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Pansexual Female Switch, 22,  Woodland Hills, California
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blackwolfzsubDom - Woodland Hills, California

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 Female Switch

 Woodland Hills 


 5' 5"

 165 lbs






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Updated and changed 6/15/11!   All new pictures up! Hope you all enjoy them!
Heyyyy...Master and I are looking for a hot little single bi girl (aka a Unicorn) to be O/our live-in, permanent plaything.

(Read my journal to know more if you're interested!)


oh, and if you message me about wanting to fuck me, you'll be blocked and ignored.

well....i have a lot of random little hobbies such as archery, reading, writing, photography, drawing, baseball, hanging out with friends and going to the beach. i love listening to music and playing with knives and swords. i love watching anime and horror or fantasy/sci-fi movies.

*cocks head to the side, thinking* i have a very energetic and tomboyish personality. i am blunt, but not to the point of rude-ness, and will speak my mind (though my smart-mouth may get me into trouble. lol). i can be pretty random, too. i'm open-minded and not judgemental; if something floats your boat that doesn't mine then that's fine by me. i love and adore marks; bites bruises, hickies, all that fun stuff.

if you don't have the word 'flamedArrow' in your message, i probably won't respond unless its to tell you to go away.

the little angel/devil icon is random, i know, but i thought it was cute, and it completely fits me, too. *grin*

~ wolf


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Journal Entries:
4/30/2010 1:21:56 AM
Wanting to patch things up with older old friends, if they'd just message me first!!!!! There's a Dark Angel out there
he knows who he is
I'm wanting to make amends
in hopes that we may be friends
it may be random
it may be odd,
but I've been thinking about it a lot
and I think it's time

2/1/2010 3:45:36 AM
I'm mmmooovvvveeed!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYS! Finally able to be with Master. WOOTNESS!

1/11/2010 2:20:52 PM
Heyyyy...Master and me are looking for a hot little single bi chick (aka a Unicorn) to be O/our live-in, permanent plaything. W/we live in the West end of the San Fernando Valley just North of LA in a sweet 5-bedroom house with a pool that W/we'd love to share with a certain someone. For you to be a good candidate you'll ideally be between 18 to 25, 5'5" or smaller and slender...the word 'elfin' is a good description. W/we are especially fond of Goth chicks cuz, like us, they love the Dark Side ::muahahaha:: However, these are just guidelines; if these characteristics don't describe you but you still  believe you'd be O/our ideal slave then apply anyway :)
Currently you can live anywhere in the USA cuz W/we'll happily relocate the right girlie for U/us :) Of course, it'll make checking each other out much easier if you live in CA or NV right now. you must be bi-serious not bi-curious so either of U/us can molest and fondle you ::snickers:: which there will be a lot of! A good (sick & twisted) sense of humor is necessary, so W/we can exchange dirty jokes and be foolish together. you must also have a burning desire to be a completely owned, 24/7, TPE live-in slave.
So what do W/we mean by a 24/7 TPE slave? Well, W/we're looking to own you completely, in every way; duties of your slavery will be service, sexual, and financial; you'll exist to serve U/us in any way W/we want, be it to suddenly grab you by the hair and force you to your knees to service one of U/us during a movie ::yumm!::, have you clean the kitchen while W/we go out for the day, or cuddle and snooze after a hard day of staying home, fucking like bunnies, and watching hilariously stupid horror movies. you'll be required to have your own income to cover your costs - O/our house isn't a free ride. you'll retain ownership of your income and your possessions until W/we decide to formally collar you, at which point all that will be given to U/us, as everything you are and have will be legally transferred to U/us.
Some more about what W/we're looking for: Being social is important, but slightly shy is fine; W/we'd love to be able to take O/our slave out to a formal BDSM event, or to a club where W/we can fuck her brains out, or just out and about and have U/us all enjoy O/ourselves. Poly poly poly poly! It's a must; Master and I are both playful and do play with others, and O/our slave must be okay with that - jealousy is not tolerated. you must also be OK with being lent to O/our friends for their use and O/our amusement ::snickers:: you will also be a masochist, ideally a pain slut who W/we can torment and be truly evil to and who will love it completely ::evil grin:: you must have excellent communication skills; W/we've recently had an experience where communication with a prospective slave wasn't very good and caused lots of issues.
Previous experience isn't necessary ladies; it will be O/our pleasure to teach and guide O/our slave. you will be required to complete a period of consideration and training, as well as signing a contract defining the terms of such. Assuming you complete your training and meets O/our needs you will be collared to U/us 24/7 in every way, along with signing a contract defining the terms of the slavery. In return W/we will love you, protect you, help you grow as a person and, of course, use and abuse you in every way O/our twisted and perverted minds can come up with! ::squee::

12/31/2009 8:06:31 PM
I've just had a very big change in my life. I've broken up with my sub and will probably be very distant and disorientated for awhile.

12/26/2009 7:24:07 AM
Had my 20th birthday on Christmas. Yay me! Had lots of fun sex with Master and lots of cuddling.

8/13/2009 11:35:43 PM

I got a new piercing a few weeks ago. A VCH (vertical clitoral hood piercing), actually. Fucker hurt like a sonofabitch, mostly becuase I wasn't ready for the pain cuz the friends that I talked to who've had it done were like "oh, it doesn't hurt that much at all!", and then I wasn't expecting it and was like "holy shit!". Anyways.....yeah....

7/23/2009 9:41:34 AM
I think you all would get a kick out of this. Ok, you know how people will put big sign things on the side of the freeways saying things like 'god bless america' and whatnot, well I was coming back home from nevada and i saw one (a really big one along a fence that was all fancily done) that said 'Happiness is submission to god alone'.

3/1/2009 12:26:22 PM
*grins* it was so fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so going next time i can!

2/27/2009 6:02:04 PM

NEW PICS UP!!!!!!!!!!

*runs around in circles in excitement* holyshitholyshitholyshit!!!!!! I'M GOING TO MONSTERJAM TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

2/19/2009 8:43:06 PM

NEW MAIN PIC! but waiting for the others to get approved. yays! hope you guys like them!

12/25/2008 7:57:59 AM


12/9/2008 9:55:58 AM

does anyone know of any 18+ bdsm clubs (that are open to the public) in the san jose/san francisco area?

10/24/2008 10:45:56 AM

::grins:: yay! i've been on here for over a year and have loved most of my experiences here and am very greatful to all who've helped me and taught me.

9/6/2008 10:07:37 PM

your punishment (by blackwolfzsubDom 9/06/08)

kneel down
dont be afraid
i'll make you pay
giving you pain enough
to make you ache for a day
one clothespin on each nipple
not enough
one on the insides of your breasts
even as you squirm it is not enough
one on your clit
oh you look like such a slut
kneeling there in your room
with your shirt pulled up over your
breasts to expose their soft flesh
to the harsh pain of the clothepins
your legs spread wide
with your pants around your ankles
and a clothpin between your legs
even as you whimper and squirm
with your hands on your thighs
and your back straight
trying as hard as you might
not to rip the clothespins off
but oh your punishment is not up
you are my little slut
go and kneel in the corner
back straight looking so used
but wanting so much to be abused
kneel for half an hour
listen to the clock go
tick tock tick tock tick
no you still must sit
your time is not up
ten minutes left
sigh in relief
as the clock chimes 30 minutes
but oh we are far from finished
for you are my bitch
and this is your punishment

8/30/2008 7:13:09 PM
i have new pictures! i'm just waiting for them to get approved.

7/27/2008 10:10:03 PM
i struggled to get away from Him even as my pussy gushes at the thought of being helpless to resist Him. slowly He cuffed one hand to the bed post, then the other hand to the other bed post, then did the same for my ankles. i shivered, unsure of His intentios as i yanked at the handcuffs holding me in place. unexpectedly i felt his teeth sink into the flesh of my left ass cheek. i gasped and arched my back, loving the pain of the bite. i growled and struggled against his hold, wanting nothing more than to turn around, drop to my knees, and take him into my mouth. but when his teeth let go of their hold, it was only to sink again, only this time into the flesh of the back of my neck; hard. it hurt; oh fucking fuck it hurt, but it felt so good at the same time. i've always wanted someone who could take what they want, and fuck me; bite me; hurt me bruise me mark me make me his own, and no one has been able to before him; this god of sin who has given me the pained pleasure i have only dreamed of. i relax a little bit when He lets go, but cries out loudly when his palm lands hard on my ass, and i speak the only word i can think of; please. His left hand is suddenly in my hair; grabbing it and tugging my head back hard; exposing the smooth column of my throat to His teeth and bites and pain. shut up, you stupid slut, He snarls into my ear. i shiver at the sound of His voice, knowing that i've angered Him and knowing that i would pay for it. my body shakes in anticipation. once again His teeth sink deep into my throat, only this time i also feel the head of His cock rub against my pussy lips. unable to resist, i moan loudly, feeling so aroused and wanting His cock so deeply inside me. His right hand, the one nort holding onto my hair, made a loud SMACK noise as it landing upon the flesh of my right ass cheek. what do you want, slave? came His hard voice. i whimper, suddenly feeling too embarrassed to let anything escape my lips. growling in anger, He slapped my ass again. TELL ME! panting, i gasp out, for you to fuck me. i could hear His smile of satisfaction in His voice when He speaks next; beg for it, wench.

6/21/2008 6:44:21 PM
ok everyone, listen up closely! my internet isnt working so if it takes me awhile to respond to your messages, its not 'cause im ignoring you, i just cant.

5/7/2008 9:36:28 PM
the devil's archer (to court the devil)
(by blackwolfzsubDom 2/23/08)

you are very naughty,
my little archer.
so very evil,
my little archer.
you'd do anything
to be evil,
wouldn’t you,
my little archer.
you court trouble
like you court
bulls eyes.
oh my little archer,
how i want to
tie you down
and punish you for
your wickedness.
you'd like that,
wouldn’t you,
my little archer.
oh my little archer,
how you court
the devil with your
arrows and your bows
bending and twisting
and bowing to
your will.
oh how i want to
just hold you close
and never let go;
fuck you till you
cant move;
make your body
wither and squirm,
open to my pleasure.
you want it,
don’t you,
my little archer.
you want me to
fuck you,
don’t you,
my little archer.
i grab your hair
and pull your head
away from my shaft.
i glare down at you
and snarl that you
will pay for that bite
you gave me,
wont you,
my little archer.
when you just growl
at me,
i force you back onto
me but you like it like
that don’t you,
my little archer.
you like courting
coxing the devil
out of his chains
deep with in me
don’t you,
my little archer.
oh i'll make you pay;
i'll hold you down
and love you with
my body till you
cant walk.
but you'd like that
wouldn’t you,
my little archer.
you like playing
with fire;
calling out to the
evil with in me
to come out
and play,
don’t you,
my little archer.
you are
very naughty
aren’t you,
my little archer.
you like to make
me mad don’t you,
my little archer.
you like to cox out
the evil in me
so that you may
court the devil,
and have an affair
with trouble
don’t you,
my little archer.
just like you
court the bulls eyes,
penetrating it so
deeply with the tip,
embedding all of your
shaft deep with in
the target,
don’t you,
my little archer.

5/7/2008 9:14:49 PM
(by blackwolfzsubDom 9/21/07)

Looking upon you
with the blindfold
binding your sight
Roped your feet
to the lower
bed posts
cept you open for
my invasion
Ass up
Face down
on the bed
My attention
captured by soft
flesh rarely
Until me
So intreged
Must act
Hand upon ass
Wicked grin
as you squirm
and wiggle,
Calling forth my
demon of pain
and dissoray
to take the lake of
Finding what I seek
Poking and prodding
while I peek
Not giving you

5/5/2008 9:48:38 PM
just my imagination
(by blackwolfzsubDom 5/05/08)

no room for disobedience
come close
but no dice
moans rising
temperature higher
flushed and breathing hard
listens to music
to block the sound from my ears
and of those who might hear
close your eyes
and try to visualize
the eyes watching you
the hands touching you
the cock fucking you
shiver and quake and moan
oh so erotic
so exotic as i bend and twist
and whither
the image so familiar
and so new
so arousing im slip in two
fucked hard
what are you moaning for
its just a visual
a figmant of your thoughts and mind
so close to the edge
but oh wait
you cant go over
cause i said so
pull back before you fall
tightening and pulsing
your muscles around slim digits
trying not to figit
and moan too loud
one second
to squeeze
one to
and one more
to release
now only 100
more to go
so go go
get started
get started
ecstasy you cant taste
waiting for you
but you wait for my orders
careful not careful
wouldnt want you to fall off the edge
cause dont forget
this is just your imagination

5/1/2008 8:34:32 AM
(by blackwolfzsubDom)

i can feel him
into me
over and over
i moan
and cry out
and plea,
begging him
not to leave me
with no release;
begging him
to go deeper
than before,
harder and faster
to the point where
its almost
i whimper
and shiver
as im bitten
and marked
as his own
teeth against
small blood
bruises and
hickey that
last for
of my emotions
and doubting all
fucked to
the point of
marked and
made sore
weither my
giving up
and the
right of will
and becoming
lost in the warm
bounds of muscle
is good
or bad.

4/30/2008 11:42:54 PM
*blush* it was crazy and awesome all at the same time. *deeper blush* i....erm....i was AIMing with someone, and he had me masturbate. *looks down ans shuffles feet embarrassed-like* and i was told to kneel and strip off my panties and pj bottoms....and i did. the next order was to put half of my panties into myself. *blush* and i was very embarrassing to be kneeling naked from the waist down on my bedroom floor with my panties in myself and masturbating, but at the same time, i loved it; i revoled (if thats the right word) in it. i asked to cum and wen he said that i could, i came hard, soaking my already soaked panties. after i took them out of me i was ordered to put them into my mouth and suck on them until told to stop. i was blushing so hard and my heart was pounding so fast; to do something so humiliating and something that would lower someone like that with my mother not that far away, yet unknowing of my actions in the middle of my room was so arousing and horrifying at the same time. *blush, shakes heade* no one's ever really had me do anything like that before, and it was such a rush and...and..... *looks down and shuffles feet embarrassed like* i liked it a lot, being treated like that. *cocks head to the side, shakes head* im kind of afraid, tho, that im gonna do something wrong or accidently offending or something like that..... *blink blink, blush, thinking* to be given such a gift as being ordered to do something by someone of importance to you is such an amazing thing that its difficult to put it into words, and so many people dont realize what a gift it is.

4/29/2008 8:39:32 PM
*shakes head* well, it didnt really work..... *shrug* but things happen and theres really nothing that we can do about it. *frown, thinking* people change and sometimes feelings change too, and thats just how things go.

4/10/2008 7:05:43 PM

*grin* my new pics got aproved. yay!

4/10/2008 12:48:37 PM
*grin, stands in a triumphant peter pan pose* i have new pics! (*pout, grumbles* but im just waiting for them to be accepted.)

4/5/2008 6:52:17 PM

*blink blink, burst out laughing, evil grin*i just got the coollest (i cant spell!) wrist-sweat-band-thingy; it says 'girls make good pets'. *cocks head to the side, shrug* i honestly hate the wristsweatband thingys, and everyone has them now so i kinda try to stay away from 'em, but i could resist buying this one! *snicker, evil smirk* *blink blink* gonna stop talking now, i promise....*blush*....

3/27/2008 5:28:23 PM

anyone going to 'bent' in san francisco next friday?

3/23/2008 9:28:48 AM

*grin, waves* happy easter everyone! and for those of u who dont celebrate easter.....erm.....have a good weekend!

3/19/2008 8:19:03 AM
well, my profile is updated and slightly changed. nothing really big, i guess. *shrug*

*grin, stands in a truimphant peter pan pose* i had an archery competition on saturday, and i got 2nd place in my devision. yay me!

2/1/2008 10:38:47 AM
He stands before you and you kneel
my Master my Lover my Dom
He raises an eyebrow and you know what to do
kneel before your Master, wench
slowly you unzip the cage keeping the demon inside
suck Me, fuck Me with your mouth, you're My bitch
you worship Him with your lips and love Him with your
that's it, slut take Me deeper
He runs His fingers threw your hair before grabbing a
fistful and ruthlessly begins to fuck your mouth
thats it, My little wench, feel Me thrust deep with in
your throat
you gag slightly before moaning and sucking Him in
can you hear Me moaning, bitch? or are you too far
gone in the pleasure I give you?
roughly He pushes you away from Him, making you
fall backwards onto your ass
I snarl at you in rage and desire. you stupid whore,
you don't deserve to have My cum down your throat
you whimper in apology to your Master
yes, I am your Master. your One and Only
you nod and bow your head, awaiting his next orders
I growl and glare down at you. get onto the bed,
wench, and present yourself to Me
slowly you crawl to the bed, knowing that you are
unworthy to stand and walk before your Master
present yourself to Me
you crawl onto the bed and stand on all fours before
dropping your front onto the mattress, presenting your
 ass to Him
I stalk towards you slowly, watching you tremble and
wither, waiting for Me
you know not of what He will do. will He punish you?
or will He reward you?
I snarl and smack your ass hard, making it ripple
slightly. do not assume that I will reward you for
pleasing me
whimpering your pain-pleasure, you nod and accept
you punishment, appologizing to your Master
I smack your ass again, watching it redden slightly. I
rub the pinkened flesh lightly. suck a pretty little ass
softly you speak before being told to 'Master'
once again My hand lands upon ass. I didnt tell you to
you gasp and shiver
I rub the colored skin ever so slightly. such a pretty
little ass My slut has
you didnt expect what happened next and cried out in
surprised pleasure
without warning or forplay I thrust My hardness deep
into you, loving how you cry out and moan for Me
you bite your lip and clutch the sheets in tight fists as
you move back to meet His every thrust
I growl softly as I smack your ass in punishment. I
didnt say you could move, wench
you whimper and try to hold still, knowing you were
going to get punished for your disobedience
I blanket Myself over you, biting your neck lightly as I
thrust deep into you, hard and fast
you gasp and pant and moan and scream, but you
know what He's doing; what He's denying you
I snarl in your ear, feeling you pulse around Me, so
close to cumming
you whisper and ask 'may.....may i please cum,
no, slut, you may not
you gasp as He pulls out, not allowing you anything
this is your punishment, this is your pleasure, this is
your pain, this is your world, and it is Mine to give, for
you are Mine.

2/1/2008 9:49:03 AM

<evil smirk> Orgy is an awesome band. yes, the band, not the act.....<blush> tho the act is pretty nice...<shakes head, deeper blush>... erm...nevermind....

1/27/2008 5:48:30 PM

<evil grin, stands in a triumphant peter pan pose> Master is gonna be here soon!

<blink blink, blush> im very very excited about it. <dances in circles> its gonna so much fun!...and.... erm...<deeper blush> other stuff, too. <grin, wink>

>^.~<V (thats my kitty face and a peace sign-thingy)

1/18/2008 5:15:49 PM
The Disease We have No Cure for; Close-Minded Society
by: ME!

the pain of the dragon
raging inside of me
wanting to release
oh the chains
of society
how they bind and twist
and tie me to the ground
holding me so that i am
bound to endure
the pleasures of another
yet another pained
pleasure given at the
hand of another
be it on my cheek
or on my ass
maybe your whip upon
my back
but just something to land
upon the pale untouched
flesh of this young mess
i have made of myself
pulling and twisting at
the ropes that hold
me oh so close
as i watch the shadow
upon the wall of your hand
landing upon my ass
i cry out in pleasure
as the pain of your whip
courses threw me like a fire
deep within my veins
burning with the fiery
passions of desire
oh how i want it
i want it so
so much pain
so much pleasure
much too much for me
to endure must find
a cure for this disease
that we call a closed-
minded society

i love the feel
oh how i love the feel
of reeling my arm back
and making u feel
the pain traveling from
my whip to your back
i watch as u wither and twist
trying so hard to get away
yet pushing yourself so near
closer to the weapon
causing your discomfort
in the form of pleasure
u have driven me
my dark one
to let out my dragon
who has been caged for so long
to rage and rant deep within
my blood and bones
no it has no home
no release but within your
grasp of fist and hand and flesh
calling me forth to drop the whip
and bend you forth over the
back of the couch and
fuck you till all u see is black
there’s no going back
for you are my only salvation
my only release when the beast
has no place to eat
nothing to feast upon
but ur untouched flesh
oh what a mess i have made
of your skin
so torn and bloody
and i love it
i watch as u wither and moan
unknown to the demon
deep inside my veins who longs
to reign over my body and
claw all over your flesh
marking it as his own
for now and forever
i have no freedom other
than here in your arms
for the people of this day
and age do not understand
they think it mad that i
like the whip and my
hand and fist upon your flesh
it is but a misunderstanding
when it comes to the
pleasures of another
deep seated demon
deep within another’s mind
who has no release in this
closed off place we call home

copyright blackwolfzsubDom 12/19/07

11/21/2007 6:16:14 PM
we were sitting in the restaurant, in a booth off in the back. we were talking, when He turned His face into my neck, sucking lightly upon the flesh with which he found there. i gasped softly, causing him to chuckle lightly in my ear, licking softly upon my earlobe before whispering, "I want you." i gave a small shake of my head, too shocked and aroused by His hot breath in my ear to say anything. He pulled away, showing me the wicked grin tugging on the edges of His luscious lips.
i looked up to see the waitress walking slowly towards us. underneath the table and hidden from view by the table cloth, i felt his hand stroke my knee in a feather-light caress, slowly moving up my thigh, taking with it the tight short black skirt i wore that night. i spread my thighs without having to be told.
the woman came up to our table, completely oblivious to the things going on under the table in which she served. i gave a small gasp as i felt His fingers stroke me lightly threw the soft cloth of my panties.
i felt the waitress’s eyes upon me, so i turned my face into his neck to hide my blush and panting breath. he ordered for both of us, and just before she walked away, he slipped his fingers under the cloth, stroking my clit lightly. i gasp, moaning softly. threw the curtain of his hair, i could see her turn sharply back around to look at him. he just smiled up from his seat and sent her back on her way.
i whimpered a little as he thrust two fingers unexpectedly into my wetness.
i moved my hips to meet the thrust of his finger inside me, panting as i rode the pleasure. The waitress came back with whatever it was that he had ordered, and i tried to pay attention to what she was saying, but it was a bit difficult being fucked with someone fingers.
i think she might have made a disgusted sound as she stormed away from our table. i heard him chuckle softly as he grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my face up to look into my eyes, fucking me harder with his skillfully slim digits. he placed his mouth against mine, not kissing, but just rested it there so that i was panting into his mouth, feeding him my breath.
he pulled back enough for my lips to feel lonely, and whispered, "i want u to suck me. now." i felt my pulse quicken and my pupils widen as i tried to look away from his glasses-covered eyes. slowly, i nodded as he released my hair to shove me a little bit always from him, taking his fingers from my warmth, making me whimper slightly.
he gave me a look and i pretended to drop my napkin, and went under the table to retrieve it. threw my passion-glazed mind i was glad that the table cloth went to the floor, hiding me from view. He spread his legs, making room for me between his thighs. but what awaited me there was not his hardness, but his fingers that were soaked with my juices.
i inhaled deeply, taking in my own sent. "suck urself off my fingers first." i nodded, knowing he wouldnt see me, so i moaned softly for him, taking his fingers into my mouth, sucking them clean, running my tongue between the two digits.
slowly i undid the zipped of his black jeans, and took his hardness out of its prison. i could hear the waitress walking towards our table once more. just as he started talking to her, i took his shaft into my mouth, sucking strongly on the head before moving down to the base, causing him to gasp slightly.
as she walked away, the first thing that came into my mind was "stupid bitch", before i stated to suck and lick Him vigorously. i heard him growl softly as he grabbed a fistful of my long hair, fucking up into my mouth with almost brutal thrusts. i moaned, the sound vibrating and caressing his shaft.
suddenly, he pulled me by my hair away from the prize i had been enjoying. he zipped himself in once more before he reached down to grab the leash attached to the collar wrapped around my neck, and pulled me from underneath the table. he scooted out of the seat, and we walked out of the restaurant with me walking behind him, nad he holding my leash.
when we got outside in the cold cold night, he led the way to the truck in the back parking lot, ripped open the door, and tugged on my leash, telling me to get in. i crawled into drivers seat, felt his hands caress my ass lightly before i had to climb into the passengers seat.
he jumped into the drivers seat, put his seat back, and pulled me onto his lap so that i was straddling his hips. he unzipped his jeans as he brought my face down to his and kissed me roughly, rubbing his now free cock against my cloth covered feminineness.
shoving my panties out of the way, he thrust up into me, ruthlessly fucking me as i threw my head back and cried out in pure pleasure.
he once again grabbed a fistful of my hair, forcing me to look down at him. he growled in a voice roughened by desire, "r u my naughty lil slut?" i gasped as i panted for breath, fucking myself down onto him to meet his pounding thrusts. "yes, Sir."

11/5/2007 7:58:14 PM

we just talking...simply talking...when i felt the urge to do dominate her in a way we have not done. we act so careful around each other. i just want to ruin that carefulness; take it to a whole nother level and fuck her with it.

suddenly, without conscious thought as to what i was doing, i grabbed her, and shoved her against the wall, holding her there with my body. i grabbed her hands, pinning them to the cold cement above her head.

she looks up at me with a shocked look on her face. yes, it is true that we have not done anything of this sort, but i intend to break that barrier; break it down and fuck it till it cant move and there is nothing left; till we have moved past that and into the land of pleasure.

i look her in the eyes and do the only thing i am capable of; i growl at her, all gentleness gone as if it was not there to begin with. i look only long enough to see her eyes widen, yet not with fear, but with something much more valuable to me; her desire. whether it was her desire to be fucked, or her desire to be dominated, i was not sure, tho i was going to find out.

i growl again, much like that of a rabid wolf, hungry for its mate. only instead of a growl, i could feel my lips pulled back into a snarl as i smash my mouth down upon hers with all the brute force i have pent up for the past four months.

i feel rather than hear her gasp, which i take into my mouth as if it was the very air i use to breathe in this life. for wat was only a moment i feared that it ‘twas fear greeting me within her gasp, but that was until i felt her tongue reach out to timidly stroke mine. with the touch of tongue upon tongue came the need for more; the need to dominate her and make her submit.

oh how i wished to see her down upon her knees before me, her beautiful mouth wrapped lovingly around my fake male member.

using but one of my hands to hold hers in place, i threaded the other threw her lovely short hair, fisting a large amount to draw her face from mine and make her look into my eyes and see the desire i have hidden deep down below.

she nods, knowing of what it is i want. i feel an evil grin tugging lightly at the edges of my lips as she drops down to kneel before me in a way that only a willing submissive would do for her Master.

i look down at her and snarl, "do it."

she looks up at me, as if asking wat it is i am asking of her. "i want u to take me out. unzip my pants and incase me in
ur tight mouth."

she leans forward, slowly undoing the metal teeth holding me incased within their tight cloth cage. i growl as i am freed and leapt into her warm palms. she strokes me for wat seems like eternity, but ‘twas really but a moment before she slowly, ever so slowly, brings me into her mouth, engulfing me into a hot sheath of heated wetness, stroking me almost lovingly with the softness of her tongue.

i groan as i look down at her, watching her as she works. i growl deep within my throat as i grab a fistful of her lovely short hair to hold her in place. i thrust my hips forward, fucking her mouth with slow strokes at first. she moans in pleasure, and the sound vibrates threw my added on shaft.

i felt her throat working, contracting around me as i thrust a bit deeper. i could stand it no longer. the sight of her was too arousing for the human eye; her kneeled before me, my cock in her mouth. i could feel the climax burning low in my stomach and knew that i was but a couple moments form my paradise. but she would have to come first, for it would be rude of me to do otherwise.

i tug lightly upon her hair, silently commanding her to rise and allow me to serve her as only a Master can. she fights me, as she has never done before, slamming herself back down upon the inches of dick that had left the warm sheath of her mouth when i had tried to pull her back. she sucked loudly and hard, insistent on making me cum first.

i threw my head back and cried out as i felt it burning in my flesh, taking my body up in flames. unable to control my actions where she is concerned, i thrust myself shamelessly against her, bucking and moaning as if i was but a virgin boi on his first go.

all thought disappeared from my mind as my climax suddenly crashed over me as if a wave upon the beach. i cried out my pleasure, and , had i been a boy and not a boi, she would be swallowing my cum right now, drinking down every drop as if it ‘twas her life support.

but i did cum; deep inside my body, i was quaking and shivering, longing for her to fill me as i have her. the leather of the thong strap-on that was covering me became soaked with my cum. i looked down at her as she looked up at me, fire and light making it look as though there was a fire trapped in her beautiful brown eyes. and there was; the fire of desire. the need to be give release by the one person who could; her Master; me.

i grinned evilly as i drew myself from her mouth. i leaned down towards her, and, in her ear, i growled, "it's
ur turn."

i heard her gasp, and knew that she was ready and in need of her punishment for disobeying me; for not allowing me to bring myself from the luscious cavern of her mouth.

slowly, i stripped off my jeans, then undid the leather straps that kept the plastic cock in place, and dropped in in front of her kneeling feet. a wicked grin crept onto my face as i heard her speak the only works i needed to hear. "wat would u have of me, my Mistress?"

11/4/2007 4:33:19 PM
<wicked smirk>i kno wat im getting my subbie for christmas! im gonna get her a black leather collar and put a lock on it. then im gonna have one with the key to that lock on it.<laughs> aint that just epic awesomeness?

11/2/2007 9:39:06 PM
<grin>guesswatguesswat?! im in a published book! woot!<cheers> i've never been published before.

10/31/2007 11:19:20 PM
<grin>its HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!
<sigh>sorry, i just got really excited. its my fave holiday aside from my birthday(wat, christmas is a big holiday!).

10/26/2007 2:57:11 PM
My Master

laying face down
awaiting Your permission
offering my submission
my Master
take me
order me
command me as Your own
take me face down
collar me
my Master

copyright Danyale Kotur 10/25/07

10/25/2007 2:43:13 PM
i had an...'interesting' day-dream which i wrote in the form of a poem:

The Gift Of My Submission
held down
lights out
no sight
no sound
tied down
unable to move
can't speak
gagged with
your big penis
flipped over
face down
into the sheets
ass up
presented to you
a gift of my
i give you my heart
and you take my body
a lonely entity
taken out of the
poverty we have
made of our world
fuck me tease me
let me please you
this is something i
give to give
from me to you
a gift for you
my Master
the gift of my

copyright blackwolfzsubDom 10/25/07

10/18/2007 9:11:06 PM
i promise im not on anything, but i swear my tv is dememted!!!!!!!!!! i turned it on, and there was Black Eyed Peas coming out of the speaker! and it was Smallville on the screen. then i decided to change the channel, and it was still playing the song! now its SuperNatural on tv with some talk-show-radio things talking about galaxies. wat the fuck? no, not even that. at a time like this, its 'WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!'

10/18/2007 5:26:30 PM

my pics wont show up! wat the hell!? <growl of anger>i hate computers.

10/17/2007 9:56:01 PM
i got a laptop!!!yay! finally internet at home!
today, i took some really cool pics!<grin>i was in a BDSM/chain kinda mood so i had some friends pose/model for me. well, it wasnt really 'modeling', we had fun and the pics turned out awesome!

10/12/2007 11:50:22 AM
i went to the archery tournament on sunday! it was reallyreallyreally fun!!!!!!!

10/2/2007 11:51:37 AM
ooooooo! <jumping up and down with excitement> this weekend is my first archery competition/event! im so fuckin' excited! except for the fact that i dont think i can hit a target 60 yards away...<wicked grin> unless its my school counseler. shez kind of a bitch.
counseler--"so, danyale. tell me. how does all this make u feel?"
me--like kicking ur ass
<sigh> i couldnt gather up the stregnth to tell her that, tho. i just thought it and invisioned her demise. <evil laugh>....i kno, that was random, but thatz wat i am.

9/21/2007 7:37:34 AM
oooo, its exciting! or at least i think it is. i decided to get my girl a collar for christmas with a little dogtag thingy that sayz something like 'Black Wolf's Pet', and then getting one for me that says 'Lynn's Master'...or something like that. im not sure if she would like THAT on the tags, though. <sigh> oh, well. we'll just have to wait and see. i have three months, any way.

9/13/2007 1:41:14 PM
yesterday, i got tomatoed! basicly, i got a tomato thrown at me in my science class. <sigh> i hate the kids in my class, they're increadibly immature and WAS kinda funny, though.

9/13/2007 1:39:01 PM

it was really horrible! it was a few days ago when i was pleasing myself, and my mom came in. she saw, had a disgusted look on her face, and walked out. i was shocked more than anything. she's pissed at me, sadly. and odviously thinks that what i was doing was wrong and inapropriat. we never talk about it, though.

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