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5'10';150lhs; blonde/blue. im a�retired �US Army officer� with a goodA
Transgender Slave, 45,  GLENDALE, Arizona


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BisexualFemale Dominant
Age: 24, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm), Weight: 117 lbs.
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
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5'10";150lhs; blonde/blue. im a�retired �US Army officer� with a good�retirement �income�which belongs to the person who owns and transs me. i am tierd of espousing what i want in a failing pursuit to find someone who would own and feminize me. i am exhausted from travelling this country�only to find another wannabe at the other end or getting ripped off for being submissive. i can only tell you that i know i am a girl and desperately need�to live as a woman and serve someone as they trans me to their will and their end. i desire big breasts, facial feminization, and brazillian butt augmentation.

if you are a man, transgender, couple,or woman�who wants a sissy to serve you as a slutty 1950s housewife, i am she. i love pleasing dick and i'm good at it. i am ready to surrender and submit to your will for me.

i currently reside in Phoenix, AZ  but will relocate for the right situation. i have no strings anywhere and can relocate within two weeks stateside to the right context. i am a slut and will not disappoint. one blowjob from me and you'll� be addicted i promise. i'm not looking for anyone to pay my way as i make high five figures in retirement and can serve you all day long. my training in maintenance, electronics and logistics makes me a valuable asset to any household. i'm ready to serve.


my need to feel femininity by experiencing it is innate and undeniable. I served in the army for 21 years overcompensating in masculinity for as long as could until the gurl in me woud no longer cede the day to fear


thanks for reading my words.



Journal Entries:
3/8/2018 9:02:31 AM
still I am Master-less and no prospective owner on the horizon. I'm beginning to think myself incompatable. are there any real dominants out there.

4/15/2017 4:16:44 PM
Finally, I think i've met the woman of my dreams...a cosmetologist who genuinely wants to feminize and learn to dominate me...she fills my spirit with love as she wants to make me her wife...I can only hope...

3/22/2016 9:18:35 PM
I may have found my sissy niche although its still early. It is as a domestic slave for a couple in the midwest. I will be transformed by the wife to serve them both domestically and sexually. They are intelligent, easy going, not fanatics or tyrants. I can't wait to meet them and hopefully become their fulltime slut.

3/21/2016 11:42:33 PM
Why is it so hard to give myself to another in the true spirit of selfless service and unparalelled sluttiness as a bisexual sissy maid in the forced womanhood context. I come with 70k/yr income that. belongs to the person/couple/group who enslave and feminze me

10/14/2015 8:50:16 AM
OMG! i had my first BBC today and i'm hooked! Shawn showed up during the game but i didn't care. he requested a blonde sissy maid slut so that is what i gave him. I'm still wearing the maid's dress in my pictures and the blonde wig as i never want to forget how womanly this man and his beautiful 9" cock made me feel. i'd be lying if i didn't relay the love i felt for he and his manhood after getting fucked so thoroughly.

we made contact last night and the picture of his manhood had me stretching my sissy 'pussy' all morning with the largest plug and dildo in my arsenal. it was a good decision as it turned out because i was both dialated and lubed to take the imminent blitz from this massive man meat.

he arrived at 1130 hours and immediately dropped his trousers exposing a limp cock no bigger than my own. i wasted no time getting off my 5" heels and dropping to my stockinged knees to submit my lips, tongue, and throat for his pleasure. as my tongue and lips made his aquaintence i marveled at the equillibrium in my spirit while he hardened in my mouth. the bigger he got the sluttier i needed to be for him working my whole body into the blow job i couldn't help but moan as i slid my facial fuck hole up and down this man's icon of masculinity. he began exclaiming, "oh my god that feels so good" so loudly i thought the neighbors would complain. as much as i wanted to swallow my salty reward i needed him to fuck me worse. i had to have him pound the shit out of my 'cunt' so i slowed my oral worship down and after about thirty minutes of sucking his staff he finally asked if i was ready to take his dick. i replied, "oh God yes i have to have you in my 'pussy'!

i laid on my stomach and as he entered me he pushed my head into the pillow. i have a perfect lipstick print on my pillow case{i'm never washing again}to remember him by. he felt so good fucking me, i felt so feminine i couldn't help but twerking my ass to meet his thrusts. it was too soon before he was filling me with his seed. i felt so wonderfully slutty as he left...i want him back already! shawn you can fuck this 'pussy' anytime you want baby...and i mean anytime Sir! thank you so much.

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