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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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i am currently in a relationship with a wonderful Master. i stumbled upon this site in my search to learn more. the more i learn the more i please my Him.

the happier He is means the happier i am.

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3/25/2005 9:31:55 PM
yes, i still pop in here from time to time and yes i am still with the same Master.

2/1/2005 7:04:24 PM
your lips are my music
my flesh feels their tune
my body moves in a trance
the world is spinning
you are taking control
kiss me

you're the one i've been searching for
i have needed to lose myself for so long
strong arms holding me in place
like an infant in the womb you encase me
the power is yours
take me

desire lust and raw emotion
you'll not hurt me any more than i will hurt you
satisfaction lies within the element of pain
let your inner self go wild
i trust you
bind me

your hands explore my body
i close my eyes
you watch me drink you in
you feel my muscles contract as you fill me
you could be my everything
release me

1/26/2005 7:23:30 PM
Violate me

My mind is a canvas that shows the purity and simplicity of my soul.
Yet when I am near you I find myself covered by a naughty image.
Slip under the cover and waken my flesh, release my soul.
Devour my innocence and leave me craving more of you.
Feed me only of yourself, let me drink you in thus becoming one with you.
Violate my purity, take it, bend it ...

I give myself to you Master.

12/1/2004 10:29:06 PM
Life is Grand.

still i come here and enjoy reading the forums. i have met via email and chat a few decent people and will likely meet others. i do have to put in here again though i am NOT searching for a new master. i am guessing many people do not bother to take the time to read this journal but if you do read it then please don't bother asking to "own" me. i have a Man that i chose to be my Master already. this may not make sense to many of you but He does not own me nor am i looking for that level of a Dom/sub relationship - not at this point anyway. He is my Friend, my Lover, my Release, my Master.

so please people if you care about respect for the lifestyle you (actually we) choose to lead then start by showing respect by not pushing your wants and needs on others. i was also told by one "master" here that calling myself a 'switch' is "stupid" and after a week with him i would be put in my "place" and no longer have any confusion about a "slaves place" in the world. boy did i utter bad words quietly in my mind when i read that crap. buddy, i KNOW you're reading this so now i guess you know why i didn't relpy. here it is just for you sir......

from the dumb woman calling herself a switch.

11/29/2004 7:24:48 PM

robert browning wrote this in a poem to elizabeth barrett browning.

"All my soul follows you, love encircles you and I live in being yours."

it is fitting for the feelings i have creeping into my mind throughout the day.

11/26/2004 2:46:49 PM

black friday: what a day.

last night was awesome and as usual He only makes me desire more. i am not exactly sure what this site is to me, i simply come here to look and read other's profiles. it is comforting to know there are people out there like myself. i am not really different after all.

i love the way He moans as His body shudders beneath my finger tips.

i must also thank those of you how have emailed me here to either share happiness, concern and interest. i do however feel the need to express i am NOT here in search of another master. the Master i have already given myself to exceeds my needs already. but thank you for showing interest, i am flattered.

i remain His and i'll be in place at His feet for some time yet to come.

11/17/2004 8:40:09 PM

told my Master about the site earlier tonight. now i feel His presence here as well. i like that.

11/14/2004 8:35:57 PM
day 2 here at

i assume there at some here who feel that being a 'master' of one makes them the 'Master' of another. they are wrong. i accidentally opened the wrong chat with a gentleman earlier tonight in the chatrooms. after two or three exchanges he expressed he would like a physical description. and at first i attempted to explain that i do not owe him any such description because i am not his property. i have given myself to another. again he pushed to be answered and once again i refused telling him that my physical attributes had NOTHING to do with him or his pleasure. he asked a silly question that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. i returned with a pissy attitude. might have been wrong of me to do so but damn i am not his not do i wish to be. i hope he gets that point and remembers that he does not own any woman and his treatment is not needed.

(sorry, i had to rant.)

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