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This mature submissive man is committed to finding a strong Female-Led Relationship (FLR) where discipline is a cornerstone of their dynamic. He seeks a partner who not only embodies leadership but also values the mutual growth and fulfillment that come from embracing such a dyna
Dating Profile: Submissive Man Seeking FLR with Strong Discipline Attributes About Me: Hello there! I'm a devoted submissive man who believes in the power of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR). I thrive in a structured environment where clear expectations and firm discipline create harmony and growth. My deepest desire is to surrender to a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take control. Personality Traits:
  • Submissive: I find fulfillment in serving and obeying. Your happiness is my priority.
  • Respectful: Politeness and courtesy are second nature to me.
  • Patient: I understand the importance of waiting for commands and instructions.
  • Adaptable: I'm eager to learn and adjust to your preferences and desires.
  • Trustworthy: Your trust is sacred to me, and I will always strive to maintain it.
  • Discipline: I thrive in a structured environment with clear rules and consequences.
  • Service: I enjoy tasks that demonstrate my dedication and obedience.
  • Intellectual Stimulation: Engaging conversations and expanding my knowledge are essential to me.
  • Physical Fitness: Staying in shape helps me maintain the stamina and discipline required.
What I'm Looking For: I seek a strong, confident woman who embraces her dominance and understands the responsibility that comes with it. You are nurturing yet strict, guiding me with a firm hand towards mutual growth and fulfillment. Our relationship is built on trust, communication, and a shared understanding of our roles.

Don't underestimate the power of two humans in a long term FLR. the beauty that can fill ones soul. FLR marriage minded

to clarify, I am looking for an FLR not an FDR

happiness is your choice

Seeking Dominant Female for FLR with Discipline

I am a submissive male (sub) deeply committed to the principles of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR). My journey into submission has been one of self-discovery and growth, rooted in a genuine desire to surrender to a strong, dominant woman who embodies confidence, intelligence, and a nurturing yet firm hand.

I am respectful, obedient, and thrive on serving and pleasing. My submissive nature is complemented by a deep sense of loyalty and a willingness to devote myself entirely to the right woman. I value clear communication, honesty, and trust as foundational elements of any meaningful FLR.

I am seeking a dominant female who embraces her role naturally and confidently. She should possess a strong sense of self, decisive leadership qualities, and a genuine desire to mold and guide a submissive partner. Discipline, both physical and mental, is important to me as it reinforces our roles and strengthens our connection.

I envision a relationship where my dominant partner sets clear expectations and boundaries, and I eagerly strive to meet and exceed them. I thrive in an environment where rules are enforced with loving discipline, helping me grow and evolve under her guidance. I seek a deep emotional connection that transcends the physical, grounded in mutual respect and admiration

As a submissive, I offer unwavering devotion, loyalty, and a commitment to fulfilling my partner's needs and desires. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing I am pleasing my dominant and contributing to her happiness and fulfillment. I am open to exploring and adapting to her preferences, ensuring our dynamic evolves in a way that satisfies us both.

If you are a dominant woman who craves a committed FLR with a submissive male eager to submit to your authority and discipline, I would be honored to connect with you. Let's embark on a journey of mutual growth, trust, and exploration where our roles complement each other perfectly.




I am sure my profile likely isnt clear as to what I am searching for.

I'm earnestly seeking a long-term Female-Led Relationship (FLR) where you take the lead. If I am yours I willbelieve in your ability to guide and nurture our connection, ensuring our dynamic thrives with your wisdom and strength. I'm eager to support you in every way, cherishing your authority and finding fulfillment in your happiness and direction.

Someone asked me today if i could be a perfect submissive.I took my time and thought about this question. I reread it and respectfully asked her to clarify the question. She said, you probably answered my question by requesting clarification but I will ask again. Can you be a perfect submissive?

I believe I got my clarification. I took my Time and really thought about that question. I asked myself a Question, is any man perfect? This was easy no. The trouble I had was how to answer tis question with grace and respect.

I told her I appreciated her interest at least enough interest to ask me that question. My answer was no  ma'am i am not a perfect man nor will I be the perfect submissive. If I have the good fortune to be in a healthy FLR with my future Queen. She leads, I follow we build trust in each other. She teaches sets expectations while building the foundation and corraspects when necessary and assist us both in bulding this relationship defined in our roles. 

I can see she read that answer however has not responded and may not respond at all. So I hope I handled that correctly. ny one reading this feedback is very welcomed


ciò che è ovvio è ovvio

i don't think people seeking an F LR. should give up. for me she is out there for you he is out there, maybe not on the same street or neighborhood but they are there

An Flr is about finding seeds of balance where there is chaotic disorder in traditional norms

thank goodness for the journal or we would wait 240 days for chages to be approved.

I am looking for potential long term, not a play parter. if you are looking long term, perhaps we should talk.

I prefer listening to the same heartbeat feeling the same breath

I hear alot distance, to far away. distance can be bridged. it takes time. The question is, is the bridge worth building? can two people be a match. No two people are perfect for each other. to achieve close to that gap must be filled. FLR " Female Led Relationship" aka D/s, F/m of course needs no definition to those who live it, have lived it. She makes the rules, designs and constructs the relationship. She is the Captain and the man in her life prefers it tha way.

are small distances possible to navigate? I believe so. nust there be effort for both people? yes.

I can relocate once I settle things here. assure business is tight and strong then work primarily from a home office. living life of course is not free we all need income. For me SS alone doesn't cut it.

If you believe I am worth getting to know lets talk, I don't want a playmate I want a person


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94% Submissive 
81% Slave 
78% Experimentalist 
77% Exhibitionist 
72% Degradee 
62% Rope bunny 
59% Masochist 
57% Vanilla 
47% Non-monogamist 
45% Primal (Prey) 
27% Pet 
9% Brat 
6% Voyeur 
0% Ageplayer 
0% Daddy/Mommy 
0% Rigger 
0% Brat tamer 
0% Degrader 
0% Dominant 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Master/Mistress 
0% Owner 
0% Primal (Hunter) 
0% Sadist 
0% Switch 

To Answer a Question, it is possible for me to relocate in 2025

I wonder after 10 years a a widower how much can i love another wpoman. i believe completely and can't wait to find out

 . This act of submission is not a sign of weakness but rather a profound display of trust and respect. It requires a strong sense of self-awareness and courage to openly acknowledge one's desires and needs, especially in a society that often values dominance and assertiveness in men.

The honor in loving a dominant woman lies in the profound connection and intimacy that such a relationship fosters. The submissive man finds fulfillment in surrendering to his partner's guidance and authority, knowing that she cherishes and respaspects his trust. This mutual respect forms the foundation of their bond, where each partner's strengths complement the other's. The dominant woman, in turn, values her submissive partner's willingness to embrace vulnerability and his commitment to their shared journey of exploration and growth.

Beyond societal expectations, the honor of loving a dominant woman transcends conventional notions of power dynamics. It celebrates authenticity and the courage to defy stereotypes, allowing both partners to embrace their true selves without judgment. This relationship fosters a deep sense of empowerment for both the submissive man and the dominant woman, as they navigate the complexities of their desires with honesty, trust, and mutual admiration. Ultimately, it is a testament to the beauty of love in all its forms, where individuals find fulfillment and happiness in embracing their unique roles within a relationship based on respect, trust, and genuine affection

To answer some questions

I can cook, I can clean, i do drive. I do not drink or smoke.

i can repair some things in a home. I can run errands.yes I can give a body massage.

I can repair some things on a car. I can do laundry, wash dishes, mow a lawn. these answers some questions i've been asked

thank goodness for this journal else we have to wait 18 months for updates.



 I'm a devoted male sub searching for a Female Led Relationship (FLR) where we can build something truly exceptional together. I believe in the power of a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take the lead. Let's embark on a journey where mutual respect, trust, and exploration define our connection. If you're ready to explore the depths of a FLR with a caring and attentive partner, let's build something special together.

Do you want a man, that will place you above all others, Will attend to your needs and desires, will work hard for you and will adore you.

Ys i need to learn about yoy, learn your needs and desires, Yes i can and will submit to the right weoman

I am a mature and devoted submissive man eager to explore the dynamics of a Female Led Relationship (FLR) enriched by domestic discipline. With helping others I bring a deep respect for structure, guidance, and the intimate power exchange that defines our dynamic.


In my daily life, I am an independent businessman, I find fulfillment in offering myself completely to a strong, compassionate woman who understands and values the nurturing aspaspects of domestic discipline. I thrive under clear expectations and corrective measures, knowing that your guidance and discipline are expressions of care and mutual growth.


My interests span spiritual growthand serving those in needand I am enthusiastic about integrating them into our FLR dynamic. I am committed to open communication, unwavering loyalty, and continuous personal development under your leadership.


If you are a confident and nurturing woman who desires a devoted submissive to embrace domestic discipline within a loving FLR, I eagerly await the opportunity to discuss how I can serve you faithfully. Let us embark on a journey where trust, respect, and growth flourish under your firm yet caring hand.