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Hetero Male Dominant, 51,  Perth, Australia
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Dom guy in Perth seeks a sub woman for long term loving, caring relationship. I'm a successful business owner and fairly "straight" in normal life. I've always been keen on "Alternative" activities and have quite a few interests, I've always loved stockings, suspenders and high heels, corsets, girdles and waist cinchers (that's where I got the name cincher from.) I also love using belts and ropes as waist bondage to squeeze in a womans waist, I also love the feeling of wearing extremely tight waist restraints along with cock and ball bondage. I'm very keen on all types of corsets, open bottom girdles, waspie corsets particularly 50's style and am a high heel fanatic, and dedicated stocking lover, very particular about the style, has to be the traditional stocking with the plain band at the top, not this lacy crap that seems to be around at the moment. I love all different colours of stockings, especially the darker shades and tan, (love black stockings with white stilettos, so slutty!) I also love slutty clothes, well elegant clothes worn in a slutty way to be more precise, for example a black halter neck dress showing a lot of cleavage and very short revealing a glimpse of stocking top. Also keen on a variety of different outfits such a maid, 50's prostitute, business executive and elegant 18th century lady in "Gainsborough" style dress, I've never experienced the latter but think it would be very interesting. Also like role playing, haven't done a lot however keen to expand further particularly in the areas mentioned above. I also enjoy bondage, I have some equipment including leather wrist and ankle cuffs and chains, a bondage chair and a collections of ropes and belts. I like giving floggings, I've got a couple of floggers which are really lightweight to be honest and have to be used really hard before they have any sting in them at all, any flogging, impact play or any play at all is completely consensual with my partner and the level and intensity is discussed and respected and adhered to. I've always been keen on watersports and am particularly experienced in that area, I like it both ways and would especially like a partner who shares this fetish as it's taboo to a lot of people. I've always absolutely loved it, it doesn't matter if you haven't had any experience, I think you know whether it's for you or not, there's always the chance you may love it once you've tried it, anyway I'm happy to discuss the details for anyone curious. I would expect a partner to be happy to openly talk about her fetish interests, I've had several vanilla relationships in the past, the last one being over ten years and am now only interested in a lady who shares a similar interest and enthusiasm for BDSM/Fetish activities, probably a "lady in the salon and whore in the bedroom" sums it up. I'm not looking for the totally submissive, head down, does everything she's told immediately, doormat type sub, I like a challenge and a "real" woman, I'm not looking for a slave or servant, just a woman who shares similar fetish interests and of course there has to be some mutual attraction. As I mentioned I'm fairly straight and respectable in normal life and would expect any partner to be similar, I dress well and am well groomed have a good sense of humour and enjoy the "normal" interests like dining out, socializing, travel, (I've done quite a lot of overseas travel to a variety of different places, particularly like cruises) sailing, flying, classic cars, to name a few, not into sport much although do try to keep fit. Happy to chat although I believe in meeting sooner rather than later, (just for a drink or coffee, yes very boring I know, like RSVP!) but I still believe it's the quickest way to establish if there's any mutual attraction or chemistry instead of spending weeks or months cyber chatting!











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 202 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Stockings (Expert)

 Watersports (Expert)



 Breast Play

 Corsets (Expert)



 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish

 Spanking (Expert)


 Hair Pulling


 Curious About:


 Theatrical Scenes


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