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Hetero Male Slave, 21,  Dublin, Ireland
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toyboy�19 years old,in good shape,looking for fun,looking for someone to train me. im intrested in boot/foot worship,ass licking face sitting pussy worship ,scat and piss fedom,spitting in my mouth and licking your precious armpits.� �i dream of the day i serve a perfect mistress that will use me as her tolite and foot boy. make me clean her shit off the sole of her perfect feet and lick her perfect ass clean . I dont deserve anything more all i am is a pathetic slave worthy of cleaning you. nothing more cianh94@ym











Last Online:


 Male Slave



 6' 2"

 178 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Femdom Couples


 Clubbing (Expert)

 Anal Play

 Body Worship



 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping

 Fine Dining








 Breast Play


 Foot Worship





 Curious About:

 Coffee Shops

 Garage Sales



 Hard Limits:

 Knife Play

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Journal Entries:
12/29/2012 6:39:12 PM

im really looking to serve real time after al the yeers serving on cam.looking for a strong experianced dome to own me and use me in what ever way she wants

6/8/2012 2:21:04 AM

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