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Hello, my name is, Wyatt. Im 23 years young, from Canada. I am a straight Submissive. My fetis
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Hello, my name is, Wyatt. Im 23 years young, from Canada. I am a straight Submissive. My fetishes are many. Top ones are Latex, bondage, corporal punishment. My limits are Illegal, blood, scat, piss, needle, knife, gun play, forced-bi and Diapers. Im looking for a Dominant woman to serve, please and pleasure, anything to make her happy. I am not a slave though, I wont be told what to wear in public, how to act or talk. I am more of a closed door kind of kinky lifestyle. I would like a Mistress to serve in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom, Id still like the romantic side of things. I do also serve online too.

Ill try almost anything at least once! Ill admit Im a novice, Ive had a little bit of experience online, but everyone has to start somewhere! I would love to try it in person one day. I do own a few toys such as gag, collarleash, bondage tape, chastity, handcuffs and a strap-ondildo, and more.

Im really into BDSM. Bondage is my 1 favorite fetish. Ive never been tied up and restrained, but I really want to know what it feels like. Being helpless under Mistress command, being immobilized struggling to try to get free but cant no matter how hard I try while Mistress has her way with me. Also could get teased and denied over and over again! Being tied in a whole bunch of different positions. Bound with basically anything would be amazing chains, cuffs, ropes, straightjackets, rubber, bondage tape. A lot of positions will do as well like being tied to the bed, spread-eagle, suspension, hogtied, full body bondage, mummification, put into a cage, and more.

I am a masochist in some ways. Another major fantasy of mine is being ked, paddled, whipped, caned ect!

Tease and denialorgasm control is another one, being edged over and over and only to be denied every time.

My favorite clothing would have to be latex I find it very dominant and sexy. Actually funny story, how I became to like BDSM started from me liking latex when I was a bit younger I had a huge latex fetish, and of course girls wearing latex usually was doing BDSM and thats when I started liking BDSM! A lot of my interests are on my profile.

Thank you for viewing my profile and taking your time to read it and I hope to hear from you soon! If you want to know more just send me a message Id love that!

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