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This account has been set up for one reason and one reason only .
I identify as a Daddy Dom.
I am simply looking for my lil girl. I just adore cute little ladies who yearn to be a Daddies girl.

I am looking for a close long term relationship with someone open minded , who has a good imagination and would enjoy being very very naughty with HER Daddy

I love foreplay, lots of kissing, lots of cuddles.
Ideally I am looking for a lil I could adore and who could adore me.
I would like us to be CLOSE and be able to talk about anything and everything.
I would like to really know and understand her and I would like my lil girl to tell me all the naughty secret thoughts she has about Daddy.
She can entertain me with stories and ideas that her naughty imagination dreams up,,,,,,,,,then we can have lots of fun ma3king her dreams come true.

I am not into pain, not into anything too out there nor trans. Sorry if it offends it is just my personal choice.
It is specifically an intense Daddy,,, lil girl relationship that I truly, deeply desire.
It may sound strange but I am particularly attracted to short girls,,,,,but you have to be of legal age

If you read my profile, if it matches your desires and if there is a chance you think we might just get on,,,,then please, please come and say Hello to Daddy.
If I do not reply swiftly it will probably be because my account has not been approved. This is a new profile, although Daddy has been searching for his adorable lil girl for a long time.
I have been let down a few times as most here on this site just cannot be honest.
I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
Should we start chatting, please be honest about who you are and what you desire.
Thank you.

You never know it just might be the start of a beautiful, loving relationship.