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Hetero Male Dominant, 30,  Pennsylvania
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Daddy Dom type with a type A personality, micromanaging, controlling side!

For brownie points and prove that my enitre profile was read, catch the OBVIOUS speilling error!!!!!!!

I am an educated man who is a frim beliver in male superiority and that woman should be woman. I belive in progressive and real discipline and control. Some of my interests in BDSM include forced exercise, humiliation, forced prolonged nudity, and slut training. Please note that while I have some far out interests and am set in my ways, any "kinks" will depend on the dynamic and relationship, nothing is a must other than you being submissive, willing, and respectful. I only give one shot at at respect! If I write you, I expect a response and always of a respecrful nature. That is common courtesy. You will get a picture when I feel like giving one, not one minute before, so do not ask. One extra thing, you are the submissive, not I; your looks are more important than mine. What am I looking for on here? A female or couple that is submissive, knowing of her place. I would prefer a relationship, but will handle a play partner. I do like good conversation, but a yes Sir gets me happier. I have a fun loving, romantic side, which can be earned, of course. What I am not looking for? Crazy submissives who like playing games and want nothing more than proving how "smart" you think you are, shallow people, biggots, or online game players. I do want a slave or submissive to belong to me! If you write me first, please tel me a little about yourself, your expereince, limits, relationship desire, and any special needs. I will be fully honest with you, I have some requirements, that are not open to discussion:

  1. Be submissive or sub leaning switch
  2. Be female, passable TVTSTSG- (no sex will happen though), or a young couple. Cuckold couples of any age OK
  3. Be serious about what you seek and need
  4. be respectful, open, and willing to learn more
  5. be talkative to a point
  6. Be wiling to meet early on, I have a progression I go by--- 2-3 emails, IM or phone for a while, meet............................ If you stand me up or prove un-worthy there are no second chances
Be cautioned
  • It is my way or the highway
  • I DO CARE about what you need, feel, and think even
  • I DO NOT CARE about what you want
  • Discipline and punishments are MY decission
  • Rules and structure is at MY discretion
  • Never disrespect me
  • Spelling (for the msot part- and somewhat decent grammer)- I am OK with speilling issues as long as I don't get a headache from trying to read what you say
  • Married submissives are fine as are preggo and single mothers
  • Topping from the botom is punished promptly
  • Be ready to be controlled and pleasure me at once









Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 5' 5"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

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