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Hetero Male Submissive, 32,  Central, Florida
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Just looking for ladies to write to for small talk, friendship, or even a little flirting.

Im dealing with some health complications that leave me stuck in bed most of the time, and I had to move back with family, so access to privacy comes and goes, but sometimes even us bottom of the barrel rejects need to feel loved too, so feel free to send a message with either kindness or degradation

Oh, and if you couldnt tell by the Go board in my profile, yes, Im a nerd.












 Submissive Male



 5' 8"

 220 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Female Led Couples


Online Romance

 Lives For:

 You tying me up



 Female Sovereignty


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining

 Going to the Opera


 Musical Theater


 Being blindfolded

 Being allowed to worship your body

 You controlling my male parts

 Being allowed to wear your collar

 Being massaged

 Being allowed to be your servant

 Being allowed to do all of the housework

 Being allowed to give you massages

 You deciding when I'm allowed sexual pleasure

 You treating me like your butler

 Being allowed to service you orally

 You binding me with plastic wrap

 Cooking for you

 Intellectual Discourse


 Opera Music


 Amusement Parks

 Antique Shows

 Art Galleries



 Being allowed to see your breasts

 You disciplining me with a cane


 Eye contact with you not allowed

 You punishing my gentials

 Rear End Play

 Being allowed to worship your feet

 Being gagged by you

 You putting me on a leash

 Mental Bondage

 Being allowed to be obedient to you


 Sensation Play

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Sensory Play

 Being spanked by you

 You telling me when I'm allowed to speak



 Wax Play


 Board Games

 Card Games



 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games






 Curious About:


 Fire Play

 Outdoor Bondage



 Suspension Bondage


 Lifestyle BDSM


 Computer Expert

 Construction Expert

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Journal Entries:
3/12/2018 5:16:53 AM
Faking Tip #49:

If you claim to be an attractive young mistress, but your video greeting is of a panicking guy trying to turn off the camera, a lot of people might not be interested. You might want to delete that particular video greeting.

12/29/2017 9:01:59 AM
Mayo Clinic denied me because they don't want to see any new patients, and they didn't even bother to tell me. I had to find out by calling them to see what was taking them so long to process my paperwork. Looks like I'll be bedridden forever :'(

12/21/2017 2:14:25 PM
Having a very stressful evening. So overwhelmed with stress, in so much pain, my heart bursting out of my chest...
Any ladies out there up for some small talk? I could use the distraction.

11/20/2017 4:33:47 PM
I will say that finger-less arthritis gloves are the best. Sorry I didn't try them until now.
They reduce the pain in my fingers, improve my circulation, and make me look like I'm ready to go out and catch some Pokémon. Now if only I could get out of bed long enough to do the latter :(

10/2/2017 2:16:45 PM
No matter what I do, I'm fucked. Even if I try to keep on fighting for insurance and adequate healthcare, this thing is going to kill me. What's the point of it all?

9/16/2017 12:45:52 PM

FAUST (mit der Jungen tanzend):
Einst hatt ich einen schönen Traum
Da sah ich einen Apfelbaum,
Zwei schöne Äpfel glänzten dran,
Sie reizten mich, ich stieg hinan.

Der Äpfelchen begehrt ihr sehr,
Und schon vom Paradiese her.
Von Freuden fühl ich mich bewegt,
Daß auch mein Garten solche trägt.

MEPHISTOPHELES (mit der Alten):
Einst hatt ich einen wüsten Traum
Da sah ich einen gespaltnen Baum,
Der hatt ein ungeheures Loch;
So groß es war, gefiel mir's doch.

Ich biete meinen besten Gruß
Dem Ritter mit dem Pferdefuß!
Halt Er einen rechten Pfropf bereit,
Wenn Er das große Loch nicht scheut.

-Goethe, "Faust"

I swear, this play must have been rated NC-17 when it was published.

7/6/2017 10:52:49 AM
Please, God, either let me live or let me die.

4/26/2017 4:11:01 PM
Another ruined birthday (and not ruined in the fun way). :(

2/28/2017 11:01:59 PM
I just want the pain to stop! :'(

2/3/2017 1:40:22 AM
Faking tip #48:

If you, a hairy man, are going to try to pass yourself off as a cis-woman by wearing a dress and not showing your face, wax/shave your arms first.

11/17/2016 3:46:46 PM
7 weeks since judgement day, and I'm still trapped in limbo.

9/29/2016 7:15:02 AM
Judgement Day

9/25/2016 12:32:43 PM
Four days until judgement day. If they play dirty again and I lose this round, I'm not going to have the strength left to keep on fighting. At least I'll have 3 months worth of bradycardic drugs saved up for the grand finale.

7/31/2016 10:28:18 AM
Faking tip #47:

If you're going to steal a picture from an advertisement, edit out the QR code.

7/11/2016 7:47:20 AM
Faking tip #46:

If you've had MANY failed fake profiles using the similar username, profile information, location, and pictures, don't think people will be fooled if you use a new similar username, profile information, and location if you suddenly post pictures of a completely different person.

7/1/2016 4:04:13 PM
Faking tip #45:

If you're going to Photoshop a drawing to fool image searches by adding arms in front of your stolen picture, A) it probably won't fool image searches, and B) make sure you put the right arm/hand and left arm/hand on the correct sides.

6/27/2016 12:08:46 PM
Faking tip #44:

If you're going to give someone your first and last fake name in your message, don't sign your message at the end with just your last name, especially if that last name resembles the first name of a person of the other gender.

6/26/2016 5:26:40 PM
Faking tip #43:

Avoid phrases in your username like "4real" and "imreal." If you try too hard to show you're real, it makes people all the more skeptical.

2/9/2016 2:45:32 AM
Faking tip #42:

Cropped your pictures? Flipped or rotated them? Changed the size and proportions? Changed the Instagram filter? Don't bother posting them all. People can still tell they're all the same picture.

10/6/2015 5:02:46 AM
Faking Tip #41:

If you decide to use a news anchor or talk show host as your picture, it might be a good idea to stick to a particular lesser-known local anchor from an area other than your own.  National TV personalities are too easy to spot, and picking a person local to your area would be recognizable to local Collarspace users.

9/9/2015 1:37:43 PM
If you're profile says that you'd like intelligent conversation, but your unable to find anything wrong with this journal entry, then your not ready for it.

2/12/2015 5:50:04 PM
Faking tip #40:

In American English, 
"My name is _____."

is far more common than 
"I am _____ by name."

10/12/2014 11:04:57 PM
Faking tip #39:

If you're going to steal a picture from the internet, it would be easier to save the picture to your computer instead of capturing the screen, but if you do a screen capture, make sure you crop the picture so there's no border from the original webpage around it, and more importantly make sure you don't accidentally right-click on the image right before copying the screen.

8/20/2014 11:01:56 AM
Faking tip #38:

A proof pic doesn't mean anything unless you are actually in it, so don't bother taking a proof pic of just your sex toys.

8/13/2014 10:50:13 PM
Faking tip #37:

Online, it's perfectly fine to go by a fake name, but should you decide to give someone your "real" name, please make sure that it's not the name of a popular fictional character, celeb, or porn star without adding some kind of explanation.

3/19/2014 9:02:02 PM

Where are all these girls?  :D

2/13/2014 9:14:33 PM

Faking Tip #36:


Try using punctuation in your profiles Any kind of punctuation If you don't your profile will either read as something written by a kindergartner or something that was just spewed out by cheap translation software It doesn't matter if youre an English genius or not Its not that difficult to put a period at the end of your sentences

2/10/2014 10:58:27 AM

Faking tip #35:

It's bad enough that you're stealing pictures from porn sites to pass off as your own.  Please don't just do a screen-capture of a picture while it's still on that site.  At least save a copy of the picture itself or crop the rest of the webpage out of the picture.

2/3/2014 10:47:39 AM

Faking tip #34:

Not sure what time of day it is in your fake location?  Don't say "huh?" when someone says good morning to you even though it's nighttime where you really are.  Instead, Google the phrase "Time in (insert pretend city name here)."

11/7/2013 11:38:35 PM

Faking Tip #33:  It's best to know how to spell the city you pretend to live in.  If not, it's not that hard to Google it.

11/1/2013 11:28:29 PM

Faking tip #32:  If you dress in drag and at least look remotely passable so you can pretend to be a female on here, don't forget to conceal your package better too.  Try wearing a skirt or at least crop the picture so it only shows you from the waist up.

3/12/2013 5:14:03 AM

Faking tip #31...

If you're going to photoshop a piece of paper with your username as a fake proof pic, at least make sure your fingernails are the same length and color as the ones on the other hand of the person you're claiming to be.

10/30/2012 3:05:44 PM

My results from


Submissive: 100%
Experimental: 89%
Bondage: 89%
Degredation: 79%
Switch: 75%
Masochist: 68%
Exhibitionist/Voyeur: 68%
Sadist: 46%
Vanilla: 25%
Dominant: 21%

3/23/2012 1:59:17 PM

Faking tip #30

No matter how hard you try, if you have very masculine features, a flashy wig and big sunglasses won't help you pass for a female (maybe a trans???).

3/23/2012 1:35:08 PM

Faking Tip #29


If you're going to write your username in the place of another person's name on their identity confirmation photos, try using a font that better resembles a person's handwriting.  Also have someone who actually knows how to use your photo editing software make the change look more seamless.

3/23/2012 1:32:28 PM

Faking tip #28


If you're going to hold a webcam up to your computer screen to steal another person's identity confirmation, make sure to have a steady hand or prop the camera against something, and turn out all the lights in the room to prevent glare.  Instead of using the webcam's microphone because it will cause poor sound quality and noticeable delay, try connecting your computer's headphone jack to your computer's microphone jack.

3/18/2012 12:01:15 PM

Faking tip #27

If you're going to Photoshop a head onto a body, make sure it doesn't come out looking like a bobble-head.

10/13/2011 4:52:46 PM

Faking tip #26:

If you're going to try to pass off a cardboard cutout off as the real thing in a photograph, make sure that lighting conditions are right to reduce glare on the glossy picture. And just so I won't have to find myself adding this later, do not attempt to use a cardboard cutout  during video confirmation at all.

7/3/2011 4:44:14 PM

Even more faking tips (to be added as I encounter them):

21. If you do a lot of traveling, fine, but if you create a new profile, the zip code should match your profile; you can visit the USPS website and do a free zip code check if you don't actually live there.

22. Accusing everyone else of being fake doesn't help your case if you're super obvious. 

23. If you send a massive "about me" message to a whole bunch of users under a username, try to change that message up a little before sending it out under a different username.

24. If your profile consists of nothing but an email address, not only are you incredibly fake, but incredibly lazy.

25. If someone gives you a pre-written English profile that begins "My name is ______ and I live in ______," you're supposed to fill in your pretend name and location in the blank spots.  If you wish them to be anonymous, please don't include them farther down in your profile.



5/7/2011 6:06:26 PM

For your viewing pleasure and a way to overcome my boredom: more profile faking tips:

11. If you're going to "like someone so well that you're willing to send them a link to your cam site or more pics," it might help to pretend to get to know the person a little first.

12. If you're going to pretend to be a woman (let's say your fake name is Samantha), and your username or email address sounded masculine, it would make more sense for it to be "Sam"  than "Theodore."

13. Although not impossible to see, most real people don't have professional photos. So try to find a fake identity that has at least one "casual" photo.

14. If you get reported on a site for being a spammer, it's not the best idea for the next profile you create to be identical to the one that was removed.

15. If you're using multiple usernames in an area, make sure the pictures and profile information are different

16. If you're using similar profiles in different areas, make sure the distance is great enough that both profiles are far enough apart to not easily be viewed by the same user simultaneously.

17. Not everyone is a model for a living; pick a creative fake career.

18. Have someone who knows fluent english, or at least better than you, proofread everything you write before you post it.

19. Although many people are "god-fearing," very few post it on a profile as it's rarely considered one of the more important things about them.

20. You shouldn't be in love with me because you liked my profile and pictures when I only have one picture and very little written about me in my profile.

10/8/2010 8:45:38 AM
Ten tips for faking your profile:

It's bad enough you're on this site, but even worse is that as horribly obvious as your profiles and messages are, you probably get people desperate enough to fall for it.  Here are a few tips and tricks for you to follow that might make you look a little less ridiculus.

1. Just because you pretend to live in the USA, it doesn't mean you should write that you're a native american; please open a history book and learn the difference.

2. If you pretend to be american, please learn the difference between pounds and kilograms; if you're 60 kg, I might be interested, but if you're 60 lbs, I'd sugest you call the doctor and find out what's wrong.  There are plenty of free converters online if you can't do the math yourself.

3. If you pretend to be a different person, at least know the eye color, hair color, nationality, and body proportions of the person whose picture you're using.

4. If you pretend to be a different person, make sure that no other fakers on here are using the same pictures first; it might help to get your pictures from somewhere other than a porn site.

5. If you pretend to have a certain occupation, it might help to know some of the basics about it first.

6. If you're asked to send an identity confirmation photo, saying "my camera is broken" or "I don't have a camera" will go a lot farther than sending an obviously professional photograph with no confirmational value.

7. Saying you're a Dom/me, sub, slave, or switch doesn't automatically make you one. 

8. If you're going to lie about your location, please make sure the photos you post are appropriate; someone who's never left home here in my area shouldn't have a picture of building a giant snowman.

9. If your husband died and you're stuck in a different country and need help withdrawing money from a bank because your husband won the lottery, you need to consider asking for help to think of something more original first.

10. Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather not marry you until we've actually met.

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