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Hetero Female Submissive, 47,  Bullamakanka, Australia
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"Married kinky sensualist." So a little about me and what I'm looking for. I'm new to this and not so much dipping my toe in the water as hovering over the surface. So I guess initially I'll just be browsing and getting to know some people online.

The 'married' bit is important.We have been together a long time, we still love each other and in most respects are highly compatible. But it's a very vanilla marriage and I have to admit I'm really a dark chocolate and chilli person. Some years ago I made a choice to leave this part of myself behind because the relationship was worth it. It still is, but I was only kidding myself to think that I could deny something that is such an important part of who I am. Where things go from here I have no idea, but these will remain constant: my marriage comes first and I will do my best to be honest with myself and others.
Now that I've got the disclaimer out of the way I'll get onto specifics. What I'm interested in are sane, intelligent dominant and switch males: not women, though I'm happy to chat (eventually, I'll probably just spend some time in the forums to begin with) and definitely not couples seeking a pet. I could be described as a woman who thinks too much, hence the allure of (temporarily) surrendering my will to another. I have been described as very feminine, very independent, funny, quick-witted, weird, pig-headed, creative, analytical, sarcastic, intuitive, dreamer, romantic, melancholic... OK have I scared most people off yet? Good. I'll continue I wear a lot of silk. I like the way it caresses me as I move. All my shoes and boots are leather, I hate putting my feet into man made stuff, and the shoes come off as soon as I enter a house where I feel at home. I like oysters natural, dark bitter chocolate, full bodied jammy reds, very dry champagne, anything with lemon or chilli in it and fruit sorbet.











 Submissive Female



 5' 7"






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Dominant Male

Switch Men

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 Art Galleries

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 Fine Dining





 Intellectual Discourse

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 Puzzle Games

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 Science Fiction

 Web Surfing





 Liberal Politics

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 Goth Lifestyle







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 Musical Theater

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Journal Entries:
11/22/2008 12:07:48 AM
Wading through the mail at present.For someone who used to be good at writing my ability to put thoughts and feelings into coherent words seems to have evaporated. I've done a couple of replies and then deleted them. The process is giving me a better Idea of what I'm looking for though.At the moment I really am just looking, the diversity is intriguing. I find complex men more interesting, quite a few switches in this group. I prefer profiles of more than one paragraph that list some non bdsm interests, I like their generosity. Any kind of picture, even if it's a blurry bit of back and shoulder is a big plus.

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