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I am an attractive female seeking to be kept in a cloth diaper and perhaps even as a baby in a
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I am an attractive female seeking to be kept in a cloth diaper and perhaps even as a baby in a congnial home. (The girl in the diapers in my profile pics is NOT me.)  I know this is a rare enough desire, but there are Dominants who seem to love the idea.  In any event I need to be emotionally accepted with this baggage, and ideally because of it.

Of course if this is of no interest to you, please move on.  I am not here to criticize you for your desires, I don't care to be chastised for mine.   

I seem to be most attracted to couples or poly or single females.  Couples where I am closest to the female are most appealing, usually.  Single males are possible, but at a disadvantage usually, sorry.

I hope I will find the right owners who will love and accept me.   I hope to live in a happy home where I am a participating member.  I don't want to be a doormat, but do expect to obey commands and standing orders.  I simply want to know my limits clearly.  That would make me feel very secure and free to act within them, that is the irony of slavery where one feels free in captivity. 

I am not the kind of person who wants to be demeaned for my choice to be a slave.  I am not ashamed of my need of this life.  If you think a slave should only make eye contact or speak with permission, if you think they should maintain no opinions of their own, if you think they should stay in prescribed positions on the floor, then i am not likely the slave for you.  We would both be unhappy, at least I would.  

I am pain averse.  But I am inherently obedient and will require little punishment.  I will serve best in a home where I serve out of adoration for my owners and not from fear of punishment.

I am intelligent and easily trained.  I am low maintenance and not emotional nor needy.  I am extremely non-competitive.   I am a no-whine slave, for sure.  And I am certainly not a drama queen.

Still, I want to be the kind of slave that has no conception of ever leaving service.  I feel the best slavery is where she cares for her owners because otherwise would be unthinkable.  I want to obey as a hand obeys the mind.  Be a strong, confident owner(s) and don't feel you have to drive me through fear, but to lead through knowledge that you are a real Master/Mistress. 

I have a great deal to provide owners in return for their care of me.   I will dote on you by caring for your daily needs and sexual desires.  Make a place in your home for me as you would a toddler or pet.  Give me exactly that much freedom and lack of privacy including monitoring me with baby cams when you are away.  Dress me as if i were a toddler, including locking me into cloth diapers for diaper domination control.  And further that by keeping me chained, leashed or caged.  I would love to have slave bells attached to my restraints.   I am willing to be the recipient of watersports.  

Consider me as you would any valued property.  I am your two legged animal.  Train me thoroughly and give me ongoing guidance when owned.  I think I would respond well to positive reinforcement as a technique.  Punish me, if you must by corner time, or other non-pain means.  

Please, though, use me and enjoy me.  I want to make your life richer and fuller while I, in turn, thrive on the care you provide for me.  I expect to blossom under the control you take and cause me to cede.  I crave to feel the freedom that I think being enslaved will bring.  I so desire to be happy from the depths of my soul.

i am unlikely to accept a placement in a home with kids.  No scat blood, illegal, or any other of the standard limits.  But i would like to be branded after a period of time that proves my owners and i are compatible.  Further, you can tattoo me with your logo and name and my slave number and  bar code.  And still further, I would love to be enchipped with a lost pet from a veterinarian's clinic. 

I am slave 418-080-653 under the name 'tetherme please'.  You can rename me to your liking, of course.  This is self-assigned it does not indicate ownership.


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