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    I am looking for a slave/bitch boy would make my life easier. An assistant of
Hetero Female Dominant, 28,  Nyc, New York
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 Dominant Female


 New York

 5' 10"

 126 lbs


 African Descent



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Submissive Male

Online Romance



I am looking for a slave/bitch boy would make my life easier. An assistant of sorts. Whilst I primarily enjoy real time, I will make a special exception for one good boy who is able to demonstrate his exceptional abilities as a sub.



As a domme, as a woman, a human being, I am a very generous, erotic and sensual being who has lots to offer to a man who holds me to the highest regard. Are you deserving. Show me your worth. Do not challenge me. It is my dream to call you g**d boy.


 You must be obedient. Don't question me. Do what I want. When I want. It's so easy.




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If you wish for a response from Me, you must show your desire via granting me a wish.

With this, I can then determine your seriousness and dedicate Myself towards your training, discipline and guaranteed happiness via obedience and servitude.

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Send one word messages.

Send a first message without introducing yourself. An introduction includes a clear picture of your face, with you holding a sign with my username on it.

Ask me for anything. "I want?" "Will you?" "Can you?" should not be in your vocabulary.

Don't offer a gift for my attention. Empty-handed-ness is disgraceful behavior. 

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