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About me: I'm a mature, alpha, a leader iny work and live by an unshakable moral code. Men are supposed to lead, protect, make decisions for all under his wing. Women were put on this earth to support, love and nurture. I have no time or patience for the majority of this fallen world that feel that what I believe is wrong and politically incorrect. They are right - it is politically incorrect, but that doesn't make me wrong.
What I seek: A partner that knows inside her peace cannot be found by coning to society's expectations. A woman who yearns for a man who believes the same truth as her. That he will protect and lead, and who she will love and nurture. My kinks are centred around taboo. Watching you struggle physically and emotionally to do those things that please me, shows me just how dedicated and committed you are to me. That makes me equally dedicated and committed to you too, and drives my desire to its highest levels. I seek ONLY long term, live-in. I have an extremely high libido, know what I want, and take it how and when I want it. I am Prince Albert pierced. It would be best if you can bear a little bit of pain, humiliation and suffering for my amusement. You must also want your limits to be pushed. I am searching for a long term committed relationship, not just play. My eye might be attracted to your pretty face, but for what I am seeking to truly work, my mind will need to find connection to your totally submissive soul. I am an owner that seeks so much more than just a sex toy. I will have a true submissive bdsmsexlove slave in a full ownership situation. Deep fetish for stainless steel restraints (collar and matching cuffs), chains, cages, bondage, suspension, whips and crops , branding, piercing, tattooing, chastity devices. You should be willing to be specifically marked for ownership.
If you reach out to me, let us start with some basics first. 1. Fundamentally my pleasure cannot come from your displeasure.That is a zerosum game, that in my opinion results in no overall gain. Therefore, our pleasures need to be somewhat in alignment. I.e. my view of the roles of Masterslave and yours must be very similar. 2. Neither are going to engage in any activity that brings harm to themselves, the other or the relationship. Harm has various parameters, such as physical, emotional, monetary, spiritual, professional, relational etc. 3. Harm is caused by going outside of the boundaries of each persons personal limits. Therefore limits are to be known to both, respected by both and protected by both. 4. The slave cannot deny her Master any desire He has that does not create harm to His slave. Consequently, if you reach out to me, help me firstly better understand your current limits and areas in which you desire them to be less of a restriction for you and your future owner. Make sure you are truly free to be permanently enslaved. If you cannot easily free yourself from strong obligations to family, friends, property, job, pets, debt, prejudices, addictions, obsessions, emotional baggage, etc., please move on and keep looking elsewhere. Lastly, I plan to return to the UK sometime after the next 10 years or so when I find her, I will marry her and then eventually take her back with me. If you are sick and tired of living in the US, I might be your man.
 Age: 22