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Hetero Male Dominant, 37,  United Kingdom
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Greetings to all and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am not new to collarme although this is a new profile for me. I promise you that all messages will be answered, even if it is to say that I am not interested in your offer, so you should not be hesitant to contact me. Although I am open to a lot of different possibilities, as a kinky, strict, demanding and yet caring master I seek something very special. I seek a girl or girls to serve and please me in life. I do not seek only bdsm playmates/toys although you will certainly be my toy. I seek a girl, ideally girls, to please and serve me in all aspects of life and I do not distinguish between vanilla and bdsm in how you serve me so neither should you. There is a way to behave in vanilla and a way to behave in private. I do not flaunt or parade this lifestyle in vanilla/public, I do not pretend to be a pimp or "gangsta" I simply want to enjoy life as I believe any man would want it, being pampered, pleased and served by my girl(s). I own you simply because I expect and demand your service. I do not think myself better than you, but I do think your place is on your knees serving me. I am not cruel or evil and not interested in hurting you although some little pain is unavoidable as my toy. You should be looking for guidance, looking to be controlled in life and looking for a purpose, looking for someone to serve and someone to worship. You will want to be made into my perfect girl and you realise that to attain this goal you must give yourself 100% to me with no shyness and no hesitation. You will be a good girl, really an angel, but with a real slutty side to you that you want me to bring out of you. I am interested in your submission, your desire to be controlled and your willingness to please me in every way possible. I do not set a minimum or maximum age, and I do not mind if you are tall or skinny, big breasted or flat chested, etc etc, I have no ideal "type" that I am interested in although physical attraction is very important to me. If your profile does not include a face/body picture then I will expect you to send me one when you message me. I will respond to all messages but those with photos get prioritised. I am interested in anything from one girl, to a poly household with several girls. Talk to me, get to know me and find out how you can serve me and how I will make you my perfect woman. I am only interested in girls from EU countries or indeed anyone who can legally live and work within the EU. Under no circumstances will I consider sending anyone money so dont waste your time if money is what you are after. I hope you will not be shy to get to know me, so just say "hi", or even better, tell me something real about yourself, about your experiences and how you think you can serve me. Peace










Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 5' 8"

 209 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
7/6/2011 6:37:11 PM

I notice that someone has added me as a favourite user, but I cannot see who you are.


Please dont be shy and come and say hello. I dont bite... much.  :-)


Hugs and peace all round (particularly in Lybia - they seem to need it more).

5/7/2011 7:41:03 AM


Not sure why I am getting so many views from other dominants?


Hope more subs would be less shy and would say hi if they find profile interesting.


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