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< style='font-size: medium;'>This might sound very un-submissive of me but just wonderin
Male Submissive, 42,  Toronto, Canada











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 Submissive Male



 5' 10"

 175 lbs





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Dominant Female

< style="font-size: medium;">This might sound very un-submissive of me but just wondering... are people actually meeting on this site or are most content to waste their (and everyone else's) time being annoyingly deceptive and quite obviously socially inept?  Life really is too short to put up with these people (far too many out here).  Having said that...

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< style="font-size: medium;">I'm an attractive, fit and REAL submissive male in my early 40s looking for an attractive and fit Dominant FEMALE in or around the Toronto area.  i'm experienced in and enjoy chastity, heavy bondage/mummification/isolation, face sitting/smothering, body/ass/foot worshiping, queening, face slapping, humiliation and tease & denial games (of course, these are just examples, as ultimately Your word is law).  i fully understand my place and enjoy a sexually selfish and brutally teasing Dominant Woman who enjoys frustrating, teasing and tormenting a man relentlessly for Her ultimate pleasure.  i enjoy when the focus is on HER and HER needs well over my own and have been practicing and studying this side of myself for over 20 years.  Ultimately, it would be nice to build something solid and lasting with someone, but if You're just looking for a toy, or someone to take Your frustrations out on, i'm ok with that as well.  </>

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< style="font-size: medium;">Serious replies only please.  NOT looking for "Pro" or "Fin" anything.  Just someone self-sufficient that enjoys the lifestyle as i do and wants to have fun with her Dominant side (i'm hoping there are a few scattered among the overload of "professionals" out here).  i'm very easy going, friendly and approachable.  i have a job, i own a home, i know what i bring to this and hope someone is willing to take a chance to find out more.  If i happen to find someone real on this annoying site i'll be very (pleasantly) surprised... but if there's one thing chastity has taught me, its that patience is a virtue.</>

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