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Pan Female Submissive, 27,  Phoenix, Arizona
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Hello Collarspace! I am here to meet fellow kinksters in the hopes of creating a connection. I have always been kinky, mostly in the bedroom and still somewhat vanilla wise (scarf bondage, sensory play...) but I have also had a deep seeded interest in pursuing something further. I have a curiosity and desire to be locked in chastity. completely locked off from sexual sensations while being teased relentlessly. Ideas like being locked in a steel belt, and bra but becoming a hand/blow job machine or being cuckqueaned. These are ideas and fantasies that Im am unsure and insecure about and as such would need someone with patience and understanding. I am also interested in corest training, bondage, sensory deprivation, mental domination and control and body modification. on that last one, nothing like scaring or anything that extreme. More like changing of hair color, color contacts, piercings and possibly in the long term a slave tattoo. Finally, As i dealing with some deep and somewhat extreme fetishes I am not giving out pictures just yet until i feel safe and comfortable with the person im talking with. I still need a bit of anonymity in the beginning. Thanks for understanding.













 Submissive Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 4"

 135 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Switch Women

Switch Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples

Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:



 Orgasm Control


 Anal Play





 Oral Service

 Sensory Play

 Speech Restrictions





 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Canes and Crops

 Curious About:


 Electrical Play


 Erotic Hypnosis

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Clothing Selection

 Maid / Butler Service

 Outdoor Bondage

 Rubber Fetish


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