I sucked harder and harder tasting his lips were getting puffy and swollen and his cock was soooo hard...

"Babyyyy yessss I'm cumming....!" Suddenly my mouth filled with my Daddy's seed..he tasted so good..a little bit dripped from the corner of my mouth...and wanted some of this in my pussy....

"Fuck that was good, how about you become Daddy's little whore Lena? would you like that?" He pulled me up to my knees and rubbed my hard pussy tingled at his words..

"Yes Daddy...take me!" He grabbed my arm and threw me onto his bed and pinned me down kissing my neck and working his way down to suck on my nipples...I moaned into his ear....

"Oh Daddy I love you..." I arched my back in pleasure. "You'll love me more once I'm done..." he quickly thrust his head between my legs as he licked and licked at my pink cunt my swollen clit throbbing with every lick...then he began to rub his fingers in and out of my tight hole..I felt my body begin to shake...

"Oh Daddy I'm cumminnggg! your little whore is cumming!" I writhed around as an orgasm racked my lithe body with pleasure.

Daddy licked his lips and rubbed his thick cock, it was hard again and oozing precum,...."spread your legs for Daddy..." I spread my long slender legs and he thrust into me. I stung and began to bleed, but then it felt soooo good, he was so thick and slid eaily with our juices...Daddy's hips slammed into me nice and slow...his balls slapping against me...

"You want it hard baby?" he asked his voice a husky whisper.

"Yes!!!" with that he fucked my harder and harder his fat prick making it to the end of my tight pussy while he moaned and once and awhile bent down to kiss me this time he whispered in my ear..."Daddy is gonna shoot his hot seed into his baby's belly now,...does my whore like that?"

"Mmmm yessss" with that Daddy went at me like mad grabbing my hips and forcing his way into me. Then I felt it...his hot seed pouring into me as he moaned and slowed his irratic thrusting, I came again moaning loudly. He pulled out and a big string of cum dripped on to my pussy.

"Who are you baby?" he whispered into my ear laying a kiss onto my neck. "I'm daddy's slut." I moaned feeling his limp shaft. "That's right." He fell on top of me, his fat body covering me with his sweat and stench as we lied on his cum covered sheets and caught our breath.

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