I'll use the journal function to describe myself.
10/6/2023 5:44:42 PM

My sissy girls want me to find a AFAB woman to love who will be their Mistress. I want to get them fully trained first, but I do like the idea of sharing my sissy slave girls with a woman who doesn't mind giving them the humiliation and hard use they need while also being my friend, lover, cuddle partner, travel companion and confidant.


I'm open to having a strong independent woman be part of our lives. Someone who would melt into my arms when we're alone. She would need to be submissive to me, but only me.


I'd need someone creative, intelligent and emotionally mature. 


There's plenty of time to look.


Perhaps you are married to that woman and would like her to see if she wanted to make my sissy girls into your sisters. Perhaps she needs a man's touch in shaping you into the sissy slave girl you need to be. 


Perhaps you are that strong woman, looking for a man in your life who has sissy maid girls to pamper you and handle all the domestic duties. You want some girl's who you can care for, but also push around and use as a release for your stress and aggression.


My girls are all sensitive omega slaves who need to be humiliated and used by someone who cares about them.


In my mind, you are a well educated and or successful professional. I'm thinking Doctor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Artist, Nurse, Professional trainer, Scientist.


If you're interested, or just curious, message me.

10/6/2023 5:21:16 PM

My birthday is coming soon. I wonder what I'll get. A few years back one of my sissy girls met me in the woods to give me her present. It was her throat, isn't that sweet. It was lovely to see how obediently she kneeled in the pine needles at the back of a little used park. Hearing her gag as I pushed myself to the back of her throat was one of my favorite versions of the birthday songs yet. She was such a good girl that I rewarded her by bending her over and finger banging her to her first floppy sissygasm as we listened to the municipal workers back their truck into the park.


This year she said she'd do her toenails all pretty for me so they'd look sexy when I brought them up to my shoulders.


My other local sissy has said that she wants to give me the last vestiges of her manhood as well as her key for my birthday. That would be gift to remember. Also, her sissy-cunt is one of those gifts that can be used over and over.


My little French slave maid has committed to giving herself to me permanently starting in February.


This next year of my life is shaping to be very interesting and exciting. I'll believe when it happens, but the hope and anticipation also have value.

9/12/2023 2:58:45 PM

If you really want my attention, you have to ask for it. If you look at my profile, I will look at yours. If you want to chat with me, tell me that in a mail message here.

9/4/2023 11:04:24 PM

From a conversation with my sissy slave girl when I shared a picture of a man groping a "maid" from behind while she does dishes.


Her: "What if i say then, 

'Oh please my good Master leave me working i am late already.'"


"Is that really what you want my slutty little concubine?" I would say as I seductively caressed your ass and nibbled on your ear and neck.

"Is that why you have porn star tits? Did you work so hard for that bubble butt just to do chores? Or was it because you're desperately hungry for my lust and sexual attention? Should I check how leaky you are? What's this slime on my fingers? Taste it. Does that taste like a girl who wants to do chores? I bet it tastes like a girl desperate to have my cock buried in her tight gring sissy pussy "

"You have decided for your Master that chores are more important than fulfilling my lust and desire. How did you suddenly become bold enough to decide my priorities for me?"

As I reach from behind you and circle your nipples with the tips of my fingers. "Is that really what you want? Have you lost your hunger for me?"

As I move aside whatever clothing is between me and your pussy and grab your plug. "Should I leave you alone with your very important chores?"

As I began to slowly move your plug, pushing it against your p-spot, then pulling it out. "You want me to believe that your little fucktoy bimbo brain would rather wash dishes than be a useful little cum receptacle?"

I would pull out your plug and push it into your mouth while using my other hand to push my fingers into your slutty little cunt and begin finger fucking you.

"Are you willing to tell your Master 'no'?"

"Are you pushing back against my fingers because you're not a fuckdolly, you're just an ugly maid?"

"You've done your makeup all perfect and slutty for me. You're wearing your pretty kinky maid uniform. Do you really expect me to forget that your main purpose in life is to take my cum? Dressed the way you are, if I put you on the streets you'd be on your knees or hands and knees for hours. But you dressed that way just for me. You dressed that way because this is exactly what you hoped would happen when I saw you."

"So choose girl, dishes or dick?"

8/25/2023 3:35:03 PM

My permanent sissy girl backed out on me. I'm deeply disappointed and a bit heartbroken.  She was such a good girl. Her father told her to give up her dream and try to be a man. I'm bummed for me, but I'm not the one who has to live a life of quiet misery attempting to be something she's not.

I've seen this, or similar things happen to sissies in their 40s and up so many times. The world isn't a welcoming place for sissies yet. Younger sissies seem more willing to eventually try to be themselves, but even for them it can be a very difficult road. Older sissies seem to have more cultural and societal inertia keeping them from becoming themselves.

I've seen girls who've been able to make a life for themselves as the sissy they are, but it feels like its much more common for them to hide who they are and feel ashamed of themselves for what they need. It's always sad for me to hear a girl purged all of her sissy belongings out of shame or fear of being caught.

I want to tell all the sissies out there who are too afraid, ashamed, unsafe or without support that they are not alone and there are people who accept and value them for who they are inside.

I want to tell all the sissies out there who have found a way to live their true lives, that I admire their courage and the immense effort it takes to do that at this point in history.

I hope someday each sissy will be understood and appreciated (especially by themselves) and not be made to feel othered or ashamed for being who they are.

8/16/2023 10:51:35 PM

When I interact with people here, I'm often asked, "Have you had any luck?"  My response is always, "yes!"

It's true that I've had several interactions with scammers, fakes, and "poor match" people over my years here. I feel as if the majority of my relationships that started here have been positive in nature. 

I've had some that either they or I eventually needed to end for various reasons, but I've also had several that have continued on for many years.

Most of my relationships have been entirely online. In fact I've only met one person from here face to face. I'd like that to happen more often, but it just hasn't worked out.

I currently have one sissy slave that plans to join me as my full time maid, pet and fuck toy sometime in early 2024. I'm cautiously optimistic and excited about this.

I also have several peoples online who consider me their Daddy, Dominant, Master, or Trainer, etc... I enjoy these relationships, but most are not as serious as I'd prefer.


1/23/2023 9:53:30 PM

I updated a few of my interests in my profile. That said, the choices are limited, so its probably best that you make no assumptions and ask me directly if you want to know.

1/22/2023 1:05:02 PM

I have accounts on fetlife, bdsmlr, and reblog me with the same screenname. They have more updated information about me than I have here.  I'll be adding some journal entries to bring this account up-to-date.

4/23/2022 9:47:12 AM

Did they fix journal entries?

 Age: 27
 Seattle, WA, Washington