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My account seems to be over whelmed with Female Whores. I am not interested sexually in Femal
Gay Male Submissive, 69,  WHITER RIVER, Vermont
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Last Online:


 Submissive Male



 5' 10"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

My account seems to be over whelmed with Female Whores.

I am not interested sexually in Females or Whores.

Is there anyway to block them?

 At my age I am not holding my breath thinking

""HE"" will appear at any moment and ""WE""

will live happily ever after. (lol). (ugh).


But... I do need and want to make friends. There was


a time when I had a host of friends. We traveled from


city to city in some what of a pack of horny sexual


warriors. But then a disease came along and "most"


of them died. (horrible deaths) And I came to cherish


above all else the ones who survived. Unfortunately


that was many years ago. And one by one the remainder


of them have passed on. The last of those ""warriors""


died last fall. And I have been feeling quite alone. As


I don't quite relate to the younger politically correct want to


look and fit into the heterosexual images with 2.5 kids


three cars and a house in the suburbs. UGH!.


So my major adgenda is to make friends !


Ok that is enough of a deion of what I am about....





My former name was


"" bndgpigslave""


i am not playing games

i just needed to change it

as my former Master and

i have gone our separate ways.

it was a peaceful split

but i still feel very sad.






I am Gay.

I have no interest in women.

I have no intention of paying for one.

Or for a man.

I have plenty of female friends.

I don't need anymore

I don't want any more


I am a older gay submissive man.

With experience.

Lots of submissive hypno programing.

Looking for a Real Dominate Man.

Any age will do, but prefer close to my

own age who has taken care of his body

at least some what.

Seem to be getting more clarity of what

i want and need of late.

Not sure how that is happening.

Or why.

But some of the Dominate men i have

been meeting in here and other groups

are helping a lot.

It seems that what i really need

and want are directly correlated

to the needs and wants of some

of the Dominate Men i have been

communicating with.

NOT what i thought or fanatcized


So perhaps my real need is to

serve and please Real Men.

As Serving and servicing is about

him not me.

Kinda wish i had figured this out

thirty years ago!

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