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Okay ...lot asking to know more about me   I can say  am  for real and hon
Female Slave, 27,  San Francisco, California


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Age: 30
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Age: 55, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 225 lbs.
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 Female Slave

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Okay ...lot asking to know more about me   I can say  am  for real and honest slave here with experience as a perfect slut bitch  searching a serious Master to serve him. i have been into this life style for several years now and i believe to find my prefect real Master bdsm is the alternative life style, i  am 28yrs of age. I'm a real slave, am searching for a master to hold me forever and ever. i am ready to be a total submissive slave with no limits for master. i am very serious and love to use all my holes, mouth, ass and pussy, i am ready to receive pains when that is master desire and wish. I am seeking for a master whom i will consent and submit to being a total slave to, Am a slave who is in to be beaten, spanked, bondage, whips, chains, candle wax, toys, sex/slut whore. am seeking for a 24/7 long term and lasting relationship, i want a master who can use me and treat me like any how and as he wants, am hoping that i will find a serious master here who will treat me well as a slave whore. i can also cook, wash clothes and clean the house for Master, i am ready to to be spank and whip to give master pleasure, my happiness is to see my master happy when i am on pains, i am also seeking a true and serious Dom, i don't want people who want online pleasures, i am ready to relocate to meet the right master anywhere in the world. plz read my profile to know if i am the type of slave you want before you write me because if you know you are here just for fun or to waste time, plz do not bother to contact me. I will be happy to talk to a serious Master, You will know more about me when you do keep in-touch to me master.


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