Vertical Line


I am a submissive masochist looking for a sensual sadist dom who likes orgasm control in person. I am in no rush. I am not an emotional masochist. I do not play head games.
Just realized here we are a year later and I wrote a very similar journal entry a year ago.

I still get emails from switches and man subs wanting to serve me no no nnooooooooooo
No I am not a switch.  I don't want you to lick my boots.  I am a submissive masochist who wants to do the serving.  The thought of switching never enters my mind.  Please don't ask.

Just to clear up something from some emails.

I am not a switch at all.  Please don't ask me to spank you.  You need to go to a domme or switch for that.  Have a great weekend all.  

What is wrong with people?  I don't answer an email and I get yelled at in all caps, that is laughable and has happened a few times to me on here.  There are a couple great people here that understand if you don't write back right away.  Maybe for instance, I just didn't feel like it, I was tired, I was busy. I had something else going on.  

There is no rule here that says I must answer your message.  

Wishing everyone a good weekend.