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I am seeking an affectionate female submissive, for play or intense relationship, preferably a long-term one. I like girls who are younger than me. Like most men I am a Dom by nature but am sincere, kind, considerate, accommodating, and compassionate. I have respect for women and aim to please my female partner. I am not into cruelty and pain. I am firm, uninhibited, and adventurous; but at the same time flexible, humorous, gentle, and successful; with the ability to have fun and take care of my friend/partner.

I am clean, highly educated (graduate degree) drug-free, and do not drink or smoke but immensely like everything else in life. I am well-educated and financially comfortable. Contact me only if you are sincere in establishing a relationship; otherwise let us not waste our time. We may start with friendship and over time progress into a sexual relationship. I am intensely interested in sex with my sub and a lot of it. I have no children or emotional ties with anyone at this time.

I will take care of any expenses related to our relationship.

I am demanding and will punish you if you misbehave, light spanking only nothing cruel. If after reading my profile you have any questions, I will answer all of them honestly and will provide a picture if asked. .

If interested in exploring possibilities, contact me but please do not invite for a chat on messenger unless we agree before hand.