Vertical Line



In regular life Im a terribly (fantastically) geeky game playing, film watching, music listening human-person. I graduated with a film degree, after which I reached the horrifying realisation that I much prefer watching film to creating it, and subsequently the big bad world swallowed me whole.

On an entirely unconnected note Im also, to nobodys surprise, on the kinky side.

Im a submissive type with the occasional slave leaning, having a list of interests that s a mile wide, and an uncertain number of miles long. I really enjoy exploring new things, and theres very few things Im not willing to at least consider tasting. Spaghetti is one of those things, its a hard limit, Italy wont be forgiven for this travesty.

Im one of those fledgling new-age transgender types, which means my cuteness can only improve exponentially.

Always happy to have a chat with people, and if we connect Im absolutely open to something more!