Vertical Line


Yes, I am only looking for those that are little. I don't mean underage, but those little girls that are looking for an online Daddy. Age is unimportant, though I am attracted to those younger than me. Could it progress to more later? That could happen. If you are interested, please let me know. Your photo gets mine.
Allow me to rant....In case the obvious has been lost on you, not everyone wants to use the crappy messaging here on CS. Some want to use Yahoo IM. Some use kik. And Skype too. The others don't care or like it on here. So if I ask if you prefer to use one of the other methods, don't automatically assume I am trying to get your top secret information on my quest for world domination. Truthfully I just like to have a conversation without constantly refreshing my screen. It is annoying when the person you thought was worth holding a real conversation with suddenly disappears. If you don't want to use another messenger, just say so. No need to. disappear.