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Dom/Slave Couple, 50/49,  Colorado
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W/we are an educated and professional couple by day searching for an in-shape sub/slave for either short term or potential long term relationship.

While W/we are not Gorean per se, we do embrace many of the Gorean philosophies but allow for O/our own interpretation. W/we admire physical conditioning and are active competitive athletes.

Since I believe in both intellectual and physical attraction, you must educated with a sense of elegance.

While W/we have a balanced and successful life with family and the vanilla world. D/s is not merely a part time weekend escapade but a passion every day.

W/we're continually drawn to the allure of the erotic mental connection existent within D/s relationships. Intelligent and sane erotic submission can and should strike a balance with the primal.

W/we're not interested in everyone, just the select, sincere few that have the knowledge and insight to know for sure they're a sub/slave/kajira.











Gender Identity:










 6' 3"

 193 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 6"

 104 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive female


 Lives For:

 Weightlifting (Expert)


 Fine Dining

 Fishing (Expert)


 Horseback Riding

 Anal Play


 Hair Pulling

 Orgasm Control



 Intellectual Discourse

 Electronica / EDM

 Body Building (Expert)


 Art Galleries

 Musical Theater


 Outdoor Bondage

 Economics (Expert)



 Curious About:




 Modern Primitivism


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Journal Entries:
4/17/2009 3:52:20 PM

The Marketplace

The woman known only by the number on the door of her cement cell awoke in the early morning when her cell door was unlocked and creaked open. The attendant in his usual brusque manner brought in a wash basin filled with warm water and soap plus a razor. He informed her to shave and wash, that there was to be an auction at the market later in the day.

The news of the auction later in the day stopped her in her place and she sat down on the side of her cot and contemplated the news. An auction! This is the day she had trained a very long time for. For months her days were spent at the training facility where long and arduous. But those days were now without reward as it was her goal to be sold as a Slave to a Master worthy of her respect, her admiration and her body.


She could barely remember her past life in the other world where she always felt out of sync with her female peers and found only solace and protection in the presence of strong men. As she recollected: "This is my life now" as she took the razor and opened her legs where she shaved her sex in the hopes of pleasing a potential new Master. She believed she had done well at the training facility, other women had felt the wrong end of the whip several times but she had only felt the taste of the lash once when she accidently slipped into orgasm without permission. Although she never voiced her confusion she felt tricked by the Training Master as he allowed her to cum when her errant hand slipped down to her cunt while servicing her Training Master with her mouth during Sex Training.


While she squat above the wash basin flushing her lips with the warm water, the door to her cell opened once more and this time the Training Master entered. She was ordered to stand in her present position while the imposing Training Master walked up to her and then around her in inspection. "Its my goal to get top dollar for you later today. I have a special Master in mind who's also a buyer and he might be interested in you as well. Put in this tunic and get in line outside your cell."


The woman with no name put on the tunic and walked out the front door of her cell, the cell that had been her home for months. She had only the tunic for clothing, it was a fabric made from rough cloth and her feet were bare. Outside of her cell were the other trainees who were to be sold at auction at the market today as well, there were six others just like her, nervous and excited.


She, and her fellow trainees were paraded from the carriage they arrived in at the theater. With her tunic slipping off her shoulders she was led to the back of the wooden floor of the amphitheater where irons were attached to her ankle and wrists and locked to a hook constructed just for this purpose. At this point the Training Master ordered all trainees to drop their tunics at their feet. Slaves must be inspected and sold nude except for the iron jewelry she now wore and a leather string that kept her long hair in place


She continued to stand and embrace the inspections of the buyers eager to see the days offerings. Men with an air of wealth and importance came to each slave for inspection, her Training Master off to the rear watching the proceedings to make sure each trainee was inline, respectful and safe.


After a few minutes and man with a distinctive presence came to the Training Master and spoke softly to the side the Master: "Yes, I do have one in mind for you today" was overheard.


"Then take me too her."


Both the Training Master and the man of bearing came before the trainee. They paused for a moment, being only two feet in front of the trainee which forced her to guide her eyes downward to the floor but the flush of her body was unmistakable.


His hands which were firm but with an inherent softness rose to her cheek and glided across her chin: "She is a pretty one indeed, you've done well to select her for me."


She hadn't expected her own response at all. She had been concerned about the possibilities of her new owner but her thoughts never led her to this possibility. The possibility of intense desire. A throbbing had started from her loins, impossible to control as her eyes were lowered and wrists and ankles shackled, the eyes of her potential new Master upon her naked skin. She consciously thought to attempt to hide her response but there was so little she could do.


The buyer looked to the Training Master with approval: "Before I make my offer I would like to inspect her closer, can we use the antechamber?"


"Yes, of course" replied the Training Master as he unlocked the trainee from the hook and guided her by her elbow into the antechamber, to be followed into the closed room by the potential buyer.


She and the buyer were now alone. She had wanted to serve, to give herself to a Master for as long as she could remember. Although she was concerned about a cruel Master, worried about an ugly unfit Master, the tide of fortunes had now reversed and it was she who now thought it would cruel if this man before her were not to be her Master. She so wanted to please him, to delve into his mind and think on his behalf to anticipate his needs and service him unlike any other before her.


He was tall and dark with a natural bearing she was comfortable with. She had learned through hard experience what to expect from a Master she could not please to his satisfaction but her mind now screamed to her that this was a Master to submit her being to.


"The Training Master had told me beforehand that you were a pretty one, he didn't exagerate" This pleased the little trainee as her loins continued to quiver and her legs were slightly unsteady.


His hands reached up from his hips to her bare waist and glide across the contours of her skin to graze her hardening nipples. A pause in her breath and a barely perceptible moan emanated from her lips.


"In addition to your beauty, you are responsive as well. Very good little one." His hand now reached behind her head to unlock the leather string that held her hair back away from her shoulders. "This is much better, this is the way I would like you to be." He then took her hair and placed it naturally upon her shoulders and back and took a step back to take her in with his eyes once more.


"While its obviously true that I am a Master, I have no desire to train or to allow those to serve who do not wish to serve me eagerly. Do you understand what I am saying to you?" For a moment the little trainee raised her eyes to meet the Master's along with a short subtle nod of acceptance. "Good, then we have an understanding. But I want to know more about you little one." At this point the Master stepped within inches of his subject and whispered into her ear to stand with your legs apart as far as the irons will allow.


She shifted her position to allow greater access for the Master as he requested. He then walked around and behind her and brought his lips to her ear: "Show me how sincere you are to service me little one."


With his left hand he wrapped his hands around the length of her hair behind her back and gently but forcefully pulled her hair and head back, while the palm his right hand he glided down her damp skin and upon her nipples which he caressed and then pinched, then with a gentle force he glided over her abdomen before firmly cupping the mound her her bare sex.


The little trainee could not contain herself once again and an unmistakable moan escaped her lips that left very little to the imagination of the pleasure she received from this Masters touch. The fingers of his right hand weren't exactly idle either as they played with the folds of her skin which of course further increased the already rapid pace of the trainees breathing. Her thoughts darted as she realized how much the Master knew how to use her, how to tempt her and how to release her pleasure.


After indulging in this moment of pleasure for slightly longer than was appropriate the Master whispered into her ear once more: "I want you to cum for me little slave girl, rub your mound into my palm I want to see if you're an eager slut."


Now the poor trainee lost her reckoning and found herself leaning backwards into the body of the Master as the moans of orgasm swamped her and the Masters right hand was also engulfed with the liquid evidence of the trainees ecstacy. She had finally lost all sense of balance as the Master guided her down to the floor, holding her under her arms until she was safely reclined. She was exhausted but also filled with a new desperate hunger, an urgency that was absent just this morning and for this reason she is now crying.


The Master now sits on a step across from her and contemplates the Trainee. He walks to the door, opens it and speaks to the guard outside the door. She lifts up her head from the floor as she knows the next words from the Master will determine his verdict and her fate.


"Tell the Training Master this little one is not for sale, she belongs to me now."


The End.


This story was inspired by "Laurel Rose" titled In the Gorean Slave Market and is my interpretation.

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