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I could list my wants, desires and needs, but what's the point? It's not all about me. I'm happy if SHE'S happy.... I am open to occasional play in local or private venues, however, I'm definitely hoping for an eventual 24/7 long term FLR or couple/poly situation. I offer an open mind/heart, willingness to learn YOUR ways, experienced house manager, handyman in the trades, few limits, strong experienced hands for massages and more. I am not wealthy, but make ends meet for myself. Am not a primary income provider but a nice addition to yours, am also easily relocatable if you live where work in the trades is available, or have your own projects that need tending to. I bid you a great day! Results from == 100% Rope bunny 99% Submissive 88% Slave 83% Girl/Boy 79% Non-monogamist 75% Primal (Prey) 75% Pet 69% Experimentalist 65% Degradee 64% Masochist 63% Exhibitionist 47% Ageplayer 45% Voyeur 43% Vanilla 43% Brat 42% Sadist 42% Daddy/Mommy 28% Degrader 25% Switch 18% Rigger 12% Dominant 11% Primal (Hunter) 2% Master/Mistress 1% Owner

Hello folks! 

Once again I've relocated to Texas due to work. I'd really love to meet my dominant counterpart/Goddess/Queen and grow roots under her direction and love. Traveling has been fun but am just focusing on trying to settle down and live this lifestyle to its fullest.


My submission is completely natural for me and hope to meet someone who's dominance is natural and not motivated or fueled by money and other material trappings that have become so popular these daus. The system has commercialized our lifestyle and sadly the true tenets of D/s have been debased to mere physical trinkets and other self serving beliefs. These things are ok but adherents to the commercialized bdsm movement have proven over time to be shallow, full of instant gratification, and once the honeymoon ends in time, there's not much of real substance left to keep the relationship in a good state.this saddens me and is the primary reason for my remaining single and unowned.


While I'm a bit older than most, my submission, once triggered is mature, genuine and sincere. If we click with our personalities, I don't believe there's many limits to what we might achieve together.

I'm near Austin and if these words have touched your heart please feel free to say hello. 

Thanks for reading...

Just a quickie to announce that I'm now in Washington state. I'm still looking for that elusive "last relationship" of my life but am very open to occasional play dates and service opportunities, so feel free to say hello.

Greetings everyone!


I heard this journal feature is back up so I'm attempting a much needed update


I'm still a single submissive looking to become owned once again and finish my life that way


The pandemic has been rough on many of us. Personally for me as a self employed carpenter who mostly remodels houses,  it got difficult to keep working steady when customers were afraid to have outsiders in their homes. However its been ok as I've been blessed to have kept my bills paid through the duration. Many people of similar social standing have lost their jobs and I'm feeling quite grateful


Anyhow,  I've basically been traveling back and forth between Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin and Ohio as the jobs become available. I'm free to chat and able to provide identity verification. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Seems that asnwering messages from 30 yr old so-called  Dommes will lead to many waste of time emails,THEN they want money and or I tunes cards. Please grow  up and quit trashing this lifestyle with your childish scams, little girls.

Get off your entitled fat asses and find a real job.

I should start naming names,but I wont....
Staying in Hollywood for the summer.  Such an awesome place!
I posted a few pics of the work I do. For some reason they all posted sideways from my phone.

Anyhow- they are examples of some of my handyman work.
I'm in Ohio for a week or so doing some handyman type work for a disabled friend near Columbus. Will be driving north near Canton, Akron, Cleveland etc. Perhaps a cup of coffee to see if we have a mutual attraction is in order? Please message me.....
 A few more months have passed, and the hole in my soul grows deeper. I know "she" is out there somewhere because I can feel her.

Some laugh, smirk and criticize when I mention I'm not complete without a strong woman in my life; yet I know myself, my desire to serve and see her happy is the way I'm hard wired. Life just doesn't groove well when not in a loving FLR.

Good evening. It's been real good since I've joined here again. I've had the opportunity to chat with some VERY awesome people! Thanks to each of you for adding something of value to my life.

I wanted to mention a bit about my "relocate ability". In my mind I'm well prepared to relocate as needed. I know that for the most part, a woman's hearth is her home and I only wish to add to her life in it,  the very best way I know how. (with her guidance of course)

Also, I believe that unless you are rich and have lots of building work to do at your home, I need to work outside the home. I'm far too young to be home bound all the time. This most likely means that the economy in your area needs to be half decent enough that I can find work when the time comes. I also want to mention that it will take me some time to be ready to make a long trip in my truck. It needs work and the weather has not been kind to people that work outside here in N Ill. But know that I'm working on it.

 I'm a handyman type with forte being carpentry. I also love tile, painting, landscaping, gardening and other experience based activities that add practical value to the family unit. What I don't know, I'm always interested in learning.....

Have a good evening, may you find what you're looking for, and be well.......

I've never been much of journal keeper/writer. But every now and then I get the urge to use the written word. I honor writing just the same as I try to do with speaking- which is not much unless I have something good to say that will help someone feel better or resolve a situation. For the most part, I think people use far too many words, and try to find the recognition they desire through impressing others with lots of them. I know the value of discretion with tongue and pen(keyboards too)

This election season is one BIG clown show to me. For the life of me I don't understand how so many seemingly intelligent people continually elect their leaders based upon all the bull shit that comes out of their mouths. I guess if one chooses a leader based upon mere words- they deserve what they will eventually get; lies and poor leadership. Give me a good woman in her integrity, and I will follow/support her and have absolutely no need for a president or any of the other so-called leaders of this world. If I ever did vote, it would be due to the fact that elder clan mothers nominated leaders because they know who TRULY serves the people........

One of the characteristics I value most regarding my submissiveness, is that I honor women as the life bringers they are. For me, matriarchy comes naturally and easily now that I've adjusted my attitude and vision to understand it. We all come from a woman.....

I've often wondered how long it would take to change this whole world, if every woman would stand in unification and tell their men- "we've had enough of the bullshit, change now or GTFO". I believe it would be in the blink of an eye.......

Anyhow, I hope this little ditty offered a better glimpse into me and what I'm about. The woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with will "see" similar to myself  and know my submission is true. I believe she will know exactly what to do with it and we will both be tremendously blessed...........